Virgin Visit to St. James

[Saturday, 24 April, 2010]

I had supper at Maxwell food centre with my family. The noodle was at quite reasonable price at two bucks each bowl. The iced lemon teas from both drinks stall were disappointing. The night was still young, or rather, the morning was too early.

I met up with Irwin in the afternoon at Vivocity. We went to Burger King where Irwin took his early dinner. I got a birthday present for my mum, which was a moving display plant, ran by solar energy. I was almost trapped at the Cannon shop, dwelling on the cool cameras, which I needed quite badly. Eugene joined us at White Dog Café and Irwin took his second dinner. I did not enjoy the fish and chips as much as previous time.

Next, we went to St. James. We tried the Smoke Lounge but only to sit around the bar since we had to open a bottle in order to get a table. We waited patiently for the live band while Irwin treated me to a glass of Singapore Sling. I did not really enjoy alcoholic drinks including cocktail. I tried to slip as much as I could but I could never catch up with Irwin’s speed.

During the band’s performance, an uncle in his white hair and polo tee stood right in front of the low platform to harass the sexily dressed Latin singers. I thought it was a good interaction until the second song started, the man went back to do the same disgusting actions of pointing to the girls and pinching his index finger and thumb together to form a hole. Irwin got very disgusted and ordered us to leave. Since I wanted to stay conscious, I did not bottom up the remaining of my drinks before leaving, wasting more than one-third of the drinks.

After that, we met up with Huiling and her boyfriend back at Vivocity. We went to one of the bars to chill while waiting for Weiye. He reminded me of Kachua’s happy-go-luckiness and I was so glad to see him after so many years since we graduated from secondary school. The couple left while the remaining four of us went to Party World to battle against each other. It was one of the few times I would heck care about my out-of-tone singing.


KTV at Iluma’s K-Suites and Movie at Vivocity

[Saturday, 3 April, 2010]

On Saturday, it started pouring before I could leave my house to join my ex-colleagues for the karaoke session at Iluma. However, after I opened my umbrella at the road, I realised most people were not carrying their umbrellas anymore; the rain had stopped specially for me.

The train was crowded. In return for the bad squeezy journey, I got to see babes all over the places, especially at Bugis. Since I was late, I made my way out of the underground as quickly as possible because the crowds would slow me down ten times my usual pace. I realised I got out at the wrong exit and had to waste extra time on waiting for the traffic light.

After reaching Iluma, I scratched my head for the location of K-Suites. Jenne called me to end my search at the fourth storey. I went down to meet them and I was the last to arrive. We were put into a small room at first but we decided it would be too squeezy for us and Jenne requested for a room with bed. As I walked past the rooms, I realised all of them were decorated nicely and differently; I was greatly impressed.

Our room was occupied mostly by the bed. Two LCD televisions were clear. At the side near the door was a controller, which included making a few sounds such as cheering, whistling and jeering. There was a small corner with a computer which came with internet access.

Zaki occupied himself mostly with the computer after he crazily stuffed food into his stomach. I joined in the fun as well, however, took much lesser food than him. The crazy thing was about the free-flow drinks since we had a coupon, which Jenne gotten from the previous fun. I was still shy like usual and did not sing until Jingkun picked a few songs for me. I died at the first song after chewing very long with the finger food.

With my younger brother gone to Germany, bringing the shared Sony camera along, I felt the great photography crisis when the images taken inside the dim room were horribly shown on the LCD screen of the old Olympic camera. I knew I could never get images as sharp and especially while using freehand during daylight.

After the karaoke, which we paid thirty-five bucks each, I joined Zaki, Jenne, Joei and Christine for the movie – The Lovely Bones – at Vivocity. Weitat and Jingkun bid me farewell after the toilet break, having a good laugh over the nacho Jingkun dropped into my shoes earlier on. Jenne did a quick shop for her pencil at Bugis before we took the train over to Harbourfront. We camped for a long time at the ticket booth for collection of the tickets, buying of food and waiting for Christine to withdraw money. Luckily, the movie started only after we went to the toilet to clear the water we consumed at the K-Suites earlier.

