Reap what you Sow

Mei Hoe helped me to apply the Chinese ointment thrice, rubbing my nerve with full strength, causing sweat penetrating through my skin.

I did not know what to say but I knew I deserved it well. It was my own fault.

At least I could grab myself onto the chin-up bar already.

Perhaps, one lesson learnt is that whatever you have done wrongly may not necessary cause damage to you, but your loved one.


Third Visit to Marina Barrage

There, I’m advancing alone again in my staggering steps. If I fall, will you pick me up and bring me to my destination, along the chaotic paths to the beautiful Barrage?

Two Saturdays ago, I finally went for a jog after missing it for countless months. I was sad that I could only use the excuse that both work and studies were pressing too heavily on me that I could not really afford the time.

Jingkun had inspired me so much to keep myself fit. It took me days of dozing off immediately from work to finally make my lazy steps on the road; the weather pardoned me as well. I got to use my new Nike arm pouch at last.

I had no confidence of completing the journey after working out continuously for the past few days; moreover, I had not jog for a long time. I did not bring my Ez-link card or any cash along because I never want to let myself have any excuse.

The route was filled with construction workers, mainly inclusive of those from Bangladesh and China. The air was badly polluted with all the constructions. I did not see any other jogger around, unlike in the past. The roads were uneven with paddles of water, which never seemed to be able to dry up, making the journey more difficult.

I was shocked upon my arrival. The place was crowded with people of all ages, and half of them seemed to be families, whereas the rest of the youngsters were probably classmates. There were more than twenty kites hanging in the air and of course, a couple of them seemed to be trying to hang people instead. All in my mind was a new horror movie – the kite killer. It was a new experience to see the large number of visitors. Apart from the grand scene, the quietness had been revoked.

The second to the beautiful scenery was the cute girls around. A couple of the girls’ outings definitely brightened up my eyes. It was one heaven other than SIM and The Cathay.

It was in the early six and my body was dried up by the strong wind. I missed the days I left my previous job, living carefree and having to jog to Marina South Pier any time I wanted. The tranquility brought poetry back to life.



Henderson Waves with Family

Sunday started off in the morning with my elder brother’s plan to have breakfast at Amoy Street. We were, however, so unlucky that the stall was having a two day break. Therefore, we had chicken rice instead. So, my elder brother and his girlfriend and my mum shared half a white chicken and half a roosted chicken at twenty bucks. The taste was normal but I did not like the soup. After eating, we had a little shopping at the NTUC.

The next part of the day was during the late afternoon after taking a nap. My younger brother and mum were ready to go to the Henderson Waves. We stopped by the bread shop near 7-11 store and got some buns. My mum had a waffle and complained that the amount of peanut butter applied was very little.

The Henderson Waves

We started off at Henderson Road and challenged the stairs. It was not that tough after all. After admiring the place which I had been to for more than four times already, we proceeded towards the Terrence garden and then down Forest Walk. We stopped at Hort Park and the entire trip took us more than an hour.

We took a bus to Vivocity and shopped at the Giant. We conquered the groceries section and managed to let my mum know that we had to carry whatever we bought all the way home. We were drooling over some nice and cheap sofa but had to face the fact that our house was too cramp and messy to put any.

Next, we stopped at the Starhub shop and applied to change our house’s phone line to Starhub since we would be enjoying the free service as long as we were subscribed to SCV Max-online. We were the last customer and the Pilipino staff Christopher impressed me with his politeness.

We bought big coleslaw from Harbourfront Centre’s KFC and went down to MacDonald’s for dinner. They did not have student meal and thus, our budget meal was destroyed.