Visit to Fort Canning Park

[Saturday, 12 February, 2011]

I went to bed after 2am and woke u by noon. I was doing SEO for the tuition agency site before bringing Lucky out for his nail trimming session at River Valley.

After that, we went up to Fort Canning Park to feed the mosquitoes but I was enjoying photography all along. It could be a good place to bring girlfriend along if not for the involuntary donation of blood.

We went to Maxwell Food Centre for dinner and waited for my mum to go over.

Back at home, I worked on the links page for Smart Tuition.


Chingay 2011 – My First Time Catching It Live

[Friday, 11 February, 2011]

I was working on the tuition agency site until 1am before taking a tablet of melatonin. I managed to doze off only after 2am. Melatonin caused drowsiness in me and made my entire body weak. I felt tired but it did not put me to sleep as quickly as expected.

Lucky woke me up after 8am when my mum left the door opened. He was standing by the block of board and crying for me. I went to the office at 10am and continued with my programming work for Smart Tuition. I did some SEO work after that. Zaki called me to invite me to catch Chingay together.

It was pouring heavily and since I had to pass by my house to take the train, I decided to go home to get changed because I hated wearing wet socks. In the end, I decided to take bus instead. Bus 97 took me to near Millennium Walk and I tried my luck and managed to reach MacDonald’s at Marina Square to meet up with Zaki. He was sick and I offered to get him the dinner, which was a rare chance I could get to give him a small treat. However, I was famished due to not taking lunch and I upsized the two meals without thinking that he was coughing. We could not finish the second packet of French fries.

We walked towards the Singapore Flyer at the F1 racing track. It was muddy along the path before we could get up to the audience stand. It was one of the rare times I did not charge my camera’s battery and also not bringing the spare battery along. Anyway, the lighting was too dim for a lousy camera using freehand on moving objects.

The Chingay performance was fantastic. I did not even bother to look at the television for the broadcast all the past years and I knew the reason well – the live performance beat everything.

After the amazing event, Zaki had fun laughing at my feet because the mud looked like shit. I met Warrant Twang and we exchanged numbers. I was quite disappointed that he was still holding my old number and that was probably the reason why many friends had lost contact with me.

I went to Maxwell Food Centre to meet my family for supper. After that, they went to the NTUC for a while as I accompanied Lucky outside, trying to hurry home to catch my Bao Qing Tian (Justice Bao) on channel 8 at midnight.


Younger Brother and Mum were Finally Home

[Thursday, 30 December, 2010]
I went to bed at 3am. Mike called me after 8am for breakfast. When I reached the void deck, my younger brother and mum arrived. I was finally relieved that they were safe from their Malaysia trip.
Mike bought a loaf of bread and we set off for the office together. I setup WordPress for Money Tactic for the morning.
At around noon time, we went to Tanjong Pagar and I got home to get changed for my haircut. The lift at block one was in the terrible state like when my block was under renovation. Instead of waiting and queuing up with the construction workers, I climbed the stairs up. After having my haircut, I went home to bathe and went down to meet Mike. I bought my lunch at one of the Chinese mixed vegetable rice stall and took it at the office’s canteen.
I spent the afternoon doing coordination for Smart Tuition Singapore. In the evening, we were supposed to go for dinner together but Mike changed his mind. We went home straight away.
I dozed off after reaching home until 10pm. My family and I went to Maxwell food centre for our dinner. The place was crowded with many butches. Some were joining the old uncles to smoke inside the hawker centre. We met my younger brother’s tall German friend. I bought a plate of satay mee hoon and it was terribly disappointing.
While we were on the way home, Lucky was the luckily dog on earth when some pretty butches started playing around with him, trying to pet him. We spent some time downstairs.


Two New Gym Works Pending

[Sunday, 19 December, 2010]

I took blogged as the first task of the day and went to sleep at 6am.

I woke up after 3pm and started “packing” my desktop to tidy it up. I had a chat with Tze Khit and Mike before my family and I went to meet my elder brother and his girlfriend at Chinatown’s CK departmental store. Initially, they wanted to have dinner at the porridge stall opposite but I opposed since I had taken it with Mike just a few days ago and it was nothing good. In the end, we went to Maxwell food centre instead. I took chicken rice for dinner.

Tze Khit continued the conversation with me by helping me to vent through my website. He managed to find typographical errors. Suddenly, Bobby called me and asked me to go down to the gym to help him with stuffs again for the next day. Tze Khit started telling me about the requirements to update the Gold’s Gym website. I was very stressed because I was badly exhausted by the recently office renovation and that it had already halted the progress of my own website. If I could not push the site faster, my saving would be dried up very soon and I would be in a sorry state for helping others instead of myself. However, Tze Khit promised me to fund my AdWords campaign, which I could not even find time to explore.