The Lovely Bones was filmed in an artistic and poetic way. It came with many horror scenes with anticipation of dangers. I found it quite dragging and in the mid of the two hours show, I really wished it would end soon. Zaki, on the other hand, loved it a lot.

At around nine o’clock, we bid each other farewell. The girls took cabs while I accompanied Zaki to the MRT control station before I crossed over to the opposite bus-stop.


Cross Department Outing

Tuesday was the joint department lunch. It was good to have more people together, even though not everyone was really filling the atmosphere correctly.

Jingkun dropped Dorothy and I somewhere near the Pizza Hut restaurant at Clementi before he went for lunch with Mei Hoe. We had a filling lunch and the best thing was that we needed not care about footing the bill this time. The staffs were kept busy by us and it was all messy.

After lunch, we moved over to the K-Box opposite. Dorothy, Kevin and my initial plan was to stay for an hour, from 2pm to 3pm. Dorothy, however, got hyperactive again and dragged on. The remaining of us stayed until 5pm before we went back to the campus.

I accompanied Hirman to Orchard Shopping Centre. Since he was early for his dinner appointment, we took a walk at the Hereen.


Eventful Friday

Last Friday, the morning gave me the chance to snapshot all over the school. I had not done that for long. I was using my younger brother’s new camera and it was just a second-hand normal digital camera.

I had lunch together with Jingkun, Weitat and Mei Hoe at West Coast Plaza. In the afternoon, I went to Sara Homes for the first time with colleagues and a pity for we went there too late.

I had a short rest at home before going to Liang Court to join my colleagues at the PartyWorld. I was having bad cough that I could not even sing, and the trip there was merely because I had always skipped their outings. I had great laughers throughout. Jingkun stunned us by fulfilling his forfeit of getting some girls over to sing. Towards the end of the night, I was in my usual drowsy mood.

Jingkun sent Weitat and I to meet up with Mingfa for supper before we went to Mustafa. I bought a badminton racket.


KTV and Dinner at Cineleisure

On Monday, we had lunch at Bukit Timah hawker centre. This time round, both Daniel and Jennifer joined us. The chicken chop Jingkun and I took were not impressive for they required really sharp knives in order to slice them apart. After that, we went to Sunset Way at the Daily Scope restaurant for ice-cream. It was my first visit to the route even though it was so near Clementi.

After getting back to office, I continued to do my website. Some time later, Jingkun and Weitat joined some other colleagues to play badminton. I did not know they were playing on that day since I did not receive the email and probably due to some communication problem. There was suggestion to bring me home to fetch my stuffs or Weitat could get some clothes from his home but I found it too troublesome.

The stay inside the office proved worthwhile for I managed to debug some stuffs. Needless to say, the progress to my website had risen to another level.

In the evening, we went to Chervons for karaoke. I was actually not keen about it but the fear of spoiling their fun drove me to join in. Basically, singing around three or four songs in two hours was a waste of money and time, especially when I was tired.

Mingfa left a bit earlier to return the car to his sister while the rest of us went to Harbourfront Centre to pick him up before going to Cineleisure for dinner at the Hong Kong cafe. I had a cup of plain milk tea while the rest of the food did not appeal to me. Moreover, my mum had informed me earlier that she had cooked pork rib soup and I did not want to waste the food at home. Mingli shared her big French toast with me.

After we returned to the carpark opposite, Jingkun’s car was covered with bird shit.

Mingfa's Birthday – Zoo, Orchard KTV, Newton

I started my previous Sunday unusually early. Knowing that it was a special day, I presumed nobody would be late and thus, I made an effort to be on time and even had the chance to top up my Ez-link card and also withdraw money.

