Compliment for Canon Staff

More than two years ago, I wrote a compliment letter for a Canon staff but their website was giving problems and thus I didn’t get to submit it.

I called the service hotline at 12 plus just now and was received by a very well-mannered lady with an extremely sweet local voice. I didn’t get her name clearly but it was something like “Lorraine”.
I was actually calling to check if I could get a replacement for “my” camera len’s cover. I was actually doing on behalf of my friend.
When she heard that I had lost my len’s cover, she responded immediately in a natural sympathizing tone. I was very pleased to be received by someone who placed herself in customer’s shoes.
She immediately gave me a solution by re-directing me over to the showroom’s hotline to check for availability of stock.
She, in fact, did not do much during the short conversation; however, her attitude had actually made a big difference.
I think good customer service would make a big difference in my decision to choose the brand when I need a new gadget in future.
Thank you for reading this.

Age Defines Maturity

To the person I have tried to be so nice to as a friend, thanks for showing me how immature you can be.
You approached me for TFCD photo shoot and I gladly accepted without any demand. Having read my website’s terms and conditions for shooting, you still demanded me to produce at least a photo for you that night just a couple of hours after the shoot. Subsequently you messaged me almost everyday in Facebook with the objective to rush me for the photos and even insisted me to pause my earlier work (a project that I had taken up a few day before our shoot just because you did not confirm the date earlier with me) and start on your photos. When I tried so hard to explain that it would be going against my principle and fairness, you assumed it was my fault.
I admit it is my fault – for assuming someone is like an angel too early. I dare not look back at the ultimately nice article I have written about you that contains only about your positive points. I feel stupid for rushing the photos out for you. I have also wasted lots of time and effort just to reason with you who behaves like a kid.
For all you have done, I really want to thank you for teaching me a good lesson in my life. I need to stop thinking that people are totally nice just because of innocent looks and initial good manners. I need to quit exhausting myself just to make people happy. I need to start believing age defines maturity and sensibility.
You can continue to be pissed off although I should be the one taking up your place. It simply shows how much you are thinking about and for only yourself. I’m disappointed but I will be fine soon after sorting out my mind on how I am going to treat new friends, or perhaps, one-time assignment team-mates. As for you, I’m not worried since girls usually have many guys who will surround them despite abnormal attitude. I hope some of these friends would treat you truly like a princess.

Finally, Dinner with Miss Beautiful

[Sunday, 13 June, 2010]

I slept after 3am and was woke up by my elder brother and his girlfriend who got home from fishing. It was before 9am and they were speaking loudly in the living room and I could not get back to sleep after that. I gave the hairdresser some calls but she did not pick up and all of them seemed to be diverted to mobile phone. Alas, she called me back and I made an appointment with her at 1pm.

The achievement of the day was to complete a complaint letter regarding dumping of cigarette butts through HDB windows. It was a very long intended work and I was quite surprised that none of my neighbours had spoken up on the inconsiderate act since years ago.

I went to meet Irwin in the mid afternoon at Funnan Centre. After walking around for some time, I finally got myself a new mouse. The brand was Dexs and it was a laser gaming mouse costing around $14. The clicking was good and the shape was just right; I felt the price was worth it. I did not get an expensive mouse since my fingers were probably too strong and I did not want to waste the fund since I would be changing it more often than a normal user would.

Next, we proceeded to Sim Lim Square in Irwin’s brother’s car but we did not get anything. In the end, we went to West Coast Park but it was already quite late and we did not stay there for long before he sent me to Tanjong Pagar MRT. I dozed off a few times on his car and the sleepiness kept me quiet. Irwin was being very sarcastic to me all along since he got to know about my dinner appointment.

In my sleepy head, I went to Tampiness to meet Miss Beautiful. It was a long awaited meal with her. She chose to go to the foodcourt and buy food separately so that I could not give her a treat. It was a pity that it was late and we could not chat for long. Nevertheless, I was too sleepy that I was not as crappy as usual. Even though it was a very long and tiring trip just to have a quick dinner, I did not mind about it.

I cherish friendship more than others, especially when it comes to friendship with people of excellence character. How many friends can make real sacrifice for others in these days?


Paypal – Singaporean Users can not create Donation Buttons

Dear Kai Lun Chan,

Hello, my name is Sherry. I will be happy to assist you with your question regarding your PayPal account.

I understand that you have some difficulties to create donation buttons on your website.

