Spin Spin Spin Twice and Failed

[Saturday, 8 January, 2011]

My elder brother was back from the east side and he called my younger brother and I to bring Lucky down to meet him. While we were on the way to the prata shop, my mum was back with her friends but we continued as planned. Since we had to sit outside with Lucky and that there were smokers around, we changed our plan and decided to take away the order.

I worked till 3am before going to sleep and Mike woke me up at around 9am. I thought he was already at the office and that the person doing the QP was arriving, and thus I rushed down to the office at 10am without taking breakfast though my mum had offered to buy.

I spent my time updating my blog and Mike came an hour later. Since he had taken lunch, I went over to our neighbour to get some bread. The workers came over at around 1pm. There were four to five Indian foreigners to fix up the exit and emergency light, together with a drilling a hook to the wall for the fire extinguisher.

I finally to finish and article on Singapore Education, which was the greatest achievement of the day somehow. After that, I tried to spin the article and the software failed me after I finished the job, which was a hindrance to my SEO tactic for the tuition agency.

We had early dinner at Yan Kit Road, ordering two plates of dishes from the seafood store. I tried on my article again and I gave up after it failed me the second time, wasting a lot of my time and effort. I started looking at Mike’s Starcraft 2 game before we went home.

After going home, I continued to work on my article again.


The First Step for Mike and My New Office

[Wednesday, 1 December, 2010]

I started my day by working on Tze Khit’s website before moving on to my tuition agency website and my blog. After talking to David in Facebook to tell him about Mike’s need for an office space, I went to sleep at 9am.

I woke up a couple of times and eventually got up at 4pm. My elder brother had fixed up the new fitting keyboard protector for me. After a while, I did a random chat on my phone and realised there was a message from David to inform me of three office locations. I aliased with Mike and he was more than satisfied to view the one at Raeburn Park, which I supposed was the previous Gan Eng Seng School’s campus.

I had a chat with Mike to share our excitements and plans before I continued with my tuition agency site, adding new pages regarding the top four popular tuition subjects – Maths, Science, English and Chinese.

Kachua dated me out for roti prata and I had quite a long chat with him over the Indian shop.


Back to My Workplace in the Living Room

[Friday, 29 October, 2010]

I went for supper with my younger brother and mum at the prata shop. After that, I had a fruitful morning working on my tuition agency website with a new page. I took the contents from my portfolio property site and made amendments to list Singapore’s District with Postal Code. I did some work for my Facebook marketing before I continued with the tuition agency website to include random educational quotes at the bottom of every page. I was too worn off and eased my work at 8am.

I woke up at 1pm to continue with the boring job of gathering quotes. I moved back to the living room by afternoon to speed up on my work for lying down on the mattress restricted me from typing properly; moreover, the more than a week of improper working posture had worsened my back condition.

By evening, I moved the “Edit Profile” feature to live but there were feedbacks from the server’s PHP server, which issued warnings for some not very well coded lines. It was a tough fight to solve the problem.

I started working on a Singapore Calendar Planner 2011 for the users of my tuition agency website. My younger brother shared his seaweed with me while we caught the channel 8 show at 11pm together.


One Star Kayak Course Day One

[Saturday, 18 September, 2010]

My family went to the prata shop with Lucky. We wanted to packet some prata home but we managed to find an empty table at the outside, and thus we changed our minds. At first, everyone wanted to take a single prata because of the heatiness but we ended up taking two slices each. We went to the ATM machines after the supper. While we were going home, we played catching with Lucky.

I went to bed at 2.30am but could not doze off. The last time I checked my clock was 4am.

I woke up at around 10am and started packing up for the kayak course. My younger brother and I took bus 70 to the stop after Nicoll Highway and walked to Stadium MRT station. It was our virgin visit. I went to the toilet and was shocked that the lock was spoilt, which was too soon for a new MRT station.