Mingfa and Shirley picked Mingli up before coming over to Jurong East MRT to meet me. Then, we waited for Weitat before going to Mingen’s place at Choa Chu Kang. Next, we proceeded to the Singapore Zoological Garden. I was not very interested in fact since I had been there two years ago with Fatty Si and there would not be many changes; I joined my gang mainly because I did not want to be a wet blanket.

Just as I thought we could get at least some staff discounts, Fatty Si told me she was not working there anymore but luckily Mingen had the privilege from his friend.

Poor Mingen was still having diarrhoea. We had brunch at KFC while waiting for Jingkun. For as much as I hesitated to bring a bag along due to the weight, my decision eventually proved me hopeless; a small pouch was actually sufficient and that it would not pose much problem to my feet. The sudden additional weight almost twisted my mood completely.

The sky was grey and I hesitated again, however, they decided to proceed. It started pouring heavily upon we passed the gate. Luckily, the weather pardoned us soon and that we were able to make our ways around the zoo in the merciful tiny raindrops.

We covered only slightly more than half of the trip I had with Peisi, missing out the most internal part at the pony area, the hot ass baboons, butterflies and bats, and some other animals. We missed all the shows and we were especially disgusted for we made it on time for the elephants show except that the crowd blocked our visions.

After the excursion, we went to Orchard for karaoke session. I took Jingkun’s car at the front seat for the first time. Tiffany joined us at the Orchard’s Party World but she and Mingen did not join us after the singing session.

The rest of us had dinner at Newton. I should have asked them to go to Chinatown instead. Anyway, the sugarcane juice from the drinks stall facing the car park totally sucked for it was simply tasteless, which was the worst sugarcane juice I had ever had. The lady helped us to replace the cups but there was not much difference.

After dinner, Jingkun sent me home.

No Beach but Movie and KTV

[Sunday, 17 June, 2007]

I fed myself with work till after 6am. It had been raining heavily since hours ago, creating the good weather for a very good sleep especially when I was exhausted.

I woke up after 9am and was quite disappointed that the rain had not ended. Junrong decided that the beach should be cancelled and after some time, I dozed off until 1pm.

The foiled plan set my day quite aimless. Since I was supposed to meet up with Kailin a month ago but was unfortunately occupied last minute, I tried to meet up with her still. Wilson was in for the movie Fantastic Four, which he had suggested and we were able to drag Mingfa in.

Somehow, I mistook that Wilson had to take the route at Bukit Timah to Orchard and I suggested him to pick Kailin up on the way. I came to a clearer picture later to understand that it was better for him to take AYE down to Orchard from Jurong East. Since Wilson had to do some work before that and it was almost impossible for him to rush down to Kailin’s place.

I took train to Somerset MRT station. When I realised all of them were not there yet, I went to Takashimaya to find a polo tee at Bossini. I had to squeeze through the crowd and later, was so disappointed to realise the shirt was already gone. I walked to Cineleisure in sweat.

Mingfa and Wilson arrived after some time and soon, Kailin reached as well. We went to Cheers to some drinks and titbits, but realised Wilson’s bag could not store everything and Mingfa had to hold the potato chips while covering it with a sweater.

It had been so long since I last stepped into a cinema. The movie was quite nice and especially when I had tried so hard to relax myself.

After the movie, we were planning to go to Food Republic food court at Wisma but Mingfa suggested joining the ex SQS guys at Holland Village and would probably go to Halo Bar for singing after that. The four of us left Cineleisure immediately and waited at the coffee shop near the car park.

I went to the western food stall right away for there was not much choice anyway. I waited nearly two minutes before the stall keeper decided to entertain me. I ordered fish and chips and was so turned off by the size and appearance. Kailin ordered chicken chop but he did not seem to care at all. In the end, she decided not to eat since the uncle was not doing anything for her. She went over to tell him politely and he claimed that Kailin did not make any order in the first place. He started laughing sarcastically in front of another customer. Somehow I felt the owner was racist and would prefer to serve foreigners.

