Blackout in 10 Raeburn Park

[Thursday, 17 February, 2011]

I went to sleep at 2am with Lucky. I dozed off faster than usual because I was too tired.

My mum woke me up after 9am just because Lucky shit on the floor. My stomach was not well again and I had noodle for late breakfast.

I went to the office at 1pm. I was too lazy to do chin-up since the weather was too hot and I did not want to sweat more. It was not long after I booted up the laptop when the first blackout happened. I started going outside to crap with the aunties. I realised it had happened a few times before and it only affected our block – block B.

My eyes were tired again but I struggled on with the tuition agency’s administration page. I started blogging after that and reached home by 7.30pm because my mum wanted to have steamboat on the fifteen day of lunar calendar.

It was a tiring night for me as I continued with the planning of the tuition agency website for tutors to apply with tuition assignments.


Putting up Air Freshener in Office

[Wednesday, 9 February, 2011]

I went to bed at 4am but I could not doze off as usual. Eventually I fell asleep but woke up as many as ten times, before finally getting up after 12 noon.

I met down to meet Mike near the usual “cai fan” but the place was crowded. We went around the hawker centre but we decided to have our lunch at the second storey where we lost and found our “emperor seal” previously. We took noodle. After a quick shopping at the NTUC, we took a cab to office.

I continued with my SEO work until dinner time. We walked to Pinnacle Duxton’s Kopi Tiam and had our “cai fan” with Mike’s herbal soup. He was a great eater for the evening. We strolled back to office and had ice-cream from the mama shop besides.

Mike was ready to train me with some nailing job but the wall above the door was harder than he had expected. I had some difficulties with the small hammer and nail, and Mike took over to show me that he was well-trained. We finally hung up the motion sensor air-freshener.

I continued with scripting for the tuition agency’s administration pages.

Chinese New Year 2011 Day 2

[Friday, 4 February, 2011]

I began the day blogging while doing SEO for the quit smoking site. It had been quite long since I started neglecting it. I went to bed at 5am.

My aunt woke me up at around 11am when she came over with our breakfast. However, she added chilli and we could not finish the spicy noodle. We took bus 75 to the home at Bukit Panjang to visit our uncle.

After the long trip, it was one of the worst moments I would ever want to be in – looking at my uncle nearly made my tears fall. He was one of the best guys on earth and it really hurt to see him in such state that he could not even think. Sitting on the wheel chair, he was tied to it and saliva continued to drip.

After leaving the home, we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza for a quick bite at the MacDonald’s. We shared two Mac Nugget and one filet-o-fish meal. Then, we went to Daiso to shop. We went to the bus-interchange and a cute wild dog caught our attention.

I continued with the SEO work for my tuition agency site. In the late evening, I caught the movie “Zombie Land” at on a SCV channel.

It was a totally different Chinese New Year Day 2 this year because my uncle on my dad’s side went overseas with his family and thus there was no gathering. My main stream of ang bao money was eliminated and it was my poorest Chinese New Year ever.


Swim with Both my Brothers

[Tuesday, 7 September, 2010]

I accelerated on my work. After having a game of Command and Conquer with my elder brother, I continued with the website until 6am.

I woke up at 2pm and lazed around for a while in front of the laptop to check my emails and watch funny videos in Facebook. My younger brother called me and asked me out for a swim. I quickly emptied the noodle on the table into my stomach and started packing up with my elder brother.

The very lonely old man who always smoked at the bus-stop in front of Amara hotel was sitting there again. He threw sweet wrapper on the ground and I really felt that he was a pest. My younger brother boarded the same bus at Harbourfront Centre and we went to Mount Faber Safra together. This time, the ticket machine was working but the entry gantry refused to open. We unlocked the gate ourselves and passed the two tickets to the lifeguard by the pool.

I took a rest after ten laps like the previous time. After the twentieth lap, I went to the Jacuzzi with my elder brother and my younger brother joined us soon. We stayed there to chat for quite long time. At 6pm, we went for shower. I caught a cold like the previous week but it was not as bad.

We waited for our mum at Harbourfront bus interchange and took our dinner at Seah Lm food centre. We bought food from a Muslim chicken rice stall with long queue but it was a regret to try the food for it tasted quite awful.

After dinner, we went to Vivocity’s Daiso where my mum bought her candy. Then, we went to the pet shop. There was a golden retriever moving about freely just behind the gate at the most inner section where the dogs were kept. My elder brother tried to touch it and the male staff stopped him with a very rude tone and words. The lady besides the unfriendly male staff explained to us that the dog was not vaccinated and could be infected easily. Even though it was a good explanation, we could not understand why the male staff would behave like as if we were going to play with his dick.

My elder brother told us that this guy had showed attitude earlier on. It would probably be a different case if he was attending to foreigners and it clearly displayed the very bad customer service and hypocrisy of Singaporeans. If I were his boss, I would have him sacked because even if the customers were smart enough not to purchase dogs at the overpriced shop, at least they might get the dogs’ food or accessories over there in future.

After reaching home, my brothers and I started playing game together. We played two games but restarted once for each.


Project BOE (Birds on Estacy) – Green Parrot Escaped

[Friday, 21 May, 2010]

Before my mum went to sleep, she placed her passport on the table and asked me to help her fill up the declaration card for visiting Malaysia.

My butts started aching after the previous night’s gym. I continued with my work after clearing up my email. My mum returned in the afternoon and told me to help her friend to fill up the declaration card as well.

While continuing with my work alone in the house, I turned to the kitchen and saw the yellow parrot in an unusual view for it seemed to appear clearer. After a while, I sensed something was wrong and walked to the kitchen to my most astonishing moment of the year that the yellow parrot was clinging at the outside of the cage while the green parrot flew out from the bathroom.

