Go to Hell

Skai; back to my dread again. says (1:54 AM):
how’s your property?

Andy says (1:54 AM):
no gd leh

Skai; back to my dread again. says (1:54 AM):
honest people hard la

Andy says (1:54 AM):

Skai; back to my dread again. says (1:54 AM):
you are too kind le

Andy says (1:55 AM):

Skai; back to my dread again. says (1:55 AM):
good people go to hell
new trend


Year 2007 – The Year of Job Exploring

Year 2007 was a total new experience for me. I began the year as a property agent, continued from the previous couple of months. This period lay my poorest days for I did not get to receive my commission (pay) until months later. I gave up after almost half a year of trying for reasons:
– joined the wrong company
– received basic training only four months after joining
– met wrong “teachers”
– market is too corrupted for a naïve me
– too used to help people for free

It was a sad decision for the efforts I put in definitely deserved a much higher income; basically, I made less than a toilet cleaner. However, I managed to make use of the period of time to do up a website http://property.sillydumb.com. I also got to taste the hypocrisy of human beings, from fake people who indulged in the self assuming of being clear conscience.

Carol Ng was my benefactor to introduce me to a web design company, where I met the greatest souls on earth. Everyone tried so hard to stay for each other despite the not appreciating management. I learned little over there as Web Support and I did beyond my job scope. I left within four months together with some of them because I realised it was not worthwhile to sacrifice myself for people who were not unconcern.

I had a breakthrough in my web development. I managed to come out with a site that did give me some earnings for a couple of months before it died. With the money, I was able to get myself a new desktop, which I regretted badly for I could have chipped in more money for a laptop more convenient for a webmaster.

One of my new part-time jobs was filming at Mediacorp. It was thanks to Jesedy that I managed to gain this experience and know more about how filming was done. Each time, I got to make more new friends. However, it could only be a hobby and not permanent job.

I spent more than two months almost jobless, trying to learn PHP and MySQL on my own. The project was halted when I chanced upon a good opportunity as temporary lecturer. My first ever project for the school almost killed me, until the last day of the year, I was finally released.

Volleyball played a big part of my life as usual but my career path was never good. I started playing again a few months after my left calf operation to realise that I could never jump like the past. I lost my touch. The worst thing was when more injuries dragged me behind further.

Relationship began a downfall at the beginning of the year. However, it brought me to sense. My isolation from human beings worsened due to uncompleted projects.

I Finally Managed to Draw a Clean Line with Her.

Mingfa and I met up with her last Saturday before volleyball and we calculated the money earned for the past half year. I did not expect her to add in Kaven’s commission as well for she had clearly stated that she did not want to get any after she failed to attend the HDB appointment. That day, she put me in very awkward position to answer to the sellers and Kaven’s family, and eventually she had lame excuse not to turn up at the law firm.

We could have played bastards and not give her any cent since all the commission were under our names; Kaven thought likewise but it was obvious we could never do such thing, or otherwise we would be very successful in the real estate line already.

As I was very busy for the past few days, I did not transfer the remaining amount of money to her since I supposed she had strike it rich and was not very in need of cash. I was once again disappointed by her when I received a SMS from her to after me for the money.

It pretty much showed the amount of trust she had in me despite knowing my honesty. Clear self conscience could have solved the problem.

It’s very depressing to earn only around $3000 in half a year when everyone can easily triple that amount. Perhaps, I shall treat the loss as a lesson learnt.

Shit Never Stops Coming In

[Wednesday, 13 June, 2007]

This early morning when my mum reached home, she saw a plastic bag on the table with some finger food. Both my brother and I did not know who that was from and we were all very puzzled. I went to sleep near 4am.

I woke up at 8am and was too lazy to leave my house, or rather, my “bed”. I was eventually late for work for around ten minutes, which was insignificant compared to the extra time I had worked there. My stomach continued to play with me.

Work was as per normal and lunch was the Chinese mixed vegetarian stall at Enggor Street. It was rather expensive to me somehow but location wise was the best since I could get back to office soon. Perhaps, it was stupid to squeeze work into my own lunch time.

Kimmy and Ruifen came into the room to play with Cherie’s Qoo-lookalike big head tortoise and created laughers throughout. I began with Elgin’s holy project and put aside the forum before Kimmy finally chased me for the timesheets which I had already prepared but it turned out to be “buggy” and there were many amendments to be done. My portion of the work was therefore slowed down badly and I was so stunned when Eugene managed to complete his portion of work very fast.

