Family Shopping Night at Alexandra Road

[Saturday, 29 January, 2011]

I started the morning blogging, working on the tuition agency website and chatting with Mike. Eventually, I started editing the admin side of the tuition agency website and included a loading popup for the Ajax script, which was I quite impressed. I went to sleep at around 5am.

I woke up after 1pm and had wantan mee. I did SEO for the tuition agency site after that. It was another rainy day.

My family and I went out for dinner before 6pm. We went to the renovated hawker centre opposite Queensway Shopping Centre. There was a variety of food. After that, we went to Anchor Point, followed by Queensway Shopping Centre to shop. I bought a 3-quarter pant. Finally, we went to IKEA.

Back at home in time, I was engrossed with the channel 8’s show – Zheng He Xia Xi Yang.


Sinful Dinner at Anchor Point Hong Kong Cafe

[Thursday, 20 January, 2011]

I made some amendment for the tuition agency website’s design. Then, I continued with SEO until 5am.

Mike woke me up after 10am to tell me that he had forgotten to bring his office keys along. I rushed down to the office at 11am and we dined at the canteen. We had the Chinese mixed vegetable rice for the second time. However, we were the first customer this time. The food was much more expensive than other places.

I continued with SEO and we also exchanged ideas on it. I started working on the new article Private Tutor Singapore when Mike suggested going to IKEA for early dinner. We called for a cab and alighted at Anchor Point before crossing over to IKEA. Mike changed his mind after seeing the menu and we went back to Anchor Point and had a feast at the Hong Kong café. Mike ordered extra side dish and I felt sinned because I could hardly finish my plate of chicken chop.

We went back to IKEA to walk around. Mike bought his new lighting for his house before we started eating the famous IKEA ice-cream. The DJs from FM 97.2 were there to conduct a game and they tried to find topics using Mike’s lighting. After a while, we decided to take bus back to office. The taste of ice-cream was bad for I was having a stomachache. Eventually, we flagged for a cab.

After releasing my waste, I started working till after 11pm. We walked back to Tanjong Pagar while Mike went to Amara hotel’s taxi stand to get a cab home.


Freelance Work for Bobby and Fixing up Office

[Monday, 20 December, 2010]

I started the day blogging again and went to sleep at 6am. I woke up many times due to incoming SMSes. Eventually I got up after noon. I went to the gym to help Bobby with his poster and flyer editing before going to the office.

Mike and I continued to fix up the office furniture. Then, we went to IKEA in his newly rented Mazda 3. We started shopping around for the office again after having a clearer picture of what we needed. The young couple trying out the rocking chair made the atmosphere envious. Needless to say, the girl was cute looking. After shopping, we went back to the office and continued with fixing up the furniture until my fingers were numbed.

After going home and had my dinner, I went down to walk Lucky with my brothers.



[Thursday, 16 December, 2010]

I worked on the tutor registration page for my tuition agency website and was quite satisfied with the contents improvement.

I went to bed at 5am but could not stand Lucky crying outside that I went out to accompany him. However, Lucky refused to stay still and interrupted my sleep even though I was already having a hard time lying down on the straw mat on the hard floor. After my elder brother came out of his room at after 8am, I went into my room to sleep.

I woke up at around 11am and started working on the flyer for Smart Tuition Singapore. Mike dropped me a very sudden SMS to tell me the IKEA delivery men would be arriving in fifteen minutes. I quickly set up the scooter and rushed over to the office. I was in time to receive the new furniture.

After Mike arrived, we went to Everton Park to buy paint and went back to office. Mike decided to call it a day and we went to Chinatown by bus to find a vacuum cleaner. After giving up at People’s Park Complex, we went to look for dinner. He wanted to show me to a duck rice stall but it was closed. Another stall claimed that they were the original one but the auntie tried too hard to sell us other food since they ran out of duck supplies somehow. We had dinner at the famous porridge stall opposite CK. I was not a good food appreciator but the porridge tasted normal to me. Mike was very disappointed in it. He continued to guide me along until we departed at Outram Park MRT station.

