Lunch at 3 Monkeys and Completion of Resume

[Friday, 20 March, 2010]

Early in the morning, I bothered Josephine for the last time regarding my resume. However, while she was clearing up the last mess, my two bosses stunned me as they called me over. I knew it from Kevin that they had actually requested him to stay behind for three more months and thus I was afraid to be persuaded to continue with EIP so that they could re-allocate their manpower to conduct the required modules. Luckily, they only asked me to keep a look out for potential contract staffs.

I had a great lunch date with Weitat, Hirman, Joei and Jingkun. It was a new combination of some of my greatest friends cum colleagues; although I would greedily prefer all my great colleagues to go out together just like when I was working in my previous company. I was quite stressed since I did not know what small tokens I could give to everyone on my last day, and it would probably be an empty thought just like any other times.

We went to Holland Village at the 3 Monkeys restaurant. We had the entire second storey to ourselves, which was cool since nobody else would disturb us and that we would not have to restrict ourselves to noises and craps. The waiting time for the food was, however, absurd, especially when the place was so empty. I did not like the fish and chips but the fries were quite nice.

Back in office, I started off with the final task allocated by my boss. The office became quieter soon and I left by myself at 5pm sharp to continue with my resume editing at home, but to doze off before I could do anything.

I went through Mingfa’s friend’s company website and was not very certain that I could really assist them in anything to my interest. I made it a point to send him my resume anyway.


Second Day of Handling Gallery2

On Wednesday, I continued to struggle on the Gallery2 project with some success but that was almost the limit to my current understanding of the script.

In the afternoon, we set off in Jingkun’s car to West Coast’s temporary market. Since many stalls were not opened for business, the three of us eventually ordered food from the same duck rice stall.

After lunch, we had a little walk around the Sheng Song supermarket; it was my first visit there and I was quite impressed of the interior somehow even though the place seemed old.

Meijun called me and want me to help her to print her resume and thus I could not leave together with Weitat. I was actually quite uncomfortable to bring her into the office but the fact that she was used to be from the school would probably sound it reasonable.

Lost the Thrill

[Friday, 04 May, 2007]

I continued with my game which I started just before midnight. It was the very outdated Romance of The Three Kingdoms series 3 again. I played Liu Bei in year 2008 when the “Chi Pi Da Zhan” was supposed to occur. I did not want to decrease the number of my population in my capital and thus I did not recruit more soldiers. Cao Cao was already occupying the entire North East of China while I was only holding three cities.

During drama shows, the idols would threaten, “If my fans were to spit at you, you would probably be drowned.” – It was similar to my situation.

Even though I was playing historical mode and even volunteered to ally with Sun Quan, he revoked our alliance and attacked me at the east when he was supposed to entertain Cao Cao’s direct force since they had so many cities next to each other. Stupidly, he did not even try his best to send in his full force from two cities. At this point of time, Cao Cao moved his army towards south-west. His army was at least three times larger than mine and I almost thought I had to quit the game soon when a few of my generals were captured but I was victorious through playing of hide and seek and blocking of the four gates. After winning two very fierce battles when Cao Cao’s army was still much stronger than mine and I had to resort to draft new untrained soldiers, he moved his army to attack Sun Quan instead. From then on, I lost the thrill.

At 5am, I quitted playing and continued with my work. I tried to give Mingfa morning call at 6.30am amazingly but I could not get through. Half an hour later, I went to bed.

I waked up finally at 3pm. It was for the guilt of time wasted for playing game, I worked extra hard throughout the day. Carol continued to help me with my resume and sent it to her colleagues finally.

At around 8pm, I went for a jog before taking my dinner. This time round, I did not take to take too much drink as well and I did much better than the previous time.

Gilberto’s Approved Resume

[Tuesday, 17 April, 2007]

I had a great morning playing Condition Zero with my elder brother. I went off to sleep at around 5am.

Kaven waked me up in the afternoon to ask me for help regarding his harddisk, but I was unable to offer any assistance or advice. Just when I was about to go back to sleep, Kelly called me.

I was stunned to see Carol’s email, which was quite lengthy. Usually, I was the one typing all the long paragraphs in my emails for my friends and thus I was very amazed. She presented clear understanding of the web design job she was recommending to me but however, it put me down. She was able to give me sufficient information about it and I got a clear picture of where I stood. It was great to get to know such helpful friend who offered to help me so much when we had only met once.

It was during evening, Kaven replied my SMS saying that he did not know the law firm’s contact and address. Since it was after office hour already, I just let Kelly know about it and decided to give the May Bank a call to enquire about it.

I spent a few hours on working with my existing resume. Gilbert gave me very good advice. I was intending to add my NS’s experience as my work experience but Gilbert voiced out that all the dealing with computers, laptops, PA system and other equipments were useless since most people knew NS life was crap.

I also managed to contact Jinyang to invite him to join us in our team for the Rip Curl competition.