The Turtles were Gone

[Monday, 23 August, 2010]

It was not a present morning to start off with. It was really annoying to have someone replying messages every half or one hour. I went off to bed at 4am in my disappointment.

Early in the morning, the noise of the construction work woke me up. My younger brother who slept much earlier than me was complaining about it too. I managed to get back to sleep after some struggling and woke up in the afternoon.

Due to the interruption in my sleep, I felt sleepy throughout the day. My elder brother set of to release his two turtles. Even though I did not like them since they were really dumb and irritating, and taking up spaces, I did not feel totally good having to see them parting the house.

It started raining and thus I did not go down to the gym. Instead, I spent the time working on my stuffs.


New Furniture from IKEA

The stupid parrot, African Love bird breed, flew off last Saturday afternoon. We initially thought he had gone into hiding in some corners of my packed house like usual. So much for his foolishness to explore the outside world, he certainly missed his cage where he would rest in daily. He would definitely not be able to get back since he could not fly well.

During evening, I woke up from my nap to join my younger brother and my mum at Ikea. My brother wanted to get a table and chair to make himself comfortable at home when studying.

We had our dinner at the Ikea’s restaurant before moving on with our shopping session. Our first glance at a glass dining table kept us so excited for it was only at a hundred and twenty-five bucks, and it came together with four chairs.

Next, we proceeded to find the green desk which we saw the previous time but to our disappointment, it was phased out already. We ended up having to decide on other colour, which cost thirty bucks more. My brother was interested in a sofa chair which was at sales but it seemed to be quite huge for the pathetic space in the room. I chose a chair with good cushion for him.

Alas, we began pondering how to get the stuffs home. Delivery charge was at fifty bucks for items of total cost less than three hundred dollars and we felt it was stupid to waste so much money simply for the dining table which cost only around two and a half times the delivery charge; it was not worthwhile.

We did not mind taking cab home but it was raining and the queue was terribly long. Then, we decided to call friends up for help and we would rather give the fifty bucks to any of them. My brother tried one but timing was not correct. Next, I called upon Weiwen and he was ready after seeking approval from his “CO”, but we were afraid that the stuffs could not fit into his car. He suggested get Hubert for help since he owned a van but however, Hubert’s phone was switched off. We really hated to trouble Weiwen since his status had risen from “in a relationship” to “married” already. Finally, we decided to trouble my mum’s boss since they owed us big favours.

We quickly made the payment as the last customer after receiving great helps from the staff, Tina. The car arrived soon and we had to endure the short period of nonsensical preaching.

It was a night of hell for me with the fixing up of the dining table, four chairs, study table and the cushion chair despite we had three people working on them. My back started to ache in no time. Nevertheless, it was great to own such a stylish dining table, which I expected to be in a mess within a week.

Run Parrot Run!

No name is given yet and we do not even know his gender.

I’m quite amazed by this tiny two-month old bird for we could simply leave the door of the cage open for him to take a walk outside the cage any time. Part of his feathers is trimmed by the shopkeeper and thus he could not really fly.

The pro about this breed of parrot is that they will not grow much larger in size anymore. However, he may not be able to speak like those large parrots we usually see on television.

He ignores us totally when he gets sleepy. He becomes hyperactive after resting for a few minutes but gets tired pretty soon as well. Being shy and timid, he would start biting anyone who tries to go near him, but however, would soon get used to it and start standing on our fingers.

I was quite entertained when he successfully climbed sideway up a power extension cord which was lay vertically from the table top to the floor.

He reminds us of the bird who followed my elder brother home months ago. That bird was more interesting since he was not trained and yet would fly to our shoulders. He enjoyed us feeding him bread on our fingers and he sang uniquely. Sometimes, my elder brother would take him down for to stroll and he would stay within a few metres near my brother at times. The problem was that he shitted like nobody’s business anywhere around my house.

The problem with having pets at home is that we will eventually get very sad one day when they leave us.

A dog for future home

I was causally surfing around for dogs’ pictures as I was chatting with Vivi. Then I came across this site and saw many cute pictures. I would love to have a dog in future though Vivi insisted to have one.

If only I could afford one in future because money, time and patience matter a lot.

Yorkshire Terrier (male)? – very adorable and nice colour!

Yorkshire Terrier (male)

Yorkshire Terrier (male) – very artistic picture!

Yorkshire Terrier (female) – Vivi’s favourite. Very sweet!

Yorkshire Terrier (female)

Yorkshire Terrier (female)

Shetland Sheepdog (female) – I like the colour and the fur

Jack Russell Terrier (female) – Cutie! Jack Russell is very hyperactive and thus it’s more fun to play with, but I prefer a male one

Beagle (male)

Beagle (male) – look at the pitiful face, making people feel like hugging him!

