My Internet Connection is Up

My internet love-hate affairs with M1 has been temporary resolved by using my own router after more than a day.
What I am amazed about is that the technician has told me that their back-end would need three to five days to configure the setting in order for me to connect their modem to my own router or laptop directly. The duration is unacceptable.
This afternoon, I called them for the second time and finally raised my voice to highlight that I would need the internet access in order to work. It was just another five hours later, the lady called me back to tell me everything was resolved. I connected both my router and home phone line to their modem directly and they indeed worked. Now, I would just need to wait for the arrival of their new router.
The amazing thing is that the job that initially requires “three to five days” to be done can actually be shortened to five hours. The difference is simply the tone of my voice – I was very soft on the first day but harsh on the second day (today).
This is a very different approach I have taken as I have always believed to be courteous and nice to others. Sadly, it seems that our society no longer tolerates such virtue.

The Auntie, My Neighbour

My auntie-neighbour brought her young foreign relative over with a laptop and woke me up from my nap. She spoke to me in both Chinese mandarin and dialect. As the elderly was completely IT illiterate, I had problem understanding what they wanted.
After some time, I thought the little girl wanted me to change the setting for her in order to connect to the internet. So, I asked them in Chinese to confirm. The auntie, upon hearing the word “change”, kept telling me they didn’t want to change the hardware. Yet, she kept repeating “change” in dialect.
I explained to them that when I brought my laptop overseas, I needed not change the configuration, which I assumed laptops brought over from other countries, such as Indonesia, needed not any special configuration as well.
I asked the auntie if she had internet connection at home and she answered no. Alas, I guessed the little girl just wanted to tag onto my internet network. I explained to them that my wonderful M1 network was down and would be down for only-pig-knows-how-many-days and thus could not help the little girl.
The auntie simply replied “You don’t know then it’s okay” as usual.
In fact, when her relatives came over, my family was always more than happy to entertain them…
I wasn’t sure of her actual thought but it kind of sounded like I was either stupid or unfriendly.
I think if you don’t know what you really want or can’t explain the problem, you shouldn’t just blame or think lowly of the person who can’t understand what you want.

My latest love letter to M1 on its fan page

My home M1 fiber network is currently down.
After the technician instructed me to do this and that over the phone, she said the Huawei router was faulty. However, the Huawei router was OUT OF STOCK.
She suggested that I could switch to my own router while I could connect my home telephone line to the modem instead of the Huawei router. BUT, activating this would take 3-5 days.
When I questioned how long would the new batch of Huawei router be available, the lady told me she didn’t know.
What am I supposed to do now? Just continue to pay the monthly bill for the disconnected connection and such service while waiting for the new router?
1. Is Huawei router so lousy that it has issues frequently, such that many customers’ routers have to be replaced and thus M1 has, sadly, run out of stock?
2. Does running out of stock for the Huawei router means new M1 subscribers cannot sign up currently as well?
3. IF new subscribers are able to get their Huawei routers, does that mean that M1 values only new subscribers while it ignores existing ones since they are already contracted?
If this issue is not resolved ASAP, I would be seeking advices from IDA, CASE and all popular forums that Singaporeans are using. I would also have discussion with my family over the 4 existing M1 mobile phone plans.
I thank you in advance for replying to me.

Facebook is a Time-bomb

Facebook has shrunk the world more than what the invention of internet has done.

At first, emails, newsgroups and IRC (internet relay chat) made information sharing fast and easy enough such that human beings were amazed and impressed.

When Facebook comes into action, it starts to attract users to an extent that most internet users own an account and many cannot miss logging into the social networking site at least once a day. Great amount of personal information and whereabouts is being released every moment. Some users even update their statuses before they go to the washroom.

You do not even need to click on anything to view your friends’ latest statuses. Facebook’s Ajax feature helps to insert latest data from the database into the home page. Facebook has helped to link up everyone from every part of the world (probably not so much of China residents though) that has internet access.

Great things do come with negative impacts sometimes. Users join random groups and pages created to raise awareness or vent anger, creating a stir. Many groups are created for good purposes, such as quit smoking and saving the ozone layer, but some are just some wrong assumptions that many users are influenced and thus joined.

“my school cares more about my appearance, than my education”

Many students are unaware of the importance of their appearance and many hope to detach that from their education. They do not see the overall picture. They are expecting more from others and also things to work in their own ways, in this case, they want school to provide education in their own ways too. One day, they would even expect themselves to take over the principal or the ministry’s positions.