After meeting up with most of the people for the kayak course, we walked towards our destination along the highway. The kayak course was beyond my expectation. I thought it would be a short theory before we would get to kayak around, but it was meant to be a more professional one. Since everyone, including the coach, Kelvin, were nice people, my brother and I enjoyed a lot. We started off with some theory before moving off. I met Caiping who was with a group of youngsters and I supposed it was her church event.

I was happy to get to kayak again after many years and it reminded me of the past when my volleyball gang and I went to Sentosa in a huge group. The kayak course included capsizing drill and simple swim test. We got to learn about technique to paddle well. Apart from them, I could never recall all the terms used. The toughest thing was to carry the kayaks. The course ended before 6pm. my brother and I did not shower. We walked to the bus-stop and took bus 196 home.

After reaching home, we hurried to open the toilet’s door as my mum had left Lucky inside after he vomited, peed and pooed continuously to cause dizziness to my mum. She even puked. My younger brother took his shower first and left the house to pick up his friend at the MRT station before he bought Burger King’s meal for my dinner. Together with his friend, we took Lucky down for a walk.

At 11pm, I was dead beat but the channel 8’s Andy Lau’s show about the warring states kept me alive.


Johor Bahru Trip with Family and Latecomer

[Sunday, 5 September, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging and surfing the net for the prices of iPhone and BlackBerry phone. I tried sleeping after 4am but could not doze off. I finally got up at 7am and started preparing myself for the Johor Bahru trip.

We went to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and bought the tickets for the train at 8.45am together with my aunt. It was the first time I used my new passport. We reached City Square before 10am and went to the MacDonald’s for breakfast while waiting for Anthony. He finally replied my younger brother’s SMS and told us that he would be late and thus we went shopping.

After we met up with Anthony, we went shopping for mooncake at the bazaar before having lunch at Kim Gary. We were surprised when Anthony bid us goodbye right after the lunch. We did more shopping after that and my mum also bought more mooncake. We took train back to Singapore.

We started enjoying the three slices of cake we got from Secret Recipe at Johor, together with bailey with milk. My younger brother forbade me from taking a nap since he did not want me to stay awake at night.

Our dinner at around 9pm was at the Muslim prata shop for the first time as we were too tired to travel farther away.


Pool with Guoxin Early in the Morning

[Friday, 27 August, 2010]

The day began like usual, as I was doing my usual stuffs such as blogging and web building. I finally finished up the tiny bottle of weird tasting herbal liquor that my younger brother bought from Europe, followed by filling my stomach with some cornflake. I thought I could sleep early after that.

I continued on the new page for SmokeForWhat when my elder brother gave me an url of a job. As I was trying to send my resume to the company, Guoxin responded fast in Facebook and we decided to meet up. He reached my place very soon and I was stunned by the speed. We travelled to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and I could feel the danger in his car. When we were about to reach, he did not look at the traffic light and we could be killed if the road was not empty.

We started playing pool. Our skill differed too much and I made it too easy for him to thrash me. We were the noisiest among the three tables. We changed topics fast somehow since we had too much to catch up. We were missing the old times where the big group of us would go out together.

After that, we went for breakfast at the Prata shop near my place where we continued to chat until around 7am. I did not sleep immediately after that and instead, I uploaded the new quiz for SmokeForWhat. Eventually I went to bed at around 9am after Guoxin gave me feedbacks about SmokeForWhat.

After waking up at around 3pm, I was slacking throughout the day, surfing the net, chatting with brothers and trying out new Command and Conquer maps alone.


New Article up For SmokeForWhat

[Tuesday, 24 August, 2010]

My brothers and I went to the prata shop for supper. I was disgusted by a Chinese old and plump uncle who held onto his lighted cigarette while walking into the toilet and then standing in front of the stall to order his food. I was totally disgusted with the laws in Singapore because minor offences were simply included just for the sake of displaying.

When we were near home, my mum called and we waited for her before going home. Even though my younger brother did not have school, he wanted to sleep early. My elder brother and I started playing Command and Conquer together, and later, we went to search for more maps. Eventually, we played an uncommon map together, following by taking some mee hoon cooked by my mum.