When Cherie suggested him to help me with part of mine since I had other things to do, he slowly got out of the topic. It was fine with me at first until I saw him watch anime using his IPOD and idling to wait for knock off, I got damn pissed off. I stayed until 8.30pm to finish up most of the job. Then, I accompanied Liza and Cherie to the 7-11 store before I went home.

I hurried home to try to beat my work for time to sleep early but there seemed to be too many unaccomplished tasks. Sally called me and I was quite turned off for it was regarding property again. This property line seemed to be like secret society and I could never take a complete break from it.

Alas, I got back to my work and felt so down that I seemed to be too slow. Jianhao messaged me to seek help from me to obtain a password and I told him I could not find it. The next reply was “how?” and it drove my tiredness into flames. Perhaps, that was his problem and he should be the one answering “how” to solve it. I chose the best solution which was to ignore and put my heavy head into my work.

Audition at NUS

[Tuesday, June 12, 2007]

Jianhao called me after 2am, perhaps just for something related to property, which pissed me off. Firstly, it was so late already and the call could have waked my family and me up; there were chances that my family would sleep early and especially me because I was so drained. Secondly, I really hated hearing about property because I had met too many ugly agents and would really appreciate people would stop bothering me unless they had free money to give me for the fact that I had worked more than the money I would be receiving.

My mum had been irritating me as well as usual using her random stupid questions and self talking. I went to the room to rest in order to escape from her and she obviously could sense my anger, but she would never know she was hindering me from my work, which had contributed to the money I could give her every month.

Eventually I dozed off and woke up at 3am to continue with my work until 5am. I woke up at 8am to continue with my stuffs and then left for work.

The early call from a client quite stunned me. I was the “web support” maintaining the forum and she must have thought that I was the webmaster of her company’s website that I could do all the programming and web design, and that was the reason why she had approached me. Anyway, it took me quite long to figure out what she wanted but Pingping took over after that.

Ruifen continued to bug me even when she was on medical leave. Lunch was Chinese mixed vegetarian rice bought by Carol and Cherie. I wanted to help Cherie with her work but new requests in the forum came in.

Ricia from MediaCorp called me but I told her I could not go for filming anymore unless it was on weekends. Later on, Amen from NTUC club called me to check if I had sent the cheque over for the beach volleyball game. I was glad to have Weiyao and Kimmy crapping at my department with me to ease the embedded tiredness inside my mind.

I left home at around 6.10pm. I saw my neighbour who was waiting for her sister to return from pushing the NTUC trolley back. She had difficulty in walking and I helped her to carry many heavy plastic bags to her door in my rush for time. I did a little work before leaving my house. I took train to Buona Vista and transited to bus 95, which took me to NUS. I did not find out the road name and luckily I stopped at the correct roundabout.

Xuejing called me just in time and Kenny came over to fetch me. I felt an ease with both of their presence at the weird room, which had a door that could not block the band’s music from going in.

By then, I was so exhausted and famine had strike me badly. My throat was very dry with the threatening sore throat and my brain was blank with the extreme lack of sleep. By then, I totally had no confidence for the audition especially when the script was in English. We continued to chat there and then Xuejing accompanied me to the toilet. We had another round of great chats before I started walking towards Dover ITE. I met Xinkai at the track and chatted with him again before going off to take bus 97.

I did not doze off on the bus even though I was very tired. I alighted after Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and walked towards the prata shop where I got my dinner – mee goreng.

It was around 9pm when I got home and quickly filled my stomach because I knew Jianhao would come any time. He arrived at the car park at around 10pm and I passed him his document. I was very turned off for the property stuff continued to bug me. I did not even earn a quarter of what a normal diplomat holder would get on average for the past months and yet it was taking up hells of my time.

Killed another HDB Appointment

[Tuesday, 05 June, 2007]

I slept at around 3.30am and waked up at 7.45am like usual. There was a meeting at work in the morning and I almost “died” there. Basically I knew I had to work no matter what changes were going to be made, therefore I was not very interested in the contents other that Han Seng was leaving the company.

I had lunch at Amara Hotel with the guys before leaving for home during after noon. Just then, a girl from MediaCorp called me and asked if I were free for a filming the next day and this time I would be given lines. I had to reject her even though it would be another good experience for me.

