Finally, Out with Huiting

[Sunday, 2 January, 2011]

I had a lazy morning doing work while chatting with Carmen until 7am.

Huiting messaged me to delay the meet-up time and later, she decided to go for a movie instead of cycling since it was far. I met up with her at Vivocity’s cinema ticket booth near 3pm. After we bought the tickets to “Meet the Focker”, we went to Long John’s Silver for lunch.

It was a humorous movie that caused laughers inside the theatre. After that, I sent Huiting to work before going home and dozing off in the early evening.

My mum ordered delivery from the Golden Café for dinner. I spent the night working on the tuition agency site and also had some discussion with my brother again.


My Web Progress and Shopping at Vivocity with Family

[Sunday, 5 December, 2010]

I spent the morning on a new feature in my tuition agency website’s admin page for accounting purposes. Finally, I slept at 8am.

I woke up at 2pm and was mentally prepared to join Huiting and her friends at Marina Bay but Huiting was down with flu. In the end, the outing was cancelled.

I uploaded the new files to the live site and started with WordPress. In the past when I did not have admin access to my page control panel, I was unable to play with it and thus, I gave up. I wanted to move away from Blogger since long ago but I did not have time. Now, having access to my own webhost, I was able to set up WordPress in a few clicks.

Mike sent me details about my horoscope and it was way long for reading but they were all true about me. I managed to finish half of it before my elder brother and mum wanted to go to Vivocity for dinner.

We shopped at Giants at the top storey and I was most interested in the furniture area where there were nice sofa-beds. After that, we moved to Pet Safari and our dinner was taken at Long John’s Silver.


My Second Movie of the Year – Salt

[Friday, 6 August, 2010]

I went to bed at 4am and woke up after 1am. I blogged to clear some existing tabs in my browser. The packet rice was somehow terrible, or rather, my appetite was very bad.

I saw Zaki in MSN and I messaged him to ask about the updates for the gathering but he told me it would be cancelled. He asked me to go shopping for his video camera together, followed by a catching a movie. I called our buddies but none of them was free.

I met up with Zaki at Plaza Singapura at 6pm. We went to get the movie tickets first and started walking around. We visited Best Denki first but the salesgirl seemed to have no initiative. Though it was a moving out clearance sales, the selling price was definitely not the best. We walked over to Centre Point and the auntie at Harvey Norman was too busy clearing her stuffs slowly, rather than to even acknowledge our existence. We went to the Courts and waited for very long for the promoter to serve us. The Canon video camera was tempting and the promoter had a good trick of offering us an “extra battery” but Zaki was too calm to be impulsive.

Next, we went to SingPost at KPO building to collect his registered mail. I was quite amazed with the well decorated SingPost but the location was weird. I hated the idea of having to walk past smokers to get in. I was amazed by the products of SYOG at the display cabinets and the staffs were in Crocodile polo tee with SYOG logo printed on the chest. It was quite a long wait.

After that, we walked towards Long John’s Silver at MDIS building. Zaki bought an umbrella with Singapore flag near the entrance of MRT station before we went for our dinner. I ordered Golden Deal 1 with three pieces of chicken. It was more crowded than usual and a lady was lying on the table near the entrance to sleep.

We walked to Zaki’s place. He had a shower while I caught a documentary on Thailand’s death. I was amazed when I used the laser point to point at the floor and his cat, Pika, started chasing around. However, I could conclude that he gave up easily.

Zaki drove over to Plaza Singapura. I was already exhausted somehow, feeling unwell. My throat was rough and I regretted that I should have bought his second idea of packeting chicken rice back to his house for dinner instead. We walked around for a while before the movie, Salt, started. Sitting at the third row worsened my condition.

After the movie, Zaki sent me home and I felt embarrassed. Practically, I was stoning all the way and thinking if Salt’s movements were realistic, and also comparing her to my favourite Japanese game show – Ninja Warriors.


Borrowing Gilbert’s Camera, Returning Graduation Gown and Working with Irwin

[Wednesday, 28 April, 2010]

My brother invited me to a game of Command and Conquer Generals. It was the second time I moved my laptop to sit beside him to battle against the computers in the three-against-five war. I started blogging and knocked off at 5am.