I quickly checked the windows of the bathroom and toilets to make sure they were closed. The green bird flew into the living room and I proceeded to close the windows in the kitchen and by then, the green bird was at the door and soon, disappeared.

I did not know how the birds managed to escape from the cage and thus I simply closed the door between the kitchen and living room to keep the yellow bird inside the kitchen. I quickly went up and down two storeys to search for the stupid green parrot but it was not around. My mum returned home to get ready for her Johor trip and when I opened the kitchen’s door, I was amazed that the yellow parrot had gone back into the cage by herself. My mum could easily find the hole that was meant for the food container, which my brother did not secure properly after removing the container.

I crossed over to the opposite block and tried to look over for the parrot’s movement but I could not see anything. I returned and went to the top storey of my block, and walked down the stairs to every storey in my muscle aching legs but my effort was reward-less.

The green parrot could have flown into other people’s house and the greedy new owner would never expect that it would peck on human beings, including my elder brother. In another scenario, it would be attacked by other birds in my neighbourhood.

I finally had a game of Command and Conquer ever since before my elder brother’s Thailand trip, but I played it alone to release stress. Soon, my mum called and told me that she had changed her plan and would stay overnight at Johor.

My dinner and supper included a bowl instant noodle, followed by a cup of Vitagen, an ice-cream stick, the leftover breads that my mum forgot to eat and cereal.


Final FYP Meeting

I had my final FYP meeting on Friday, the last day before the actual presentation.

I chose to go back to SIM since the lighting was better than Starbucks’ romantic ones, the seats are better for working and that nobody would chase us out. Lunch was at the canteen where I got to chat with the western food auntie again.

Soon Siong and Stephen took leave as well to meet up to complete the rest of the work together. We met another team and one of them told us of the deliveries to submit to shock us out of our lives. Our plan to finish everything by the evening was destroyed.

All the rushing almost wrecked my brain. We decided to stop the improvement of the main documents and quickly went down to the library to start printing, however, the printer played trick on us. I paid with my ez-link card and the machine was unable to refund. The photocopying shop was closed and we had to give up.

The canteen was closed and I had to cook my own noodle after reaching home.


MC for Two Days

Wednesday morning, my mum and younger brother left the house before I woke up to go to Bali.

I had a little difficulty in breathing at first. I hesitated again but decided I should take more rest at home instead of destroying myself at work. I went to see the doctor at the Outram polyclinic finally.

The checkpoint outside the main door was cleared. There was only a poor guy standing inside near the queue ticket machine, asking everyone if there was any symptom of flu, fever or cough. Then, a couple of old people bothering him over the queue machine in quite a rude tone, which I thought was so silly and ridiculous.

After putting on the mask, I realized my breathing had improved somehow. My queue number was F009 and it was not very long before I went into the consultation room. When the doctor was checking my throat, she said it was very red inside and that made me very curious. I remembered when I was in the army, I went to see the doctor for diarrhoea, and I was told the same thing. I was not having a sore throat that time and thus I took it lightly until the next day, it started to hurt.

I was given two days medical leave by the doctor without asking for it. If I were to tell her about my occupation, she would probably make me stay at home until the next Monday.

After reaching home, I dropped a couple of emails. I was planning to go downstairs to buy lunch before my elder brother’s girlfriend offered to do it. She went alone to help me get my wantan mee.

It was a lazy afternoon for me and I spent lots of time lying on the bed.

In the evening, the food delivery man interrupted my sleep. I checked my phone and realized my brother had informed me to wait for the food because his girlfriend could be asleep. My brother got home soon and we shared the two packets of food.


Volleyball after so Long

A long day began early in the morning. I struggled to leave my house as usual not long after the sun rose.

Once again I gave myself extra work instead of concentrating or resting inside the office. Weitat was kind enough to accompany me for a quick brunch.

The late afternoon was hours of torturing period but eventually working with the kind souls made me feel quite honourable.

Starvation was my foe for the evening. Faris donated some chocolates to me but my poor health could only allow me to have one piece to win favour from the rumbling stomach. Famine drove me down to the canteen for in search of food and luckily, I managed to get a cup noodle from the beloved drinks stall auntie.

Just as I was trying to take a break and catch up with the online news after neglecting them for a couple of days, Weitat announced that both Mingfa and Mingli were already waiting for us inside the hall.

A quick setup of the net permitted Weitat and I to get changed up. We began playing two versus two, and this time I teamed up with Mingfa to drag his score down.

After the weeks of secluded life, away from the court, I was totally rusted that I could not even serve the ball, let alone spiking. The hit on the top joint of my right thumb when I was trying to spike the ball added to the phobia of touching the ball. I could feel the blue-black and it was a terrible pain to start off with the game. My right index finger was still a victim to the sprain months ago.

We had quite good games but however, I felt weird to have outsiders in the same team. My backache caused me to pause at the later hour – it was not due to volleyball but bad sitting posture probably.

My entire mind was filled with complications throughout the night.

Jingkun drove us to East Coast Park’s C Nai Hong Kong Café. We had great jokes inside the car, and the seat belts’ joke simply lasted us for long. However, I started to get kicked up with famine once again and my entire body was so weak that I stopped talking. In my collapsing eyelids, I could feel only numbness in my mind but could not doze off.

Small cup of Yuan-Yang (same size as the Si Wa Nai Cha)

Wilson and Ruoci joined us soon. I had the usual dish but ordered a cup of “Yuan Yang” (coffee with tea) instead. I could not help but to complain again about the size of the cup as they had reduced it since months ago. I could not stand the small serving with the same amount of price, which failed to give me the satisfaction especially with the enormous numbers of free ice inside the drinks.

Jingkun sent me home. Without looking at the clock, I knew well it was already very late.