Chingay 2011 – My First Time Catching It Live

[Friday, 11 February, 2011]

I was working on the tuition agency site until 1am before taking a tablet of melatonin. I managed to doze off only after 2am. Melatonin caused drowsiness in me and made my entire body weak. I felt tired but it did not put me to sleep as quickly as expected.

Lucky woke me up after 8am when my mum left the door opened. He was standing by the block of board and crying for me. I went to the office at 10am and continued with my programming work for Smart Tuition. I did some SEO work after that. Zaki called me to invite me to catch Chingay together.

It was pouring heavily and since I had to pass by my house to take the train, I decided to go home to get changed because I hated wearing wet socks. In the end, I decided to take bus instead. Bus 97 took me to near Millennium Walk and I tried my luck and managed to reach MacDonald’s at Marina Square to meet up with Zaki. He was sick and I offered to get him the dinner, which was a rare chance I could get to give him a small treat. However, I was famished due to not taking lunch and I upsized the two meals without thinking that he was coughing. We could not finish the second packet of French fries.

We walked towards the Singapore Flyer at the F1 racing track. It was muddy along the path before we could get up to the audience stand. It was one of the rare times I did not charge my camera’s battery and also not bringing the spare battery along. Anyway, the lighting was too dim for a lousy camera using freehand on moving objects.

The Chingay performance was fantastic. I did not even bother to look at the television for the broadcast all the past years and I knew the reason well – the live performance beat everything.

After the amazing event, Zaki had fun laughing at my feet because the mud looked like shit. I met Warrant Twang and we exchanged numbers. I was quite disappointed that he was still holding my old number and that was probably the reason why many friends had lost contact with me.

I went to Maxwell Food Centre to meet my family for supper. After that, they went to the NTUC for a while as I accompanied Lucky outside, trying to hurry home to catch my Bao Qing Tian (Justice Bao) on channel 8 at midnight.


Chinese New Year 2011 Day 2

[Friday, 4 February, 2011]

I began the day blogging while doing SEO for the quit smoking site. It had been quite long since I started neglecting it. I went to bed at 5am.

My aunt woke me up at around 11am when she came over with our breakfast. However, she added chilli and we could not finish the spicy noodle. We took bus 75 to the home at Bukit Panjang to visit our uncle.

After the long trip, it was one of the worst moments I would ever want to be in – looking at my uncle nearly made my tears fall. He was one of the best guys on earth and it really hurt to see him in such state that he could not even think. Sitting on the wheel chair, he was tied to it and saliva continued to drip.

After leaving the home, we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza for a quick bite at the MacDonald’s. We shared two Mac Nugget and one filet-o-fish meal. Then, we went to Daiso to shop. We went to the bus-interchange and a cute wild dog caught our attention.

I continued with the SEO work for my tuition agency site. In the late evening, I caught the movie “Zombie Land” at on a SCV channel.

It was a totally different Chinese New Year Day 2 this year because my uncle on my dad’s side went overseas with his family and thus there was no gathering. My main stream of ang bao money was eliminated and it was my poorest Chinese New Year ever.


Google Page Ranks Updated

[Friday, 21 January, 2011]

I struggled to continue with the article Private Tutor Singapore. I had some competitor analysis before going to bed at 6.30am.

An SMS from a tutor woke me up after 12 noon to inform me of an error in regarding to registration. I checked the database and realised she had typed her email wrongly and that was why she did not receive any acknowledgement email.

Mike was all excited about the new Google Page Rank. After more than half a year or probably even longer, Google had not updated the page rank for all websites. I was quite disappointed with the new page rank for all my websites.

I managed to put the article Private Tutor Singapore to live. Next, I worked on the Link to us page and managed to put it online as well.

I was very excited to meet up with my ex colleagues. During the evening, I sashayed through the crowded streets and trains to reach Somerset. I was quite proud of myself to make it to the Bar Stop without making any detour.

When I realised Weitat and Herman were unable to make it, I was very disappointed. Zaki told me of his story to get his free iPhone 4 and I was so stunned. Jenne’s friends were around and one of them reminded me of Fengen. I did not really talk much. Zaki kept everyone entertained.

At the end of the night, Zaki sent me home and I did not even realise it until we were near Bugis. I felt quite bad for making him do that.

I had my early supper after my younger brother returned home with a Mac Chicken burger.


Dull Sunday Working Again

[Sunday, 9 January, 2011]

I went for supper at the MacDonald’s with my elder brother and mum. I worked with low efficiency until 7am.

I woke up at 5pm and took the cold noodle that my mum bought many hours ago.

I spent the rest of the day working on SEO for the tuition agency website.

My family and I had pizza as dinner.


Collection of Office Keys

[Friday, 10 December, 2010]

Friday was a long day for me. I spent the morning working on the “Our Services” page for Smart Tuition Singapore to include extra services. I wanted to go to bed early since I had to meet up with Mike to collect the keys to the new office. However, my mum wanted to go to the ATM at around 3am and we brought Lucky down. Her main motive was probably to take Lucky for a walk, which was certainly at the wrong time. Lucky refused to do his business downstairs and eventually gave me more work to wipe his poo on the floor later on. I went to bed at 6am and Lucky disturbed me for quite long, moving down and up of the bed.

Mike’s SMS at 9.30am woke me up. I met him up Amara hotel and we took a cab over to Raeburn Park. We had breakfast at the canteen and Linda came down. David was busy with another client and he did not come down as what he had told us days ago, however, the co-broke agent did not join us as well.

