– New Design

I had uploaded the files for the new design of in the morning, as early as 3+am when most people were still asleep.

The previous design was more of a draft work to get my features up during the development. For as hard as I had been telling myself to come up with a more formal design that would draw attentions of the younger generation, I finally did it.

What I was lacking of were original pictures and more contents. Obviously it was not advisable to talk to Google and strip down all the nice pictures in case of copyright issue. I had to go around asking for help and the response was not really good, or rather, nobody really bothered.

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1000 fans! (won’t be announcing the figure often in future)

Thanks to all the great hearts, especially people who have been helping to invite your friends over.

Remember that we are not discriminating smokers, but trying to help them instead.

If you think the website has somehow assisted or inspired you, please kindly continue to spread it via online and through words of mouth.

Your inputs and suggestions are valuable. Give us new contents if you come across any. Make great contributions to the society by just making a little bit of efforts.

Thank you, thank you. You people are great.

New Domain –

Dear people,
Thanks for joining our group.
We have purchased a domain name – (removed) – finally. Please kindly update the url in your website/blog if you have linked us, otherwise, please start linking!
(The old Blogger’s url will be auto redirected to our new domain name)
Please kindly join our new fan page at
Life may be tough and we may face unpleasant issues everyday; however, always look at the bright side of life and think of how we can make others’ lives beautiful instead.
Tomorrow is your choice.
Skai Chan ( is up!

The time has finally arrived. is finally ready after more than two years.

Do visit it and give me feedbacks. If you own a blog, link to it please! Join the fan page at and invite your friends, regardless of smokers or non-smokers, to join.

I have done my part to help the society, have you?