High Efficiency in the Office

[Monday, 31 January, 2011]

I had the leftover satay from the chalet as supper. My elder brother placed some of them into the oven. Both of us preferred doing it on a barbecue pit but it was quite difficult to do it inside HDB flat.

I wasted a lot of time reinstalling my software that helped me to check for Google Page Rank because I realised there was no page rank indication. After some time, I checked my browsers and realised they no longer indicated it as well. I thought Google was down until Mike told me on the next day that it was probably due to Google blocking my IP temporary to avoid spam. I went to sleep at 6.30am.

I woke up at 2pm and had nasi lemak. My elder brother was watching a sadist murdering movie about how a girl took revenge on the guys who gang-raped her. It was one of the most disgusting movies I had ever watched. My elder brother told me another movie “SAW” was worse.

I went to the office at 4pm and worked very hard. Finally, I pushed the new page about the Study Guide live. Then, I continued with SEO.

I reached home near 8pm. Lucky disturbed me throughout the night and I could hardly do anything.

It was near midnight when Joanna approached me for help in her Java project.


Working at Home instead of at Office

[Monday, 17 January, 2011]

I went to sleep earlier than usual, right after 2am. I woke up at 10am and saw Mike’s SMS telling me that he was not going down to office until further notice for he was busy with his house’s renovation.

I had nasi lemak for breakfast. Throughout the day, I was working on SEO for the tuition agency website and I also dozed off a few times. Lucky, however, disturbed me like usual. I saw some results of my hard work.

In the late afternoon, I went to the Subway at Amara hotel with my young brother for my late lunch. I spent the evening updating the tuition assignments in forums and also, watching television shows at channel 5. They screened the movie Day after Tomorrow.


The Whole Day on the Tuition Agency Site Again

[Wednesday, 5 January, 2011]

I worked on the tuition agency website until 4am. I woke up after 9am and reach office by 10.30am. I rushed to do the flyer for recruiting tutors. Soon after Mike came, which was around noon, the man for doing QP came to evaluate.

We had lunch at Everton Park and we tried the chicken chop, which was very normal.

After going back to office, I worked on the page for tutor to edit their profiles. My younger brother’s SMS to ask me to email a parent caught me in a bad situation as I knew nothing about the tuition assignment and thus was quite worried that I might make a mistake. After that, I made amendments to a number of pages.

Mike and I had dinner at the $4 nasi lemak shop around Kampong Bahru Road. The ikan billis tasted very special in a good way. We continued working in the office until 10pm.

Eng Teck was at my house and both my younger brother and I thought it would be good if he was not leaving Singapore for half a year so that we could have worked on the tuition agency together.

I spent the rest of the night working on the tuition agency site.


Finished Off Another Free Freelance Hopefully

[Saturday, 21 August, 2010]

As I took my lunch and dinner together in the late afternoon, I started starving soon. I went to the prata shop with my mum and elder brother for supper. After that, I continued to work on Bianhong’s photo for printing a puzzle for his girlfriend’s birthday present with distraction from the internet. I went to sleep after 7am.

I woke up at around 2pm. the nasi lemak my mum bought was cold. She added extra ingredients to my packet as she probably could not finish hers. The chicken wings were awful as the meat was difficult to chew on.

The backache I had since days ago was bothering me a lot. I did not have the mood to work but still, I managed to complete Bianhong’s picture and pending his acknowledgement. Since his girlfriend was besides him, he could not give me a reply to see if any amendment was needed.

Since Tengy finally replied me after she filtered my message in MSN the day before, and she was easily agreeable to let me use her photo for my new Facebook group, I went ahead to work on it. I also peeked into the latest article I wrote for SmokeForWhat, but my brain was not working well enough for a conclusion yet.

In the late evening, I was totally out of mood to do anything. I spent the time lying on the bed and playing Condition Zero. It was a noisy night for my family started cooking prawns and had beer. Then, they decided to go to the beach the next day.


Phototaking at Seng Kang

[Sunday, 4 July, 2010]

Firman messaged me to do web design for his community centre. We started talking about his next day’s involvement in their event and invited me there so that I could get some photos for SmokeForWhat.com. I agreed to it immediately since I loved event photoshooting.

I took some self photo for my resume and passport renewal photo, and one of the causal shots was quite impressive somehow. I spent some time editing photos due to the ugly wall and shadow. Eventually I slept at 6am.

I could not get up in time but luckily I targeted my timing earlier like usual. After reaching Seng Kang, I was disappointed that the MacDonald’s breakfast had not ended and thus I could not get my chicken burger. Firman called me just in time for me to get him a pair of slippers at the Bata shop in Campass Point.

I went to find him at the field near Farmway. He lent me his DSLR camera and made quite a basic and good presentation of how to use it. I took a lunch packet and the nasi lemak was quite nice.