I went to my mum’s shop to collect Bobby’s shirts from her ladyboss. Bobby asked me to go home to get my laptop to do stuffs for him and even though I was exhausted and my legs were aching, I did his bidding. While he was having meeting with his team, I set up my laptop and dozed off when it was booting up. I did the amendment for both poster and flyer until near midnight. Both Junze and Andrew were waiting together and the three of them shared cab home.


The Expensive Shopping at IKEA

[Wednesday, 8 December, 2010]

After receiving a great guidance from Mike, I started revamping one of my blogs. I had a great challenge trying to work on the Blogger’s Layout. Eventually, I dozed off at around 1pm.

I woke up an hour later to meet up with Mike. I did not take the noodle that my mum bought and left on the table since I was running late. Together, we took cab down to Raeburn Park. We met up with David at the canteen. I had a “lor mai gai”. David started explaining the terms and conditions to us before we went up to Linda’s office to get the paper work done. Mike had a harsh time signing on more than hundred copies of paper.

Since David helped Mike to return the payment first using his cheque book, we went to the ATM machine at Tanjong Pagar to cash out some money to return him. It was pouring heavily again and David dropped us at Bukit Merah. We took a cab over to IKEA after that and thus we were not drenched like the previous time.

The first thing we did was to get an ice-cream each before we started shopping. Since we had already been there to plan what we wanted to get, it was an easier task. We had our dinner at the canteen before we continued with the shopping work.

Since the furniture exceeded $2000, I chipped in my ATM card as well. After paying up at the cashier, we went to the delivery department where we hit our high and low morale within the short time queuing up. We noticed on the wall that wrote postponement of delivery would cause $5 per day for storage purpose. We were so turned off for after trying so hard to save up, we had to foot an extra $50. Then, we looked carefully to realise that the first three days were not counted. Mike was worried that the bright green carpets that we took might not fit our design but we knew that IKEA allowed returning of items to exchange for other items. However, we looked carefully and saw the terms that the items had to be returned in original condition and packaging.

The lady gave us the latest date possible, which was exactly the next Thursday, which was our initial planned date. When we went over to another counter to ask, the staffs ensured us that we could return the carpets if they were not suitable, in order to exchange for other items. Everything went smoothly eventually.

We had an ice-cream each before taking bus 195 to Queenstown MRT station and going home.


Grabbing the Office and Shopping at IKEA

[Friday, 3 December, 2010]

I managed to sleep before 6am and a phone call woke me up at 1pm. It was quite stupid when people nowadays still made phone call to the house when everyone was already holding a mobile phone each.

I met up with Mike at Tanjong Pagar MRT station before we took a cab over to Raeburn Park. David was around there to check out the exact location of the office space. Mike was very satisfied with it at the first sight. I was quite shocked that it was on the first level and right opposite the canteen. Mike agreed to rent it immediately and we went to the canteen to sit down and chat. I felt very uncomfortable that I did not bring any paper along to note down the details and date. I did not even have a proper phone to keep track of anything.

It started drizzling and David sent us to the bus-stop at Cantonment Link before we took bus 196 over to Queensway. It was pouring very heavily when we alighted and luckily Mike had an umbrella with him. We went over to IKEA immediately and got drenched. I was amazed of myself for I was wearing a pair of slippers in my three quarter in the cold weather. I was freezing and worried that my toe would cramp any time.

Mike was planning to get two sets of furniture each for both of us. Though he told me to give suggestions and let him know if I had taken a liking for anything, I did not really want to cause him a bomb. Nevertheless, I realised that the furniture in IKEA were identical. We went to the canteen to have three chicken wings each before resuming the window shopping to mark down the furniture. Then, we proceeded to get ice-cream before we made a final round of phototaking.

We went to Queenstown MRT by bus 195 and left for home. I was quite proud of myself that I could within the coldness without having a cramp on my toes.


Shopped at IKEA for Bathroom Items

[Sunday, 17 October, 2010]

I was distracted by the Fifa Superstars game in Facebook. It was not the best game around but it definitely aroused my fighting spirit. I was never a competitive person and I believed it was doing me good except that it took away some time from me. I continued to work on my new tuition site and slept at 7am.