I left for Toa Payoh and met up with Kelly. It was good that Penis Seah did not go down and instead, he sent Lester and Yanyan down. Kelly did not stay long before leaving with her other client. The clients were late as usual and the appointment was delayed badly. I supposed some of the officers had taken leave and thus, appointments were pushed to other officers, which resulted in the long waiting time.

Actually, I felt very reluctant to go down for the appointment. Anyone could just take my place to go down for completion and since we were co-broking with another agent and we actually represented JTC, Francis had told me I was not required to go down at all. At least, that would mark the end of the interaction with Penis Seah and I was drawing nearer to freedom from those cheap labour jobs.

Before peace could restore in my mind while waiting for the queue to be called, Kelly called me and told me to get number from the buyers. There was this rules that we were not supposed to exchange numbers with co-broke agents’ clients and I felt really weird to abide to Kelly’s instruction. This was one of the reasons why I hated the line because those experienced agents always told me to be straight but I had to start suspecting.

Kelly’s intention was to help the buyers to install SCV, which was her side line. Since she had met up with them a few days ago for the final inspection, she could have taken the number herself on that day. What was more was that she had given them her number and it was impossible for her to forget to get theirs. Anyway, I talked to Lester and got his permission to do it in front of all of them. Yanyan did test the couple out by asking them about the SCV thing.

Anyway, I could have left right after coming out from the officer’s room after the appointment was over but I had to stay for the sake to help Kelly to get the number. I had to wait for them to finish applying for fire insurance and SP services, which took another half an hour.

I tried to rush home immediately and was very disappointed to see that the UOB bank’s teller department was closed and that I could not activate my Visa Mini card, which I needed for renewal of my domain and possibly, acquiring of other new domains.

After reaching home, I dozed off from five to eight. After doing some work, I went into my brother’s room to “blow” air-con and I started playing Condition Zero with him, also to try out his laptop.

Towards midnight, we started checking the price of computer hardware.


[Thursday, 31 May, 2007]

I struggled till 5am for it was Vesak Day and I needed not to go work.

I waked up at around noon and began with my work. The slow computer pissed me off that I almost wasted the entire afternoon, which I could have possibly tripled my work with a better system.

Kelly called me again to inform me that the completion date for block 102 Bedok was the next day and since the keys were still with me, I was totally turned off. After talking to Mingfa, he said he would collect them from me and at the same time, he asked me out for steamboat with Wilson and some ex Shuqun players.

They arrived at my place in three cars owned by Wilson, Alvin and Shunliang. I took Wilson’s RX8 and proceeded to Bugis instead of Marina South, where we had problems finding parking lots. After we parked the cars, we went to the steamboat stall but there was a long queue.

We went to Bugis Junction instead and decided on Pastamania instead of Seoul Garden because of the price. Shunliang left to take duck rice and came back later. The girl who entertained me at the counter smiled without stopping, which puzzled me a lot. However, she managed to persuade me to pay extra two bucks for a ten inches Hawaii pizza instead of a seven inches one.

There was a cute waitress on training, however, the rest were joking about her because they claimed that her mouth was big like Jeff Wang. We joked about asking for her number. My pizza seemed to be on the plane and we called for this cute waitress who went to help me and get one with the circumference overcooked. We made some fake fuss over it and she was a bit loss. When she offered to help me get a replaced one, I refused to, for we already had enough of wait. Mingfa told her I wanted to get her number but I was cool with it. Shunliang helped me with two small slices of them and I had to stuff them into my mouth for their parking coupons were going to expire soon. before we left, I asked her to submit our lucky draw coupons and I told her the one on top belonged to Wilson in order to “sabo” him.

Inside the car during the car washing

Wilson’s good friend – the monkey

As we got back to the street where we parked the car, we crowded around Wilson’s lousy car to discuss where to go. Junyuan’s girlfriend needed to join her friends at Serangoon Garden and we decided to join them eventually. I got into Wilson’s car and he led the way until when we were at Hougang, the other cars lost track of us after a filter lane near the sports hall. Wilson decided to go to the nearby petrol station to clean his car.

As we joined up with the rest, they wanted to use the toilet and thus we went back to the Shell petrol station from the roundabout. Just then, we realised the mini-mart was 7-11 store and we went in to get drinks and titbits. After that, we went to a park nearby and joined up with Junyuan’s girlfriend’s big group of friends.

Shunliang seemed moody and I tried to stay close to him but there was no chance to talk to him about his problems with people around us. There was an unpleasant smell at the part where they sat down and I only went inside when they decided to play Indian poker and soon, changed to the “Zhong Ji Mi Ma” number guessing game. My guys were thinking that all of them were very childish, but we got to mix with them well with the game.

