One of the Worst Days

A day started with official work and a faraway lunch. The chicken rice at Beach Road was good but I preferred roosted chicken and the rest was somehow more to a similar preference. I got two pairs of shorts before that at the “Little Thailand” of Singapore – Golden Mile.

In the rain, we walked around the army market where I got myself a Caribbean with a lock to secure my batches of keys. The roads were flooded and I got my socks a little wetted to turn my day black.

My suggestion to visit IKEA was massacred by the rain. I did not want them to make a trip down just to get a cushion and a white board; since young I felt uneasy to make others follow my decision because I did not want any hard feeling. I was simply unlucky that I anticipated correctly that they would make a lunch trip there during the holidays but I was away on that very long-awaited day.

The continual of work inside the office was interrupted so many times that I was so turned off. It was a sin to irritate designers.

Many things could be done much earlier, such that others would not be bothered.

SBS Bus 52 was ridiculous. It seemed like leaving Clementi at 6.10pm could nearly get me late for school. The long wait for the approaching of bus 52 so crowded that the driver did not want to open the doors. I quickly paced towards the next bus-stop at the MRT direction to wait for bus 154. After another long wait, two bus 154s arrived at the same time. The good thing was that they took turns to stop at the bus-stops.

The lecture’s contents were boring to the extent that I had to rub my eyes to keep myself awake, but I still had a second of knock-out to poke my finger into my right eye.

The sick bus journey added burden to my brain as I started to feel giddier. The last deadly blow was the couple who boarded near Great World City to provide a weird smell of fishball noodle right in front of my seat.

It was one of the worst days of the year. Nothing beats an abandoned heart.


How to catch attention in networking sites

Post comment saying “thanks for your add” when you are the one who has requested for the add, just to let every viewer mistake that you are popular.

Post numerous bulletins daily in regardless of the contents, especially countless surveys of yourself when you know obviously your friends would probably read a couple of them and ignore the rest in the future because everyone is too busy to waste their time anymore. You know you just need the attention.

Chat by means of using bulletin, “share news” or other medium, such that the whole “world” will be full of your conversation, which will also push your friend’s friends’ news into the farthest end of the “world”. You just imagine you are a celebrity and everyone wants to know about your conversation.

Post advertisements for your products, services or begging of comments through private messages. You know most people have higher tendency to look through their inbox more than bulletins; and since they are probably not interested in your advertisement, you can waste a few seconds of their lives to open and delete your message.

Post advertisements for your products, services or begging of picture comments in bulletins every now and then.

Change your default picture often so that your profile will appear at the top of the “latest updates” list every now and then; and soon, everyone will realise they are always looking at your old pictures.

Post any but none of your own picture so that nobody can see your real hilarious face, hoping that they would accept your add and fill your emptiness, even though you know that whoever bothers about your looks in the first place will eventually ignore you in near future.

Register a fake account and pretend to be a hot celebrity or model. Take part in application or games like “Pets” and get people to buy you, so that you will have money to buy your real profile to increase the value. [You probably have too much time to spare]

Post photos of celebrities or models so that other users may mistake that you are the hunk or babe. Claim that you post their pictures just because you admire them.

Post photos of your relatives or friends so that other users may mistake that you are the hunk or babe.

Beg for picture comments. Flood the bulletins with your identical message every day. You know that if your picture is interesting or you are good looking, you will be commented; but you know good things do not always happen to you and you have to do advertising, which often ends up to be irritating.

Post revealing pictures and state in your profile to chase “horny” viewers away. When you are sick of doing this, splash some fruit juice on the floor and leave it on there, then start cursing the ants for coming.

Post comment for everyone who has added you just to make sure every viewer knows that you are added and that you seem to be popular.

Post your property, insurance, investment, car or other advertisements everywhere inside your profile even though you know that everyone is only interested in making friends in networking sites. Post bulletins every now and then to advertise your products.

Repost another user or friend’s personal bulletin or journal and remove the “copyright” right at the bottom. You know it that one of your friends writes something meaningful or helpful and you remove the acknowledgement at the bottom on purpose so that other page viewers of yours may mistake that the piece of great work is done by you.

Post nude pictures. Interesting pictures do captivate more attentions sometimes but pretend that you do not know that there are kids using the internet as well.

Copyrighted by Skai


And He’s Gone – Faris

I had my third lunch session with Weiming and Faris on Friday together with George. I did not realise Faris was free since Jingkun did try to date him and he said he could not make it. Anyway, Faris took us to Clementi Avenue 2 where he treated us to chicken rice.

The entire office saw laughers when Jonathan broadcasted through email that Weitat would be absent on Tuesday and the reason was “Wedding”. Some of our colleagues thought Weitat was getting married and I further worsened it by telling Bernard that I suspected it was a shotgun.

Anyway, the Gallery2 project bugged me again. Bernard and I uploaded the original file and it proved my innocence and expertise in the recent modification. Someone could have removed a feature before I witnessed the existing of the website.

I went to the MRT station with Chairul, Desiree and Afni. We took bus 173 and got to the interchange and realised we could have waited for bus 105 or 106, which was nearer. Anyway, Chairul took the same direction train as me and we managed to have much longer conversation than ever.

During the journey, I felt so lost with the departure of Faris. Even though it would be my turn soon, the remaining days would be much more boring without this quick-witted colleague who had been helping me in all aspects of my work.

The first person who left was Clement who was sitting behind me. Next was Aaron Tang on my left, and followed by Kok Chiang who used to sit right in front of me. Finally was Faris who was sitting at my right side. Even though Alex had taken over Clement’s seat, my surrounding was still empty and it seemed more like a curse.

Foolish Night

I did the stupidest thing hours ago. Weiyeow asked me to find candles for him and it was already 9.30pm, I got panic as Cherie might be disappointed.

Since Payar Lebar was near Chung Cheng High School Main and it could be Ruoci’s territory, I tried calling her to seek for help.

I scroll down my contact list and typed “Payar” and realised I did it wrongly. After erasing it, I typed her nick instead of nick. “She” picked it up fast and I thought her friend was holding to her phone. After repeating my name so many times and “she” could not get it, “she” told me to hold on. I checked my phone and realised I should be calling “Ruoci” instead.

After hearing suggestions from Ruoci, I went to the Singpost building’s NTUC supermarket but the lady told me they used to sell it. I went to Watson’s but had no luck. Just as I was standing outside Coffeebean, I made a call to Weiyeow in case he had already gotten the candles. As he told me he had not found it, I went inside and pleaded with one of the staffs to give me a candle for free. I was walking back to the pasar malam and made calls to Weiyeow. Minutes later, he called me back and told me he was at Coffeebean. I didn’t mind being fooled to enter Coffeebean through the main door and exit by the side door since I managed to see two sweet girls, however, Weiyeow told me he had ordered a cake through Coffeebean and thus we could easily get the candles. I was already in sweat.

As Terry arrived, we finally went into Coffeebean for my third time. We ordered some drinks while collecting the cake and I happily took four straws. I almost went berserk when I saw my drink was a hot one. Then I realised I should have ordered “Belgian Chocolate” without “Latte” behind.

More ex colleagues arrived and we had great chats in two groups. The four of us continued to test our stomach muscle when the newcomers left. It was until the staffs told us they were closing, I realised the last train was left long ago.