Beagle (male)

Rabbits for adoption

I’m giving away the black and white rabbits at my house. My elder brother bought them for hundred over bucks because of his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, my mum names the black one after this girl Joanna and the while one Yiting (my brother’s first ex).

We used to put the cage outside at the corridor but our dearest neighbours complained that their old dog fell sick because of the rabbits and then soon the Ministry of Health came to give us warning.

As of now, my elder brother has chunked them in the living room besides my work station and he rarely bothers about them. He does not even feed them or replenish their water. The rest of us are doing the job daily for him instead. My mum even feeds them with junk food instead of the grass, which my brother has not stocked up enough.

As my health problem arouses my allergy nose probably, it is not good to get in touch too much with fury pets, especially those who are not cleaned often.

Both of the female rabbits are really close to each other. They look cute but I hardly play with them since they are afraid of human and it is not fun this way. I still prefer a dog, of course one who does not drop so much fur.

Rabbits are so cute and therefore you should adopt them!

After guard duty

It had been so coincident that when I stayed overnight in camp, things changed in my house. After Range was the arrival of the two dwarf rabbits. Last week after guard duty was the moving of my computer from the “computer” room to the living room.

My elder brother had it all done by himself. I wanted to do it since long ago because I couldn’t keep sitting on the bed when I was using the computer without a back rest and proper space to place my legs. Another motive of mine was to avoid going into the room since he brought his girlfriend home sometimes, and also that room was stuffy.

On one condition if I were to move out of the room was to remove the ultimate big and bulky fish tank. However he just pushed the fish tank towards right and cleared up the left side of the table to have enough space to put the computer set.

I felt it was cramp and I couldn’t put my other stuffs on the table. The telephone my mum had bought for my request was still inside the room, whereas the living room had only a cordless one; I hated cordless phone. The height of the chair and keyboard weren’t suitable as well.

Others things were also pushed out from that room – the two computer tables, such that the room was now more spacious and neater. I didn’t know where to keep my old lecture notes – those that of my polytechnic and *** driving course day etc.

Nevertheless, there were pros to the shifting. My back could finally rest on something when I was using the computer, certainly helpful for long hours of usage. I’d never be as tired as sitting in the bed, leaning by my side. I could also finally place my hands on the keyboard properly.

The weirdest thing I realised on that very day was the missing Jack’s cage. My brother could have brought him out somewhere but I got a feeling it was more than that. At night, I asked, and it was to my institution that Jack was given away.

The shock had stabbed right into my heart. Jack had been accompanying us for more than a year, creating mess at my house as well as laughers. He who kept me entertained when I was bored or lonely was then with someone else whom I didn’t know. For all the furs he dropped badly and inability to be toilet trained, it was a right but unacceptable decision. I didn’t even have the chance to hug him before he left. The pain was simply unbearable.


Stop buzzing around my ears

I just reached home after bringing Jack downstairs for a walk. It had been long since he last took the lift.

My elder brother brought him down daily ever since he ORDed, until he started working as a qualified insurance agent. My mum often joined them right after work and did exercises at the fitness corner at the third storey. Running about on the rough ground helped keeping his nails short as well.

I was intending to bring him down yesterday afternoon before going out for dinner but some guys from the town council made me drop my idea. They stepped right at my door just when I was going to get Jack his leash.

The old men could start a market like how women could make enough noise to wreck peace. They were complaining about the stuffs at the corridor, which might lead to breeding of mosquitoes or fire out-break.

Being reasonable, I explained to them politely that my mum wasn’t around and I couldn’t decide whether what items could be thrown away. I tried to listen to what they wanted to be done so that I could convey message to my mum, but a few of them kept nagging to throw some of the empty flower pots away and even rudely took some away. One of them even talked about fines in an indirectly threatening manner, which I hated.

I almost died of putting smiles on my face. Words were repeated over and over again. Luckily a few of them were still quite polite except with bad breathe. I really wished I could do something about it because they did make some sense but I had to respect my mum.

I hated it when people mediated at my ears when it wasn’t my fault and when I had the intention to correct it and had tried before. They didn’t know they were messing with a person who couldn’t stand things not done correctly.

I’m not supportive about growing so many plants. Even though the government is promoting “Green Life”, it doesn’t pay to help out in growing plants; instead, it draws attention of all the council people to come and nag because of the large number of dengue fever cases.

And of course, the junks have to be cleared away, but it’s for convenience and not to prevent smokers from starting fire with lighted cigarettes. Smoking should be banned long ago and the town council people have failed BADLY to stop smokers from smoking inside the lift.

The sad thing is my siblings and I have communication problems with my mum that she always filters off words.

The town council should really do something more about smoking, the long term torturing and killing process. Since they appear to be so hardworking, I shall go pester them about it when I’m free and see how they go about stopping the inconsiderate and selfish smokers inside the lift.