The plate of fish and chips was indeed of a lousy taste, which was one of the worst that I had ever tried, excluding those western food stalls in schools. Alvin arrived, followed by Mandy and we decided to go to Bukit Timah Hawker centre instead so that Shunliang could join us.

After we reached the place, Mingfa told us that Shunliang had an accident and we hurried over to the corner of the car park which was near the main road. I did not want to go near in case the other party would accuse us of trying to intimae him with the number of people. Wilson soon joined in the fun as he could not stand the fatso uncle and auntie kept boasting about their years of driving experience and not concentrating on the fact. We were stunned when Wilson shouted at the woman to shout up for she kept interrupting with her worthless words.

Later on, I came to know that it was just a very minor accident and both of their cars were scratched. Both drivers were at fault somehow but that fatso insisted it was purely Shunliang’s fault. He decided to drag on to argue simply for the damage which would cost him less than a hundred dollars to rectify. Alas, they decided to call the police to settle the case. The rest of us went up to the hawker for food and refreshment while Shunliang and his friend waited there for the police. I had fun teasing Mandy. When the accident’s argument was settled, they came over to take over the table while the initial few of us left for Halo Bar first.

At near the start, I managed to sing a song with Wilson named “One Night in Beijing” by Chen Sheng. After that, I did try to select two other songs but many of them kept inserting songs that I had never got to disgust them with my voice. I got so bored and started taking photos, but after that, I dozed off for a while.

I woke up and could only start to play with my camera. At least, I managed to try out with the lighting and did find out some tricks after trial and errors. My song did come into top eighth position inside the waiting list but it was never my turn. I was quite embarrassed to get Kailin to join us for she did not seem to be enjoying herself as well.

I managed to help Wilson and Mingfa to take individual photos with Mandy. She had a hot figure but she also had a manly voice reminding me of the MediaCorp actress “Zheng Xiu Zhen”, who did film as “Dong Fang Bu Bai” before. Mingfa was kind enough that he wanted to help me to take a photo with her later but I did not want anyone to mistake that I helped them purely for this intention. I was fast enough to grab Alvin to pretend that Mingfa was talking about Alvin and I to take photo together.

Some people may think it is very weird of me to give up such good opportunity but I see this as something which leaders or simply any person should follow to sacrifice himself in order to get things done and not causing any doubt.

Friday’s karaoke

[Friday, 23 June, 2006]

Siu Hang’s invitation to the karaoke occupied my Friday night.

First was the meet up with Gilbert at Somerset MRT. I took bus 124 from Bukit Purmei which he boarded the train from Ang Mo Kio. So coincidentally, I arrived just a minute before him.

We took dinner at Cineleisure’s Long John Silver’s as I denied the options of MosBurger and Yoshinoya which he loved a lot. I ordered Cajun chicken rice for the first time. The meat was soft and appetizing but the reason for dining there should be for the cheap food, whereas that meal was in fact quite expensive.

We went to the Party World to join them, having given the false information of the level and room number. The five of us had a crappy night but however my throat was giving me problems again and that I could not really hear my voice at times and often being distracted by second voice that did not rhythm.

We did not make full use of the four hours there so as to catch the train. We left at around 2330h and dashed towards Somerset MRT. Tze Siang and Siu Hang crossed the wrong road (further away), while Yongfu, Gilbert and I smartly not wait for the traffic light at that direction.

However, Yongfu took the same train as Gilbert which was in the wrong direction. He managed to catch the last train still. Tze Siang was not so lucky that he transited at Cityhall and ended up at Kallang. Then he had to take cab home towards the west, costing him more than twenty bucks.

This night, I wasted a chance to get to see Vivi and send her home after her rehearsal at Chinatown again. Disappointment and guilt battled over the relief of accompanying my friends. Love and friendship were difficult to be balanced.

Anyway, that was quite enough for the money spent and I should be saving up more for my ORD fund.