I woke up before noon. My younger brother’s German friend came over. He was standing at near two metres and we went to Ah Moy Street to eat the lor mee. We brought Lucky along this time. After that, we went to NTUC where my mum bought another box of big mineral bottles for the workers.

After going home, I took naps and also spent some time on the Facebook game, and also chatted with Anthea.

We waited for my younger brother to return home as we agreed to set off for IKEA at 6.30pm. He was late. After he reached home, I went to the third storey temporary toilet to shit before we went to the bus-stop at Cantonment Link.

We had our dinner at IKEA near 8pm. Since we knew time was running out, we ordered just main course enough to fill our stomachs and started shopping soon. We bought a mirror and corner tray set for the bathroom. My elder brother and I had hotdog bun while waiting for the collection of the items and then we set off to the bus-stop near 10pm.

After reaching home, my entire family went down to the third storey to take our bath together with Lucky. Though I really hated the hassle of preparing and carrying the items down, it somehow brought my family closer together.


Sunday at IKEA

[Sunday, 1 August, 2010]

Blogging was a chore. I finally uploaded my latest article regarding smoking in corridor to SmokeForWhat, together with photos. I also created an addition item in the main menu to organise them better. However, it required more than just scripting. In additional, I also included a sitemap near the bottom to showcase the menus at one go so that users could glance at them at one go if they did not want to use the dropdown menu. I went to bed at 6am.

My brother woke me up at 1.30pm. After washing up, we set off towards Queensway and my mum hopped onto the bus near Kim Tian Road. We were eyeing for the hawker centre opposite Queensway shopping centre but it was closed. We proceeded to IKEA straight away and dined at the foodcourt. The sore throat forbid me from eating properly, besides, I could not eat a lot right after waking up.

We shopped around and this time we did not leave empty-handed. My brother bought a clothes hanger trolley for his girlfriend since she was going to stay in my house more often as she was going to begin working at Orchard. We also had an extendable tray holder for the bathroom but it was too big.

I had Hor Fun for my late dinner.


Great Family Day at Queensway and Chinatown

[Saturday, 1 May, 2010]

I tried to sort out the photos taken during the camp but got too tired and I gave up after 2am upon finishing my blogging.

It was a long sleep and I woke up at 1pm. before I could do much work, my elder brother suggested to go to Anchor Point with his girlfriend. We went to the Hong Kong Café while waiting for my mum to come. Then, we changed our minds and decided to dine at IKEA instead. It was a good meal.

My brother went to the pet shop nearby to get the birds’ food while the three of us walked around to wait for him. I saw my favourite chairs but did not get any of them for I was not sure if the price was worth it a not. We went back to Anchor Point where we got cheap yoga before moving to Chinatown.

We went to see the chair my brother recommended but the backrest was simply strings which I did not like even though it had the hollowness in between for air ventilation. Even though it had wheels, which the ones I saw in IKEA did not have, I thought I would need a good back support as well.

We went shopping for a while at the CK departmental store before we went to Chinatown Complex to get some fruit juice and also satays despite I was feeling bad on my throat. It was quite a good family even though I had missed out a lot of work.


Lorry to ABC Market

[Sunday, 28 March, 2010]

On Sunday, I woke up and started searching for the green bean soup my mum claimed she would prepare but all the pots were empty. In the end, I took cereal.

After noon, my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend went to the MacDonald’s with me and after which, my younger brother stayed there to study. I rejected not bringing my laptop along since I had always wanted to stay away from home in order to concentrate on my work.

I dozed off in the late afternoon. I woke up to get myself prepared and suddenly my younger brother announced the meeting with his friends was postponed for half an hour. After that, we walked to Cantonment Close and took his friend’s dad’s lorry to ABC market at Queensway. It had been quite some time since I sat at the back of the lorry.

I had a plate of half spring chicken rice and my younger brother’s friend’s auntie bought chicken wings and satays, and I was stunned over the tables full of dishes. I was very entertained by the cheerful auntie.

After dinner, my younger brother left with his friends while the rest of us went to IKEA to walk around.