The field was surprising wet even though it was on a higher ground, my shoes and socks were soaked soon. I got to use my old Olympus D-750 a lot and I got to appreciate it more for the ten times optical zoom to capture natural faces from far. Firman kept his promise to ask his students to post for SmokeForWhat.com and I could have gotten more supports if one of them did not show craps.

I went straight home at the end of the event even though I was tempted by Long John Silver’s opposite the MRT station. I hated having my feet inside the wet shoes for it would pose me great problems.

My younger brother called me from Germany using Skype and we chatted for more than an hour, such that I called for food delivery near 10pm. I had a packet of mee goreng. My mum and my elder brother got home after I finished my dinner.



ITE Orientation Camp April Intake Day 2

[Friday, 30 April, 2010]

The first second of the day was the continuation of Hirman’s reflection session. He could assign everything to his emcees but definitely not this task. His enthusiasm, warm-heartedness and firmness clearly stated the importance of the camp. He wanted the students to learn in the midst of enjoyment to see beyond themselves and spare thoughts for others, and to persist on no matter how tough their future would be. I supposed not everyone bothered to listen but those who had listened were people who were more likely to succeed in future.

I did not feel like sleeping afterwards for I was quite worried about the students. I tried to tidy up the photos inside my laptop but I was disturbed by a sudden alert that a student was falling sick. I woke Hirman up and it turned up that that girl did not have a fever. Later on, I went to accompany Aaron for his guard duty but I did not talk much. Upon returning, I was told that Hirman and George were back to settle the problem of the sick student. I went to take my bath before continuing with my work but I did not last till daylight.

Mrs Grace Cheong highlighted to me that by sleeping in front of the door with my head facing it would cause me to have nightmare. I was very glad to hear her advice for I felt protected somehow. The breakfast was nasi lemak and later on, some of my ex-colleagues decided to go for movie and I felt I should be ready for in case anything happened. I dozed off until noon time when I had a shock that I had missed out a few hours of photography. However, it seemed that the activities were not as fun as the previous camp.

I joined Iylia for lunch before we set off to capture all the precious moments. It seemed that she preferred to stick together but that would cause us to miss out some interesting events happening at other parts of the Singapore Discovery Centre. Anyway, I was quite disappointed that everything came to an end soon and dinner was served early so that they could prepare for the performance at night. I helped Iylia with the phototaking of all the classes.

The approaching of the night placed my photography skill into great challenges. I borrowed Diana’s new Nikon camera but it was not as good as what I had expected for a costly new digital camera. Hirman got me to go into the theatre to take photos and during Kelvin’s speech, I knocked out completely since I did not have enough sleep for the past three or more nights. By the time I woke up, the event was about to end. I went to the main area and my shagginess dragged me to the Hospitality Suite to rest.

When everything was over, I stayed with my two ex bosses and Mr Neo to clear up some of the mess. Hirman went off without me after he loaded up the equipments and my bag was inside his car. Mr Neo gave me a lift back to Clementi campus and we were earlier than Hirman. During the journey, I was very impressed with the ultra big moon.

I reached the lobby to see volleyball game going on. There was not enough time for me to go in to greet Mr Peh and uncle Jiaming. I left with Hirman in sorrow somehow. I followed Hirman to Bar Stop to meet up with Jenne and Joei. I had a glass of beer and a plate of chicken pizza. The earlier hunger had caused a lost in appetite and that we left too early for me to finish up my stuff. I felt very lousy for the first time for the little amount of beer I took caused me a bit of drowsiness.

Jenne insisted not to collect money from me. She sent me home before driving off with Joei. I was quite worried for Hirman for he might doze off anytime on the way home but I did not want to distract him by SMSing him to check him up.

It was nearly 11pm when I reached home.


Chang Point Boardwalk and Wild Wild Wet

[Wednesday, 7 April, 2010]

Gilbert and I finally went out again on Wednesday morning. The main destination was Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East but he planned to go to Changi Point Boardwalk before that since Wild Wild Wet’s operation hours started in the afternoon.

I met him up at Cityhall MRT where he hopped onto the train to go to Tampiness MRT together. After which, we took bus 29 to Changi. The walk was quite nice except that some parts of it was not completed yet, especially the Kellong Walk. I had some problems using my old Olympus D-750 camera after abandoning it for some time. The torching sun almost burned me.

After the walk, which we ended at the Changi Ferry Terminal, we went to the hawker centre to have nasi lemak. We gave the most popular stall a miss since the queue was long. After which, we took bus 29 to a bus-stop near Tampiness Junior College, crossed over to transit to bus 3. We alighted at the bus-stop opposite Downtown East and quickly went to the MacDonald’s to find Gilbert’s friend, Rachel.

Soon, we proceeded to Wild Wild Wet with the two free tickets Gilbert was holding while Rachel had a discount voucher. It was a fun afternoon but I realised I had a bad sunburn after that.

Reaching home, I started checking my email and it took me a couple of hours to reply to those regarding my farewell message. I finished a blog entry before going down to the prata shop to join Kachua for supper.