In the morning, I went to meet Gilbert to borrow his camera just below his office. He took some time to explain to me regarding the functions. I felt quite bad for he had an outing on Saturday morning and he would not be able to use his camera then. Next, I went to Potong Pasir to return my graduation gown to the Serangoon Broadway photo studio. I could not recognise myself in the photo which I was having a handshake with the presiding officer, Professor Joe Chicharo, taken by them. They were good in selling products for they wanted me to get a larger version of the photo with frame at the price of $45, which I immediately rejected them.

I went to Vivocity to meet up with Irwin. I only got to see a quite pretty girl while waiting for him at the seat at level one. We proceeded to Starbucks and the golden area I sat when meeting Hoay Min previously was available and we started camping there for the entire afternoon. There were some distractions, especially from a couple. The girl sounded like a slut, raising her voice while flirting with the guy. Then, she repeatedly called “bitch” for very long that both Irwin and I felt like going over to give her a slap. An ang moh sitting behind the guy and besides our table seemed to be irritated by them and left.

It was not a very good afternoon for me for I had designer’s block. At least, I got to read through one edition of the Home Décor magazine, and some of the designs impressed me a lot.

We left in the early evening and had ultra late lunch at Long John’s Silver. We went to Daiso where I got myself another belt to replace the current one. After that, we played a round of basketball at the arcade. I tested Gilbert’s camera and the battery bar dropped very soon.


Financial Planning with Peh

[Sunday, 28 February, 2010]

After working till late, I woke up near noon to miss an hour of my favourite show on channel 8 – Plan A. Peh postponed the time of our meeting and thus I was able to slow down my pace.

I did not feel good since the joint on my left arm was giving me sharp pain whenever I tried to move it. I knew it was due to the improper sleeping position the night before the barbecue, which I swam and also carried excess heavy stuffs. I was quite frightened because I realised I could have dislocated my arms if I were to push myself more on that day.

As expected, he was late and I went to Tiong Bahru Plaza’s Long John Silver to sit down and continue with my uploading of photos in Facebook. We had very long chat before he started to do the financial planning for me. Since my elder brother was a financial planner as well, meeting up with Peh was simply to help him improve on his skill. I felt awkward since we would normally crap together instead of talking about such serious things. I hated telling anyone about my very private stuffs.

It was supposed to be a lunch together but he had already taken his lunch and thus, I did not find a better place to give him a treat, having to owe him his birthday present or meal for the past two years already.

After Peh left, I continued to work with my laptop until after 6pm. I dozed off quite soon after reaching home and woke up at around 9pm for my dinner. Then, I continued with my website.


Weird Lunching Team

On Tuesday morning when I reached my desk, I saw the driving basic theory book. Kevin remembered it well and spent extra efforts to even place it there, which made me very touched.

It was not an easy morning when there was invigilation to do, especially having to arrange the messed up tables and seats in the normal classroom. Luckily, I was seeing my favourite class.

I had one of the weirdest lunching team. Since Mei Hoe had work to do, Vivian joined Daniel and I at the “Dead end”. I took a plate of wantan mee while both of them had fish soup. The stall was ridiculous to charge Daniel an extra forty cents for changing the noodle to rice, but Daniel claimed that the bowl of soup had more ingredients.

We had half an hour lunch, one of the fastest ever. After sending Vivian back, I accompanied Daniel to IMM’s Giants to get apples. I wanted to get some for Mei Hoe but the expensive and big ones did not have very good skin. After choosing for very long, I gave up.

I was studying for my driving test all the way inside the car on both trips. However, on the returning trip, I almost dozed off completely a couple of times.

I stayed for longer than usual again in the late afternoon before walking alone to the MRT station. I went to Long John Silver’s at Plaza Singapura for dinner and Stephen joined me after that. We moved to The Cathay’s Starbucks to meet up with Soon Siong and later, we did some testing and I was quite amazed by both the programmers’ work. Andy did not go down due to work. We stayed until around 10.30pm before we called it a day.


Boring Volleyball

Yesterday was boring.

I had to package my lunch back to the staff room since my kiakis were all busy.