They started pouring all the different type of drinks into an empty bottle and even adding of sea weeds inside. I lost a game by accident and was forced to drink up the water which one of the girls added in the remaining washabi sea weeds, which was very disgusting for I had to chew on them for quite long before I could swallow them. My face turned red I supposed and I felt like I was drunk, and in fact, I would rather drink alcohol than to take that bottle of disgusting water.

We played the last game when I was supposed to “sabo” Junyuan’s girlfriend as instructed but Junyuan was not sure how to use my phone and the plan was seen through and Alvin was the final victim. After that, Wilson sent Junyuan, Junyuan’s girlfriend and I off. He dropped the couple near Bugis while I was still feeling drunk.

The Worst Bank in Singapore

[Friday, 25 May, 2007]

I got to sleep from 2am to 8am and was satisfied with my performance to sleep early. I continued with some work before setting off to my company.

I was intending to fulfil the client’s request by changing an advertisement banner of the S-League website but somehow there was no changes reflected on the actual site. It was only till an hour later, Sheila dropped by and told me I was only uploading it to the company’s server and not the actual one. That was the IP which she saw in my email and told me to transfer the new file into. It seemed like I had to put in much more effort to really figure out everything.

I continued with transferring of contents from an old website to the developing site and I was getting a better hand of it. However, I was not sure of my speed and the most important thing was to meet the deadline. Liza told me it was okay for I was only a beginner but that did not justify the speed of my work. I had been working so hard, trying to avoid errors and also made extra effort to check the actual day of the week of each article when only the date was provided, such that the entire date format would be really standardised. I did not want to work too slow nor fast, which would cause delay or extra workload.

I took a half day leave in this first week of my new job. I left for home at 1pm and my mum had bought nasi lemak for me. While travelling to Toa Payoh, I almost overshot after dozing off and managed to dash out of the train seconds before the doors closed. I took a seat at the first level of the HDB Hub and was shocked to realise Kelly was already at level two, and was more surprised that she did not give me a call. George and his wife arrived later and somehow, we were delayed.

Rinna called Kelly and I quickly went down to meet her. It was the first time I dealt with non JTC resale flat and I was not sure of the actual procedure; worst still, there was a bank loan and non HDB lawyer involved.

The lawyer, Wendy, had told me hours ago that there was a problem with Maybank issuing the Cashier Order (cheque) and she would call me back to update me. I received no news from her and Rinna asked me to give Wendy a call and since it was my job, I tried it but Wendy was not in the office, placing question marks in my brain.

I was so shocked of these “professionals” – Chris Chong Law Firm and Maybank. I was not sure who was at fault but what we were facing was huge transaction of money and existing big players of this market should never give such crap that the appointment time was ripe but we heard no news from them.

We had to embarrassingly tell the HDB officer that the lawyer was not there yet and also told the sellers to go and have some food. Meanwhile, Rinna pressed me to follow up on Wendy and only at the third call, she was back in office. Yet again, she told me she would get back to me when the bank’s Cashier Order was released.

This time, Rinna told me to call the banker directly and I went to the Maybank branch nearby to seek for Grace’s number and the receptionist refused to give me the number. I had to go back to the HDB officer’s room embarrassingly again to retrieve the bank’s letter of offer to search for Grace’s number. Eventually, I was able to contact her but she told me it was not her problem anymore. She put my line on hold for a couple of minutes before giving me a number to contact someone called Steven Lee. I could not get through his line and after a few minutes, I finally succeeded and he sounded quite polite and offered to help me check about it without shrinking responsibility. Rinna got me to call Wendy back and this time, she was besides me and said loudly that the law firm should have collected the Cashier Order a day before. Wendy was already not in a very polite tone, sounding quite pissed, and upon hearing about this, she raised her voice and claimed that it was Maybank’s practise not to release the Cashier Order a day before the appointment. Since I was new to the line, I was not very sure who was at fault but I was glad that I had done my part, and definitely more than that.

After some time, almost an hour after the actual appointment time, Wendy called me back and told me her runner was collecting the Cashier Order at Maybank’s Ang Mo Kio branch and would take another fifteen more minutes to arrive. Steven Lee called me back soon after and told me it was done and I was too boiled to talk more. After some time, Rinna told me to call the runner, Edmund, and he was already at the car park. We finally went back into the officer’s room and did everything, which ended fast.