Before I could doze off, the sickening construction started again. The drilling sound pissed all of us off and it happened to start so early in the morning for the second day, and yet afternoons were all quiet.

I woke up at around 3pm. I was surprised that my younger brother had gone swimming without me because I asked him to swim together before he went to bed. After checking my phone, I realised both Tze Khit and Bobby had called me. They told me it was regarding the NETS payment for the gym. Before I could eat anything, my mum wanted me to accompany her down to carry stuffs. I was having a little gastric pain but I did not want to displease her. We met up with my younger brother at level one and collected the stuffs.

I spent lots of time going through my new article for SmokeForWhat. It took me months to start into it and almost a week to complete it because of all the distractions and other undesired commitments. After Hazel went through it once, I was finally confident enough to upload it.


Finished Off Another Free Freelance Hopefully

[Saturday, 21 August, 2010]

As I took my lunch and dinner together in the late afternoon, I started starving soon. I went to the prata shop with my mum and elder brother for supper. After that, I continued to work on Bianhong’s photo for printing a puzzle for his girlfriend’s birthday present with distraction from the internet. I went to sleep after 7am.

I woke up at around 2pm. the nasi lemak my mum bought was cold. She added extra ingredients to my packet as she probably could not finish hers. The chicken wings were awful as the meat was difficult to chew on.

The backache I had since days ago was bothering me a lot. I did not have the mood to work but still, I managed to complete Bianhong’s picture and pending his acknowledgement. Since his girlfriend was besides him, he could not give me a reply to see if any amendment was needed.

Since Tengy finally replied me after she filtered my message in MSN the day before, and she was easily agreeable to let me use her photo for my new Facebook group, I went ahead to work on it. I also peeked into the latest article I wrote for SmokeForWhat, but my brain was not working well enough for a conclusion yet.

In the late evening, I was totally out of mood to do anything. I spent the time lying on the bed and playing Condition Zero. It was a noisy night for my family started cooking prawns and had beer. Then, they decided to go to the beach the next day.


Scrubbing the Table Real Hard

[Wednesday, 14 July, 2010]

The day started with me scrubbing the table hard together with my brother and mum after we removed the big three feet fish tank. The stains left behind were more than just years of algae, pink and green in colours. It took almost every effort I could but not more than ten percents of the disgusting colours was removed. We sprayed liquids to soak the table before we left for supper at the prata shop.

After the meal, my brother went to clear up the bathroom while he took his bath and I continued to scrub the table with my mum’s new weapons. I began to see results in my exhaustion and at the risk of direct contacting with the mixed chemicals. I went to bed after 4am.

Andy woke me up at 9+am with his SMS. I continued with my website but dozed off a few times in the day. I was plagued with lots of dreams throughout my sleep.


Chang Point Boardwalk and Wild Wild Wet

[Wednesday, 7 April, 2010]

Gilbert and I finally went out again on Wednesday morning. The main destination was Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East but he planned to go to Changi Point Boardwalk before that since Wild Wild Wet’s operation hours started in the afternoon.

I met him up at Cityhall MRT where he hopped onto the train to go to Tampiness MRT together. After which, we took bus 29 to Changi. The walk was quite nice except that some parts of it was not completed yet, especially the Kellong Walk. I had some problems using my old Olympus D-750 camera after abandoning it for some time. The torching sun almost burned me.

After the walk, which we ended at the Changi Ferry Terminal, we went to the hawker centre to have nasi lemak. We gave the most popular stall a miss since the queue was long. After which, we took bus 29 to a bus-stop near Tampiness Junior College, crossed over to transit to bus 3. We alighted at the bus-stop opposite Downtown East and quickly went to the MacDonald’s to find Gilbert’s friend, Rachel.

Soon, we proceeded to Wild Wild Wet with the two free tickets Gilbert was holding while Rachel had a discount voucher. It was a fun afternoon but I realised I had a bad sunburn after that.

Reaching home, I started checking my email and it took me a couple of hours to reply to those regarding my farewell message. I finished a blog entry before going down to the prata shop to join Kachua for supper.