The educational systems in the entire the world are facing a great challenge.


Dinner with Caiping

[Sunday, 16 May, 2010]

I met up with Caiping at Cityhall MRT in the afternoon. After reaching the National Library at the level 5, we were so disappointed with the Wireless@SG’s connection over there that it kept dying off within a few seconds. The power point by the side of the outdoor area was powerless.

We walked back to Citylink but the Starbucks was crowded and we found ourselves luckier at the Starbucks at Marina Square. I was quite amazed by the design of the mall for it was the first time I really took a detailed looks around there while sitting down. So much for the late night sleep, I was not as noisy as usual.

After that, she did some researches for her project, we decided not to go for movie and instead, we went back to Citylink to the New York New York for dinner. I took my usual fish and chips and it proved the restaurant was a disappointment. When we told the manager we had found a bone inside the food, he merely told us it was some plastic materials, and nothing was done for service recovery. If Dorothy were around, she would definitely write a long and detailed email to complain about the lousy service.

Other than the service issue, the dinner was great and we had a long chat.


Second Singapore Flyer Experience

On Friday, I woke up early in the morning again. I had only three hours of sleep as my old habit returned to haunt the night, refusing to let me go to bed before it was satisfied with the amount of work I could do.

It was not a good start of the day to face a colleague who seemed to have suffered from PMS. I was taking over Weiming’s class, which I was not familiar with as compared to all the other seven classes. On the bus towards Singapore Flyer, the fun was too short for celebration.

I was very used to seeing ugly students among the angels but the shame of Singapore joining in my group worsened my foul mood. Having twenty-five people squeezing inside a capsule was pathetic. The half an hour stay in the air was the longest thirty minutes I had ever spent.

My lunch was at Popeye at the cost of thirty-five bucks. I joined Joy’s girls at the Esplanade later for a walk. My mind was in a dilemma since I wanted to join the KO students at Marina Barrage and yet, I wanted to reach home by 3pm as to go to the chalet with my brothers. It was not long before the fatigue ruled my head and wiped out my brain. My eyes were closing and my skull was unbalanced. Nevertheless, I had some moments of relaxing periods.

I reached home just in time when my brothers were going off. Since I had not packed my stuffs and that my brain was losing to the gravitational effect, I decided to join them at night even though I could have gotten a free ride by my elder brother’s friend.

I concussed on the mattress and woke up in the evening. After dragging for a long time, I finally started leaving my house in my backpack. My younger brother picked me up near Pasir Ris MRT in the double bicycle but he got the shock of his life when we started moving off. It was difficult to balance. I took the front seat when I went East Coast Park with Wanling long ago and I supposed it was easier to team up with a non-cyclist. Alas, we got used to it and got back to the chalet.

My cross cable was put in good use when we started LAN gaming, joining my younger brother and my laptop together. However, I was very disappointed that there was no wireless internet connection within Costa Sands Resort and thus I could not do my work. My younger brother could plug in his iPhone to access the internet but mine did not work.


Long Hours of Meeting

I managed to pull through my Sunday outside when I was not feeling well. The usual weekend burnt was back again for my studies.

As Soon Siong had predicted, the meeting would drag for an hour before everyone was present. We met up at the usual place, at The Cathay Starbucks, but the seats with power source were all taken up and the guests did not seem to be leaving after standing there together with Soon Siong for nearly forty-five minutes. A group of youngsters were playing Dota while another ang moh lady occupied two tables with five chairs, and she reminded me of those Dracula shows in her red and curly hair.

We moved to SMU where Jeremy met up with us. Jeremy and I formed a recce team in search of a better place. We shifted to the accountancy’s study table to realize that there was no Wireless@SG connection. After wasting so much time, we set off for early dinner at the Kopi Tiam across the road after some discussion. I had a big plate of char siew rice, which was very rare, yet I was not full after finishing the entire plate. It was probably due to the bad diarrhoea the night before. In fact, I was feeling very weak, moreover, with the muscle aches from the continuous days of sports for the past few days.

We moved to the first level of SMU after dining. I bought a cup of soya bean drink and Jeremy soon admitted that he could not withstand the heat. We decided to move to some café instead of going down to the SMU’s basement that was secluded from the free internet access.

Our first station at the Coffee Bean café was a disappointment with the number of students occupying the tables. After that, we decided to try our luck back to our usual meeting place again. We split into two tables until the sofa seats were empty, and we finally merged together as a team. I was exhausted by the. This day, Andy seemed to have come to enlightenment that he managed to spot some major flaws, which we could have improved a lot. I was very glad that he had pointed them out, but at the same time, I was very disappointed with the continuous changes of our project game play. It had been months and we had been making major changes for almost every meeting. We were too short of time.