After collecting the keys, we walked around the place while waiting for the air-conditioner man, Ah Tan, to come over. The assistant manager, Xiao Hui, joined us to give us instructions on the installation, such as piping. It was problematic and I finally realised why the rental fee was low. Ah Tan advised us to look for the contractor from the management who had done the work there before and was thus familiar with the procedure.

We strolled over to Chinatown Point’s MacDonald’s. Mike exhausted himself by sharing his stories and strategies with me. After that, we took a bus back to Kampong Bahru Road. After resting for a while while waiting for Xiao Hui to get back to us regarding the contractor’s contact information, we walked to Tanjong Pagar.

Due to the lack of sleep, I had a low efficient afternoon trying to do my SEO for the tuition agency website. I spent hours typing a new article – Home Tuition in Singapore.

The Johor Bahru trip for the next day to celebration my younger brother’s birthday was confirmed.


Excited with the Office

[Saturday, 4 December, 2010]

I had supper, or rather, dinner with my family at the MacDonald’s. After reaching home, my elder brother, my mum and I brought Lucky down for a walk.

My excitement for the upcoming office space was never shown, not even during the shopping trip earlier with Mike since I was too tired. Nevertheless, I started researching about office designs online. I realised all the colour for office walls I saw was light and plain. What made the office stand out was the furniture. Due to budget restriction, Mike could never waste too much money to make our office look fantastic. I was quite embarrassed that he had to buy two sets of furniture because of me as I would be the freeloader.

I slept at 9pm after doing my work and I woke up at 4pm to continue with my tuition agency website.


Woke up in Giddiness

[Friday, 5 November, 2010]

I started my Friday morning replying to Facebook’s birthday greeting comments. Thoughts went through my mind.

Then I continued with my website. I had webcam session with Anthea and continued with some work before going to bed at 7am.

I woke up at 4pm, feeling drowsy like as if I was on a boat. It was probably due to sleeping for too long due to lack of sleep for the night before. I started distributing the Calendar Planner 2011 through email.

My elder brother, his girlfriend and my mum went to MacDonald’s for late dinner but since I took my lunch very late, I did not join them. My brother got me a chicken burger.


Is It My Fault?

[Thursday, 21 October, 2010]

My elder brother and mum went to the MacDonald’s for supper together. Upon we returned, we saw urine on the living room’s floor but poo on the newspaper inside the kitchen. We got Lucky a “new house” by putting blanket into his carrier. I went over to accompany my elder brother to catch the Man Utd’s soccer match while doing my work. I went to sleep after 8am.

I woke up at nearly 4pm. Process of work was slow for the day and I spent the evening catching television shows. When my mum knew that my elder brother’s girlfriend was coming over during this period when my mum had to hand wash the clothes, she started complaining over the phone to probably my aunt. I felt weird whenever she said she was keeping all the sorrows within herself because it got me confused with all her complaints. Anyway, she gave my younger brother a call to brood over it as well and she got pissed off when he mentioned, “Is it my fault?” She never wanted to speak up directly to my elder brother and it became a torment to my younger brother and I.

I spent the night working on the tuition website.

“If you keep complaining and yet do nothing about it, you are just making everyone else suffer but leaving things as it is. The endless pains of all these years. If only everyone spares a thought for others.”


Lantern Festival Dinner

[Saturday, 25 September, 2010]

Since my elder brother and I had early dinner hours ago, we were hungry and decided to go to the MacDonald’s. My mum and younger brother did not want to eat but they tagged along with Lucky. It was a pity that we could not bring Lucky into the restaurant.

I slept at 4am and woke up after 1pm. My lunch was noodle. I tried to work on my website but ended up dozing off.

It was a special evening. My aunt came over and the entire family, together with my younger brother’s friends, went for the Lantern Festival Dinner held by the Tanjong Pagar Community Centre. My mum was furious that when she attended it a year ago with my brother, one of the aunties who shared the same table tried to take other people’s portion and thus she made sure that we had ten people to fill the table.

The food was great but the caterer was stingy with the drinks. Even when my cup was only one-fifth filled, the waitress tried to put in ice cubes to fill it. Most of the time, my orange was diluted. Later, we got to know that they were running out of the drinks and “their boss was going to purchase it”. We did have our refills later but the service was not fast enough.

There was a Chinese character guessing game like the previous years and we got six answers correct at one go, and decided to give up the other fourteen prizes to others. However, there were some leftover questions and thus the lady asked my younger brother to go over to finish them up.

After reaching home, we realised Lucky had given us presents while we were gone. We cleaned up the poo and two piles of pee before my younger brother and his friends went down to the third storey to play lanterns.


Johor Bahru Trip with Family and Latecomer

[Sunday, 5 September, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging and surfing the net for the prices of iPhone and BlackBerry phone. I tried sleeping after 4am but could not doze off. I finally got up at 7am and started preparing myself for the Johor Bahru trip.

We went to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and bought the tickets for the train at 8.45am together with my aunt. It was the first time I used my new passport. We reached City Square before 10am and went to the MacDonald’s for breakfast while waiting for Anthony. He finally replied my younger brother’s SMS and told us that he would be late and thus we went shopping.

After we met up with Anthony, we went shopping for mooncake at the bazaar before having lunch at Kim Gary. We were surprised when Anthony bid us goodbye right after the lunch. We did more shopping after that and my mum also bought more mooncake. We took train back to Singapore.

We started enjoying the three slices of cake we got from Secret Recipe at Johor, together with bailey with milk. My younger brother forbade me from taking a nap since he did not want me to stay awake at night.

Our dinner at around 9pm was at the Muslim prata shop for the first time as we were too tired to travel farther away.