By the time we finished everything, I realised it was near 5pm and there was no chance for me to hurry back to the agency to submit the cheque from George and to collect the cheque of 219 Ang Mo Kio – my plan was screwed up by either the law firm or bank, or both of them. it was a rare chance that I could take a half day leave to settle stuffs, which was a great sacrifice since I could have saved the leave to go out with friends and not giving any bad impression to my new company for taking leave on the first week of work. Moreover, the following Monday onwards I had to continue to work and the agency would not wait for me after 6pm. The law firm and bank had given me such big problem that I was unable to go back to the agency to settle my stuffs.

I could not help but feel so pissed off even though I had told myself not to get so fed up over bastards. It was just too ridiculous for them to display such unprofessional service. Apart from me, the sellers had taken time off from his work just to attend the appointment and the delay would give problems for him to return back to work in time. In fact, the HDB officer complained to us about the bank as well for their repeatedly delaying of time. Rinna was asking me to cool down but I was the one facing all the stupid phone calls and obviously she was not as pissed off as me.

If any bank is causing delay of more than an hour, it does reflect and clearly show their capability. They play with investment and each second can pose so much difference to the huge sum of money that their clients have entrusted in them. How can anyone trust them then?

If any bank cannot meet the timing of the appointments, causing more than an hour of delay each time, their license for home loan should be annulled. Why would Singapore’s government want to continue the service of lousy bank which gives problems to the entire country, causing inconvenience and time lost?

Law firm:
– had typo errors on the document on the first meet-up
– failed to push the bank to release Cashier Order on time
– failed to contact me to update me earlier as promised
– played “missing” at crucial time
– failed to present proper tone on phone

– failed to submit documents to law firm
– refused to submit documents to law firm
– did not practise releasing of Cashier Order a day before
– failed to release Cashier Order on actual day
– refused to give contact of banker
– denied responsibility

Kaven finally called me back from overseas but everything was already solved. Rinna told me to apply SP services for Kaven and I left soon after that. Right after getting up the train, I remembered Mingfa wanted to meet me at Toa Payoh at 5pm and I had earlier told him that I could be rushing to the agency. I called him immediately since it was near 5pm and I could have waited for him there but he told me he had cancelled his appointment. Kaven called me again and I accidentally cancelled it. After calling him back, I checked my phone and realised I had exceeded the free talk time for the month; moreover I gave Kaven an overseas call minutes ago.

After reaching home, I dozed off. Backache was terrorising me the entire day. After waking up, I started packing my work area lazily.

I Got the Job

[Friday, 18 May, 2007]

I only managed to sleep at 4am but had to wake up early. After lazing around on the bed as usual instead of beginning work as planned, I managed to reach the company before 10am. Iris conducted the interview with me and it seemed more like a chit-chat session. She talked more than me to explain about the company’s vision and current situation, and all the questions prepared were not asked.

A thousand dollar

A hundred dollar

I went home to rest immediately. I frequented the bedroom often while doing my work and finally left for Toa Payoh before 3pm. I got there in less than half an hour and waited there while playing game. I met up with Rahman and Kelly before 4pm and when Mr Low was going to pass me the money, I was stunned. At first I saw that there were only ten-dollar notes and it was weird to hold over hundred pieces of them. Rahman did not bring the invoice despite I had reminded him severe times. Everything was settled fast for there was no loan. Kelly had a chat with me outside as I looked at my watch, anxious to make it to the office before 5pm since it was a Friday.

Just as I was leaving, I received a phone call from Iris and she told me the company had decided to employ me. I was taken aback. The fact was that I did not show any talent during the interviews except for my honesty.

I took bus 153 to Bukit Merah and gave a call to Winnie when I passed by Queensway Shopping Centre and she hurried me. I rushed up to the office after reaching the interchange but Winnie made me wait there as she left the office. It was good to see Louis again. I felt quite awkward holding the money and standing there for so long.

On the way home, I was busy coordinating time with David and Kaven for the office space. I began with my work at home and also did some calling for the beach outing.

Quek called me and told me that he was coming over to my place to a pub for someone’s birthday celebration. I was not feeling well and never had the intention to drink and thus I told him to call me when he was bored and we would meet up for coffee instead.

I was preparing to reformat my harddisk for it had been years since I last did it. It was so lag despite I had been scanning it with my anti virus, spyware remover and registry cleaning software often. There were also other major problems like restarting of system on the start-up and wrong labelling of system’s drive.