I continued working with my tuition agency website and did SEO for it.


First Official Meeting

[Monday, 22 November, 2010]

I spent the morning updating my blogs and slept at 8am eventually.

I woke up at 4pm. Lucky gave me hell with his waste. My elder brother’s girlfriend tried to bring him down for a walk but he refused to follow and started crying at the lift lobby.

I went to the gym and Bobby kept me occupied with amendments to their flyers. Next was Tze Khit’s turn to flood me with amendments to his website. Andrew reached later and I was in a mess to remember the points to be updated as some were given verbally. I was stress for I was supposed to have meeting with my team but the updating work was holding it back with my team-mates surrounding me. Anyway, I had a “bao” to fill my stomach while I was working. I was not sure who paid for it, together with my dessert but I wasted no time to ask since they would not take the money from me.

Alas, the meeting started and Andrew’s new idea struck me. I was exhausted after the intensive work while my tuition agency website was bugging me, and I was empty. There was no solution to implement Andrew’s brilliant plan without paying a high cost. Bobby impressed me as well with his knowledge. In the end, we went to Maxwell Food Centre.

After reaching home, I continued with the work for Tze Khit.


First Day of Renovation

[Friday, 15 October, 2010]

I was on Facebook to get ready my marketing work before I tried to sleep at 5.30am. Soon, my elder brother opened the door for Lucky to come in as he was leaving for reservist. I could not doze off until the workers came over to start the renovation.

It was the first day of my eleven days terror even though the thundering sounds had been terrorizing my family since weeks ago when it was our neighbour’s turn. As the workers wanted to break the tiles inside the bathroom and toilet, and it would create lots of dust, they set up walls along a passage such that the bedrooms’ doors would be blocked. My younger brother set off much earlier for school and thus I was the only one left to take care of Lucky since my mum was not totally ready. Fearing the amount of dust that would damage Lucky’s health, I brought him to the gym.

I continued updating Tze Khit’s website at the gym. He bought lunch for me since I could not join him for I had to take care of Lucky. I dozed off for seconds occasionally as I was too tired and yet had to keep an eye on Lucky in case he ran around to bark at gym’s users or even pee around.

Bobby came into the gym early and thus I was more entertained. In the mid afternoon, my elder brother came over to join me and Lucky as he came home earlier from the camp. Tze Khit had two pretty trainees. Later, Andrew came over and he agreed to join Letian and I in the business idea he had given.

After reaching home in the late afternoon, I dozed off and was woke up by my mum. She passed me her mobile phone for a survey regarding MediaCorp’s television channels. That lady started to piss me off with the endless questions I thought were dumb. My brain was almost numb at the moment but I felt holy for being nice.

Lucky came over and nipped me non-stop. Suddenly, my mum told me it was near 10pm and Lucky was still not fed. I was stunned and jumped up of the mattress, and went over to question my elder brother who was playing game. I quickly started preparing his food.

After Lucky finished his late dinner, the three of us took Lucky to Maxwell Food Centre where we had our late dinner as well. It was creepy to eat with tiny cockroaches crawling around. After so many years, I was surprised that nobody had reported the disgusting pest infestation to NEA or any organisation to clear it up.


Dinner with Gym Kakis

[Friday, 8 October, 2010]

I did my website until after 3am. Lucky refused to sleep again and I had to stop him from going towards my mum. The last time I checked the clock was at 4.30am.

I woke up at 2pm and Lucky was waiting at the bedroom’s door. I did not sense anything wrong until I went to the toilet to see that the entrance was blocked with a piece of hard board. After my mum returned, she told me Lucky was terrorizing my house again and thus she kept Lucky inside the toilet. Then, we realised Lucky had somehow made his way out.

My younger brother had done testing for my website and found a spelling error and a bug. I spent quite some time going through the web form but could not see anything wrong.

I went to the gym in the evening. Junze, Letian and Andrew were around. Andrew had a business idea for us and we found it interesting. I went home to fetch my wallet since they were going to Maxwell Food Centre for dinner together and that my mum did not buy dinner.


Disappointing Last Day of Kayaking One Star Course

[Friday, 24 September, 2010]

My younger brother, mum and I took Lucky down for a walk without my elder brother. I continued working on my website and gave up at around 3.30am.

I woke up at 8.30am and slowly got started to wash up before leaving the house with my brothers. We went to the same bus-stop near Anson building, right opposite M Hotel, but my younger brother and I boarded the bus 70 without my elder brother since he was going to Parkway Parade to meet his friend for fishing. I was stunned to remember that there was road diverse nearby because of the F1 Singapore Night Race 2010. The bus turned to People’s Park and the traffic was heavy. It was supposed to be a straight road towards Nicoll Highway and I was sure that we took more than double the actual travel time to reach the place.