Upon checking your PayPal account, I find that the PayPal account you created is a Singaporean one. Due to the local financial control, Singaporean Users can not create Donation Buttons currently.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

If you need any other further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

PayPal, an eBay Company


The Day I put it to an End

[Friday, 2 April, 2010]

Into the deepest silent of the early morning where everyone was still sleeping, I continued to battle with my farewell letter. A sudden creativity came into my mind that since I had been designing things for the ITE, including websites, I might as well put the farewell letter into a website like what I did previously for my ex-company. Moreover, I had a web design nearly done some months ago, which could be put into good use.

My younger brother finally logged in MSN after 4am and I woke my mum up to chat with him using webcams since I knew my mum would not sleep well if I did not do that.

I finished off my work at around 7am, feeling quite proud of the amount of work I had done, even though I knew I could have done much more –

I woke up after noon. While my mum was on her way to get my lunch, my younger brother called her. I was fixing the pathetic internet connection when she returned and soon, I got everything fixed so that she could use the webcam. My empty stomach stalled for one and a half hour before my mum left the house.

The day went on fast. Moments of tiredness marked the time on my bed and I finally got to release some of my stress over the past few days by playing game.

After 8pm, I went to Chinatown together with my family. We headed for the usual chicken rice stall at the hawker centre but it was closed and we decided to try the stall at the shophouse nearby but it was badly packed. We went to the famous Holland Village XO fish noodle by the side of the food street instead. Twenty bucks per bowl of fish noodle could hardly fill our stomachs. In the end, we went back to the hawker centre to get some thirty satays with two rice.


Full Day of Typing

[Thursday, 1 April, 2010]

On this day that everyone was working, I woke up late. In the afternoon, I went to see the Chinese physician before going to Burger King to meet Peh. It was an awkward afternoon and I was supposed to be helpful.

The afternoon killed me with the continuing of my farewell letter. The typing got more boring and it started to drive me crazy, and almost caused me brain damage.


Lunch with Alvin and Indra

[Tuesday, 30 March, 2010]

On Tuesday, I had a weird lunch combination with Alvin and Indra. We went to West Coast Recreational Centre’s Jack’s Place. The grilled fish was nice. Nobody would believe Alvin would give a treat since they always thought he was a miser but I had actually helped him a lot during my stay.

After lunch, I continued to rush my farewell letter for my colleagues.

Hirman offered me a ride at around 5pm. Since he was going home and would be passing by Keppel Road, I felt lucky. He was stressed and exhausted but I could not help him.

After reaching home, I spent my time playing game instead of continuing with my farewell letter, which made me feel guilty afterward.


Cheap Versus Expensive Medical Bills

I got up early on a Saturday morning unusually. It was all for the money spending trip at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) again for my medication appointment.

During the visit to the medical centre in Stagmont Camp some months ago, the medical officer (MO) helped me to schedule an appointment with the specialist as to get a letter to downgrade me permanently.

I managed to walk to SGH within half an hour’s time. I did not have good impression with the management since I had to spend at least an hour to wait there each time and that the specialists were not very caring.

This time round, I only waited for around ten minutes before I could get into the room, which was a great improvement, but however, could be because my appointment was one of the earliest.

The doctor was Dr Thiruchelvam Jegathesan. I should have mentioned about the weakness in my knees but I was suddenly too lost for words. Apart from the main problem, which was my back, I told him about my suspicious of having bone spurs on my feet but he claimed it was not very likely. In the end, I told him that the MO wanted the memo from him and he sent me out of the room while typing it out for me. It was a short and sweet letter, but however, the contents might not be a strong backup for permanent downgrade…

“Dear colleague kindly downgrade the above mentioned patient to his prov Pes status of C2L2 due to his chronic back pain secondary to Mild disc bulging at L4/5 and Subarachnoid cyst involving the left S2 nerve root. Thank you. .”

Compared to my elder brother’s letter from Geneagles Hospital, it was nothing. His specialist wrote a very detailed and strong letter for downgrading him, which I was very impressed. I could see the big difference between private and government hospitals – private hospitals would put the patient’s interest at the first place whereas government hospitals would reduce time wastage and also, not taking too much responsibility.

At least, this was the first time ever a specialist from SGH would dare or bother to help me write a letter to ask for downgrade. It was a better experience at SGH and I hoped I would not call it “Singapore Waiting Hospital” again in future.

I paid for $25, whereas my brother paid around $80 for the consultation.