Kachua arrived with my dinner in the evening, Long John Silver’s golden deal one, and I did not play in the first two games. Mingfa brought his Clementi Woods Secondary students down and we were very impressed with their attitudes. I did not get to play with the Filipinos until the last game, and could no longer hold any enthusiasm.

We wanted to go to East Coast Park’s Si Nai Hong Kong café for dinner but it was already closing by the time we reached and thus, we switched to the branch at Tanjong Katong. I had nothing except for a cup of ice blended mango drinks.


First Visit to Singapore Expo

Last Saturday was my virgin visit to Singapore Expo. The Adidas sales caught my attention but sadly, it was far too crowded as the shoppers seemed to be busy grabbing all the items at all counters without putting much thought.

The wait near Tampiness MRT station was long but nice. It was my second visit to the IKEA @ Tampiness but this time the shuttle bus escorted me over in the rain. A pity for my stomach was stiff again and I could not dine at the IKEA restaurant.

My stomach was left empty until in the late night, I had my favourite Long John’s Silver at Compass Point.


Kevin Chua was the Hero

I could not get to sleep after having five hours of nap. The three hours of sleep after that almost kept me on bed and late for work.

The most shocking thing that happened in the morning was Kevin’s SMS to inform me that he was sick. It was never easy to operate alone in Bukit Batok but I was glad and guilty that he joined me even though he was on MC. His consideration made me feel so lousy somehow because it was obvious that I could not handle things good enough; he was simply too impressive.

The morning ended earlier than ever and I proceeded back to office. Mingfa came later without Mingli despite they had planned earlier on to come together for lunch. Weitat was absent for the second day, down with gastric flu and that he did not even reply my SMS the day before and that showed how bad his condition was.

In the afternoon, I was killed by my Flash game because of the Toa Cah Soh part, which had left me since more than four years ago.

In the late afternoon, I had a little amendment to the “no smoking” poster before some of us gathered to wait for the clock to tickle. Bernard sent Wei Ming and I to Dover MRT, while George continued the ride and was probably sent to NTU directly for his night lesson by the kind fellow.

After reaching home, I remembered my mum was not cooking and that there were stories to hear from Irwin and thus I dated him out for dinner. We got to chat at Vivocity’s Long John’s Silver and later at the Sky Park.

Eugene came over to join us and we went to Kim Gary restaurant to accompany him for dinner. The waitress, Wang Na, was quite a babe. After the freezing moment in the snow-like place, we ended the day.

I got home to resume my battle through MSN with the skinny skeleton while Irwin was still on his an hour walking trip home with the hill climbing exercise at the end of the journey.


No Sweat, No Ache, Zero Metre

Irwin returned to Singapore yesterday morning. He messaged me in MSN at around nine PM to ask me to go for golfing. I was itchy for it as well, especially for the late night experience, I agreed instantly. He reached my place twenty minutes in his brother’s car and we sped off to the Queenstown shooting range.

We managed to reach before ten PM but the auntie told us that even though the range centre would be opened until eleven PM, the shop was closing at ten and without the clubs, we had to give up. We decided to go home straight away and turn up early at seven AM to “knock” on the shop’s door.

I did manage to wake up at six AM but was too sleepy to clear my mind before I started dozing off for another hour. Irwin messaged me just in time and I quickly got up and started preparing. We met up at eight AM and it was really fortunate that Irwin could get his brother’s car again such that it greatly reduced my travelling time and waste of strength.

It was my third golfing session and we went to the second level again. The weather was fine at first but it got a little warm for some time before it drizzled for a few minutes. Everything was fine except for the number of smokers who were dying to get lung cancer.


There was not much improvement for me since I still could not withhold my own bullish strength and greed to slam the golf club towards the ball, such that I could not get a perfect hit. Nevertheless, the continuous reflections through the entire game did save my hands from having muscle ache. It was the first time I left the shooting range without internal pain, but also the first time I suffered from blisters; three burst and two recovered.

We played a total of around six hundred balls before I gave up and Irwin got himself another fifty plus and finished them in no time. It was a great relaxing morning.

We went for brunch at Vivocity and I finally got to enjoy Long John Silver’s combo one again. Irwin got himself some name card papers and ink cartridges before sending me home.

Golf would probably resume after his return from Korea next Friday.