The coach, Kelvin, reached later than us. Four others did not turn up and thus our team was left with six of us. When Kelvin told us of the plan for the day that we would not be kayaking over to Marina Barrage, we were all disappointed. During the capsize and rescue practice, we were all determined to travel over but the sudden downpour of rain sided with Kelvin. We ended the course ridiculously early and then Kelvin started to tell us stories to drag on before we left the Kallang Water Sports Centre and took bus 16. I had lunch with my younger brother, together with Kun Song and Rong Sheng at Suntec City before we headed home.

My younger brother and I took bus 196 home and we were both very disappointed that we did not get to kayak over to Marina Barrage, having paid so much for the course and yet the time spent inside the water was almost half of the original programme. We knew well we were short-changed even though we managed to learn the skill required. We reached home at around 4pm. After my younger brother left the house, I dozed off for around an hour before my mum started chanting to wake me up before she left the house. I went to Maxwell food centre with my elder brother and Lucky for dinner.

I spent the rest of the time continuing with my website.


Dining out with Lucky

[Friday, 17 September, 2010]

I spent the morning updating website, blogging and replying email. I finally went to bed at around 6am, joining my elder brother as Lucky was sleeping over in that room. My mum tried to get Lucky to pee and her ranting woke me up during the daylight, and thus disrupting my sleep worse than how Lucky had been doing. Eventually, I woke up at 2 in the afternoon.

I was not sure what time Gilbert sent me an SMS for I was too lazy to check from the antique phone. He was asking me out for a swim since he was on leave. I spent the entire day working on my new website to see more progress in the contents. I had not even planned for the database and coding would definitely take longer time.

We almost missed Lucky’s dinner as we were too engrossed in the Taiwanese show “Love”. The dinner was delayed for half an hour. Since my mum went out with her friends again, the three of us went out for dinner on our own together with Lucky. We went to Maxwell Food Centre and took the outside table. We took the two dollars noodle. After that, we took a stroll at Sago Lane and went up to the aquarium before taking Duxton Road back home.

I spent the rest of the time working on the website.


Stay over at Hirman’s Place

[Sunday, 15 August, 2010]

I waited with Regina for the bus number 2 from the interchange and it did not leave sharp at midnight. Since it was late, I had to send her home no matter what. For almost the whole journey, she was showing me Facebook status of her crush through her iPhone, which was boring. We were, however, being entertained by an Indian who could not keep his voice down at the top of the double-decker bus. An old man who was sleeping at the back “sheesh” at the blackie but his skin was too thick.

I took a cab to Hirman’s house after sending Regina home and it cost me over six bucks for the short distance, but it was much better than travelling home directly. I felt the need to own a car. Anyway, I was so unlucky to go into the lift that an old man came out with a lighted cigarette. Smoking was not only a problem in my area.

Hirman started teasing me as he thought I had a girlfriend. Jeremy was at Hirman’s house and since I was exchanging SMSes with Regina, I decided to sleep in the living room in order not to interrupt their sleep; I preferred to sleep without the air-conditioner anyway. I was hungry but Hirman was too tired that he had changed his mind about going for supper.

Regina called me to check my location. I felt quite bad for not talking to the host more because I was on phone while he prepared the sofa bed for me. We put down the phone soon as she was going to read her book. I could not get to sleep and the last time I replied her slow SMS was after 3am.

Jeremy and Hirman got up after 7am. We went to the airport together to send Jeremy’s friend off, followed by having breakfast at Killiney. The set of breakfast inclusive of tea, half boiled egg and bread cost $4.05, which was much more expensive than any coffee shop in Singapore. I supposed the extra two bucks were for breaking the eggs or probably, the extra tiny piece of egg shell left inside.

After the meal, I walked both of them to the entrance and bid them goodbye since they were going to somewhere near Regina’s house to play tennis while I did not bring any gear again, and was still in my jeans. I went straight to the toilet to settle my stomach issue before taking the train, suffering the long journey standing alone. It was around 11am when I reached home. I uploaded the photos into Facebook and dozed off while the videos took ages to kiss Facebook.

I went for lunch with my brothers. I was craving for the lor mee at Ah Moy Street which my younger brother suggested but it was closed for the day without any notification. We ended up going to Maxwell Food Centre and had Chinese mixed rice at the “Tiong Bahru” curry rice stall. The pork chop was quite impressively done.

My younger brother and I started dozing off soon after reaching home. Regina called me in a harsh tone to get me to remove the video from Facebook and thus my sleep was interrupted again.

My video was packet fried rice. I started installing the old Adobe Premier and Aftereffect software to edit the video before I uploaded it again. Huiting suddenly messaged me in Facebook as she had a new task for me.