Wet my socks, freeze my feet

[Saturday, 10 June, 2006]

I hate rainy days because they foil my outings. I hate going out when it rains because I will most probably get wet. I hate my shoes getting soaked because it reminds me of the bad times which might be the cause to the numbness on my feet.

It started to pour just before I stepped out of my house. My shoes and socks were wet when I arrived at the Party World Karaoke at Orchard. The feeling was not good. I went in to join the rest in the freezing room with the air-conditioner hitting directly from my top. Taking off my shoes and socks, my toe on my right foot had a cramp for seconds in the middle of the singing.

Singing was fine. Everyone was able to blend together by singing each song together. However, I did not really like it since I could not hear my own voice and thus had to raise my voice; since I was such a lousy singer, it would cause me go out of tune and breathless. There was lots of crap anyway.

After that, we (Gilbert only) had a little shopping at Marina Square and then dinner was at the food court, followed by a quick stroll at Esplanade.

We brought laughers around

[Saturday, 16 April, 2006]

I was a crap today. I brought my camera along without the memory card as my elder brother had left it on his computer’s card reader; I brought my umbrella cover without the umbrella as I had left it dried somewhere in the house after using it the previous day.

It was a karaoke outing at Marina Square. I was delayed for so long as to settle my phone lines. Seah, Gilbert, Tze Siang, Peh and Ivan were already there, singing like a concert performance.

Gilbert helped me with the order of food and the girl arrived with her sweetest smile, which almost got me into drooling. Well, she was not that pretty but quite seductive with a kind of charisma; she looked fresh and had this sunshine smile.

I could not really hear her at first and then I looked at Gilbert, and she started to follow the direction as well. I must admit I had not recovered from my shocks that I was not so calm to listen anyway. She cleared the rest of the food containers before she tried to leave the room and I failed to be quick enough to open the door for her.

I realised she did not leave a pair of chopsticks behind. After waiting for a while, I decided to stretch the phone outside the room to call for service. She was approaching then. As we went in together, I claimed to the rest that the service was so fast that she came immediately and she laughed.

I finally decided I could take a picture with her for my sudden increment of braveness, until I realised the memory card was missing from the camera. I decided to get her number instead but the next attendance who came in was a golden hair girl instead. I gave up.

Anyway, singing was not smooth as usual since I was having sore throat again. I could not even hear my voice clearly for whatever reason. We rounded up with paying $11 each for the karaoke cum lunch, which I actually thought was $7 plus only.

Next destination was Millennium Walk at TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur), which Ivan and I did not really like the idea since it was much less crowded and we had less scenery to see. Seah and Tze Siang left shortly after we arrived, leaving Gilbert, Peh, Ivan and I behind.

We had some craps to talk about and then started to play with my new phone. That was the first time I tried using Bluetooth. There was no indicator telling me the progress of the file sharing, which turned me off.

Next destination was Suntec city, where Gilbert bought a three quarter shorts at a shop. We teased him so badly especially with his waist length that the salesgirl was so impressed by our craps.

The Shopping King (Gilbert) led us to Hereen after that and we met Jimmy. It was where I saw a couple of handphone pouch which I was very interested in, but they persuaded me not to buy as it was more expensive than others; I thought it was quite worthwhile for the quality. So, my 6230I continued to house in that original plastic.

We met two ghosts outside the HMV at the third or fourth storey and the more I looked at them, I felt more like puking; fancy some people still approached them for photo taking. Geisha? That was so disgusting. We went to the toilet and as I was coming out, they passed by and I had this greatest shock of my life that I shouted and flee back inside. Then, I hurried them to get out of the HMV building.

We proceeded on to Cineleisure and had our lunch at Long John Silver. Since it was supposed to be a budgeted meal, I took the Combo One, unlike them, who were enjoying the chicken at around $6 each. That was the last stop of our day at around six plus; however, we camped there and chatted until near nine, and left when the old auntie indirectly chased us away. In fact, we were not the only ones, but I supposed she was the only displeased with us for the day.