Broke my Jogging Timing Record

EIP, my dread, finally started on Tuesday morning. Going down all the way to Bukit Batok ITE was killing half of my days that I was unable to do any other stuff. It was a test of my luck to see which secondary school students were going down in order to judge how tiring I would be by the end of each session. I was lucky that the Westwood Secondary school kids were very adorable. However, I made a great communication mistake and Zaki reached at 8am.

Zaki sent me back to campus to attend my department meeting, which started forty-five minutes earlier and the meeting was over soon upon reaching. Nevertheless, I got to enjoy the nasi lemak from my boss.

I had a payback of my lack of sleep due to gaming before I went to bed. Throughout the afternoon, I was never productive by nodding in front of my laptop. The worst thing was when I discovered that my smoking site did not work properly on my webhost even though everything was fine on both laptops I was using. It was disastrous to work with AJAX when debugging was needed.

Sometimes I did doubt my own principle. I always did my best to attend to all my friends but somehow it made me very unfocused. I had been observing friends who did not even glance at me when I stood beside them during their conversation with others, and indeed they were more successful than me.

I reached home at around 6pm. I slacked for some time and finally left my house for a jog after taking my medicine. It was another challenge to my limit for I could easily sleep like a bear at that moment. I started off weak and felt like sleeping at certain points of time. By the time I reached the big T-junction separating Marina Barrage and Marina South Pier, I was exhausted. Nevertheless, I was impressed with my final timing.

On the Tuesday evening, the place was not even half as crowded as the weekends. There were more groups of youngsters around. The usual huge green snake kite departed soon before darkness embarked. I started lying down to rest. The time tickled fast and before I could doze off, it was near 8pm. I made my way down and did some stretching longer than ever, distracted by a mini bus which I suspected was from MediaCorp.

When I started to take off, I was glad to see bus 400 stopping at the bus-stop. My second race against the bus was granted but I was not given advance start off as long as the previous time. Before I reached the T-junction, the bus had already beaten me. I did not give up and kept my pace constant at the exhausting speed. My effort had a payoff for I managed to overtake the alighted passengers inside the small tunnel as they were walking towards the MRT station. I was quite proud of myself.

I could not keep up with the pace after turning away from the entrance to MRT, but managed to push myself furthermore. In the end, I checked my timing and was very amazed with myself for I broke my own record by taking less than 19 minutes.


Second Day of MC and My Mum’s Holiday

On the second morning of my MC, I went to the MacDonald’s with my brother and his girlfriend. The new restaurant was renovated again to accommodate more people, at the cost of the coziness. We shared a nugget meal with a chicken roll, and another cup of drinks and fries at the cost of $10 exactly using coupons.

I woke up in the noon and my brother had bought nasi lemak. However, he did not know I preferred chicken wing to drumstick.

The afternoon was spent resting, playing and working on my FYP’s website, which killed much of my brain cells.

In the evening, I was expecting the most unexpected for the couple started cooking. The food was edible and the best thing was that they did not use onion, garlic or ginger at all.


Jennifer’s Farewell Lunch and New Project

Beginning of the week was very discouraging. There were many works awaiting for me to accomplish and I was not sure which to start with.

The happiest moment of the morning was when Wee Lian asked me to join him for lunch together with bosses from other departments, however, it was Jennifer’s last day and thus we had to give a miss to the great interaction with boss.

Sometimes, I was afraid of getting too near to the bosses or any other superior, and I had been like this since long ago. My main concern was that others might mistake my real intentions. This was one of the main reasons I did not reply bosses’ emails once each task was completed.

Usually, I would show appreciation after leaving any place. It might be too late since maintaining contact was much tougher but I would make sure I would do my best to make kind people feel appreciated somehow; I lacked appreciation.

It had been one of my wishes to dine with the bosses since I had already done it with almost all other colleagues.

Lunch was at Jurong Point. Daniel, Jennifer, Weitat, Jingkun and I tried the Nyonya restaurant but the nasi lemak let us down. They even forgot to add eggs for two of the plates. Iced chendol was served with lousy quality ice and I had to leave the winter-like place with a large piece of ice left inside the bowl. Anyway, all the waiters seemed to be very inexperienced when I saw their hands trembling each time they brought dishes over.

The four of us (males) split the cost at $18.50 each for the five sets of meals, which was far too expensive for the standard of food.

Jingkun left for his dental appointment after sending us back to school. On the way, Jennifer declared that her husband was taking over her position. I was not very surprised since I did not even know the new arrangement in the first place but it was a piece of amazing news after all.

I had a small meeting with Wee Lian and Jonathan regarding a new brochure design work. There was a lot of bullshit that no other places could ever produce such fun. My designing skill was never at a standard to produce very fantastic work but Wee Lian appreciated me a lot. I was very pressurized although it was an interesting work.

The evening was a disaster back at home when I checked my phone.