I tried to read up about the sockets notes given by Jingkun in my tiredness and discomfort body, and it spelled only exhaustion. I had been missing Java programming for years and the basics were enough to give me problems.

The meeting lasted until 10.30pm and the preparation for the next day was a phobia and caused frustration.


Starhub Max-online is Crap

Following the past two weeks of slow internet experience, the Starhub cable modem demonstrated the “excellent” service from Starhub Max-online. The “POWER” LED was lighted but “DS” was blinking. The following LEDs were all dead except for the “LINK”.

It was 2.30am in the morning, I was typing an important email, and doing other stuffs as well, that required internet access of course.

I started calling 1633 for Starhub’s assistance soon using my mobile phone because the home phone was connected to the modem and was completely dead. It took me around a minute before I could start to wait for the operator to get on the line. Nobody picked up the phone like the previous time I called them and I got so irritated when I heard from the recorded voice “Alternatively, you may drop us an email via” – If I could email them, I would not even have called. After a while, my phone died on me due to the extremely poor reception from the Starhub mobile service.

I tried my luck for the second time at 2.51am and they managed to hold me up for more than ten minutes before an operator finally picked up the phone. As the reception over my side was terrible, I could not really catch his name – he said something like “Daniel”. Anyway, he went to check for a minute and returned to tell me that it was due to maintenance between 2am to 6am. He assured me that the connection would be up after 6am.

I questioned him, “So, you mean Starhub doesn’t inform us before the maintenance?”

His reply was, “By right we should…”

I knew it was not his fault and thus I did not make it difficult for him. It was 3.14am and I put down the call.

It was less than two minutes after I rested my ears, I noticed that the connection was up. It could never be such a coincident and I strongly suspected the downtime was not due to maintenance.


Starhub is Crap

This article is specially dedicated to all Starhub users.

If you are using both Starhub Max-online and mobile service together, you may be one of the fools around.

Starhub mobile line is known to be less stable than both SingTel and M1 services; in fact, it has ridiculously weak reception at many areas. If you are using their line at Tanjong Pagar, you may be finding yourself being in a lost world at certain areas. Starhub’s explanation is that their stations, which produce and receive the signals are far apart just enough to lose coverage of the area. You may imagine yourself standing at a point where ten metres away from the west has a piece of shit, whereas ten metres towards the east has lay shit, and you are just in good distance to avoid the smell, except for a little pungent which strong wind manages to blow it over occasionally. However, if the same situation happens to the mobile phone, the reception is also an on and off situation.

If you are subscribing to the SCV Cable TV or the Max-Online service, you can apply for free home telephone service. The phone line will be connected to the modem itself and all communication will be via the same medium, and Starhub does not get to lose much. By offering this extra service, they can probably attract more users to subscribe to their services. SingTel owns most households’ phone lines since it has started since before I’m even born. The subscription fee together with the count-by-second call rate are wastage of consumers’ money since they can easily get everything for free. Not many people know that by porting over from SingTel to Starhub, they can still keep their home number without extra charge.

However, if you are subscribed to the above services from Starhub, you may face this problem of when the Max-online or Cable TV is or are down, the phone line is being cut off as well. At this point of time, you can only use your mobile phone to call up Starhub customer service care centre.

For English, please press “1”
For Starhub Mobile service, press “!”
For Starhub Cable TV, press “2”
For Starhub Max-online service, press “3”

The long flow goes by. When you opt for the technical issue, using recorded voice, they try to tell you to check your modem for problems. You are already so agitated and you still have to wait for the craps to finish off before they let you know you have to press “0” to speak to the customer service officer. In the midst of waiting, the recorded message suggests that you can leave your number and name with them through fax machine and then you realise most households in Singapore do not own a fax machine. Another suggestion from them is to email to them via and you probably feel like screaming to tell them the freaking internet service provided by them is down; but too bad they still do not pick up the call. Ten minutes later, someone finally picks up the phone and the line cuts off because you are using Starhub mobile phone line and the reception happens to die off totally. You have no choice but to call back and the same process happens again. Another ten minutes later, a woman picks up the phone and you know obviously she is not from Singapore for her accent and mumbling that it kills lots of brain cells and saliva to get her repeat her words. Then, she says they need around three hours more to fix the problem, or rather, she is saying other things, which cannot be heard.