However, my elder brother advised me not to waste time to reformat it and then he told me to use the MindSoft Utilities XP software to check for problems. Since my ideal plan was to get a faster computer when I got the money and that the 933 MHz system would never improve much, I decided to take up my brother’s suggestion for the time being.

The Killer Phone

[Monday, 14 May, 2007]

I was trying so hard to be a good boy that I was going to bed early at 2am. Just as I was switching off the light at the living room, there was a blown sound and the kitchen was in total darkness. My elder brother called out from the toilet, telling me he was still inside and asking me why I switched off the light.

I thought I can have a good rest for a day and be ready and energetic to finish up my work, but fate played on me. I was waked up by numerous calls and eventually got up before noon. Ten hours of sleep, in fact lesser than that, was actually more than sufficient to everyone but talking about sleep debt, I needed to sleep much more than that. All intelligent human being should know that the required eight hours of sleep per day should be undisturbed one. The phone calls had made me so tired.

I managed to upload photos from the camera and phone into the computer finally for my brother was not at all. Carol and Kaven messaged me and took my time for some serious stuffs as well as causal chats.

Jianhao’s numerous SMS and calls almost drove me crazy. He wanted me to get an account in SPH so that we could post advertisement soon. Months ago, Kelly promised to get them to send Mingfa and me the registration forms but somehow she did not do it. I called Deslyn and the operator told me that she would get Deslyn to call me back. After waiting for a few hours, she got back to me and told me she knew totally nothing about how to register an account under my company’s name. I was so lost for a moment and thus I called James who told me to call him back in five minutes’ time while he checked the exact code. Afterwards, he told me he could not confirm it and I had to play with luck then. I called Ai Lian as instructed by James but again the operator told me she would get back to me, which she did not.

Douglas called me in the evening and we had a fourteen minutes’ chat. I could not really explain why I hated working in the property line for he had actually dialled wrong number and I did not want to bother him too much. I would love to sit down and have a chat with him face to face one day. After all, I guessed I had not followed the right person at the start and everything led me to very bad impression of the line. I was working more than what I deserved and I supposed nobody would understand the shit I had faced and the extra shit I had done for all the past few months. Even Mingfa could never understand nor feel the stress for I was running the errands most of the time, meaninglessly.

The calls by Kelly smashed my brain. I was losing my usual patience nowadays. She seemed to be repeating words again and again, and even instructed me to tell Mingfa things that she had already told him. When she told me to coordinate with the crooked agent, Vincent, I felt like being forced to the edge of a building. I could be a soft guy and never would use my fists to revenge on badass, but he would never be pardoned by my public criticism. Working with such disgusting guy would bring my integrity down.

The thought that I had actually wasted the entire afternoon which I wanted to buck up on all the outdated blog entries and photos made me feel so sick.

It was six days to the next Sunday and I thought I would be early to ask everyone to the beach. I tried asking a few of those who were online but the feedback was not very good. When I was asking Xinyi if she was free to join us, she was already booked for school project. Then, she sent me a poster to ask me to help her with the wordings. After looking at it for more than fifteen minutes, I could not find anything amiss about it.

Finally, I was able to have my jog. After the past two days’ tedious workout, my legs could hardly move. Like usual, I did not control my breathing well after a few rounds but managed to get almost the same timing as the previous time, which was good enough.

Kaven had called me during my jog and I tried to get back to him upon checking my phone but I could not get through his line. He called me back when my sweat had dried up and was ready for my bath. We got to discuss about some important stuffs at first and he explained to me that it was the sellers asking him to push the completion date earlier so that they could get the money faster and it was duly fair for Kaven to request them to move out earlier even though he had promised to let them stay one month after completion. In fact, their new house at Redhill should be ready soon if they did not make the contractor redo some of the renovation.

As I was chatting with Ying Ying about beach volleyball, I tried to persuade Tze Khit to join us. He was the tallest among my team ever since Robin had already drifted far away from us. He had the height for beach volleyball and he would definitely pose fears and dangers to opponents with his spiking, which none of us could do it. He had played beach volleyball for only a couple of times and could not get used to jumping on the sand and thus did not do as well as on normal courts. He did not try to get the feel and gave up. In reality, I should be the one refusing to play on sand since I was more than twenty centimetres shorter than him; if his spiking was considered bad, mine would be considered hopeless.