How to lose your sense and friends – MLM

I have this friend of more than 10 years together with her twin sister. They were the famous “Boonlay twin towers” during the great old volleyball days.
Many years ago, Peiyun asked me out to catch up. She suddenly told me she had a talk to attend and requested me to accompany her. We reached the place near Hong Lim Park very soon (that was the reason for her to pick our original meeting place) and to my disgust, it was a MLM talk. She then told me her brother had joined and she was still considering. I was very traumatised by the speaker and the devoted (like a cult) audience that I left the room. Peiyun’s friends who were outside had a conversation with me and I was told that she had already joined the MLM company. Then, I realised it was a trick to lead me there, in the hope of persuading me to join. I pretended nothing had happened (she had conned me) after that.
Recently, Peiyun started contacting me again to offer to give me “free software” for my company because she wanted to “help a friend”. I knew it was not so simple and managed to dig out the fact that she was working in a company that was tapping into free government grants like PIC and ICV. I finally agreed to catch up with her to meet her and another entrepreneur whom Peiyun claimed might help me in my photography. I did not take up her offer for the “free software”. The meeting wasn’t bad.
Not long later, she contacted me to meet up urgently but refused to tell me what it was. I turned her down. Days later, she contacted me again and told me she had quit her job to start a new company with a friend. Then she told me she needed a photographer to cover an important event for her new company. She then tempted me with a second event and told me to meet up for discussion for future photography services. Eventually, she changed the appointments with me many times at the very last minute.
It was only until one busy day for me, she contacted me in the late afternoon and proposed to come over to my place instead. Late at night, she came over to Bugis to meet me after I parted with my friend. She led me to a table at the McDonald’s where a man was sitting at and I initially thought she was just sharing table with a man who was trying to be friendly. It took me minutes of her meaningless introduction for me to finally realise that guy was her partner and that was a little creepy. At that time, she was passing me over to him and that was how I could confirm his status. He started doing a presentation to me on his laptop and I thought he was just trying to explain about their business so that I could judge whether if I wanted to collaborate with them for my photography services, which she had claimed. That guy was weird and soon, I realised he was trying to sell me something instead of getting my photography services. When I took a glance at Peiyun, she was nodding like she was doped and that was very scary. On one of the Powerpoint slides, I could see “World Ventures” at the top right corner and then I confirmed it was totally a scam by Peiyun to trick me down for sales talk. It was the second time I was conned by her and this time was a more terrible one-on-one hard selling and not a “mass lecture” that I could escape immediately.
I didn’t expose her immediately until she suddenly asked me how did I feel (about the MLM scheme) and none of them would have expected me to say “I’m feeling very uncomfortable”. Of course, none of them was intelligent to know I was more uncomfortable about being conned to meet up with them. The guy (I didn’t know his name) closed his laptop immediately and said that was no point carrying on, and I thanked him (for stopping his bullshit) which he likely didn’t know why. We stood up and I was clapping inside my heart. However, I realised it was just his tactic and he didn’t plan to end his hard selling. He started to lecture me for giving up the opportunity. He talked about me being selfish for not wanting to bring my parents overseas for holidays and give them good life. He talked about me not able to start a family. In his harsh tone that he was trying to scare me into giving in, he claimed he wasn’t angry but was simply feeling sad for me. As he continued to lecture me, he also tapped my trolley, which made me even more comfortable. We probably stood there for around 10 minutes or longer for him to end his miserable night of failing to con another guy into joining them. It was a relief for me finally that I didn’t have to smell his bad breath (he was likely a smoker).
Peiyun has taught me well not to trust any friend too much, especially someone with a bad track record and only approaches me when she has a selfish agenda, which she twists the fact that it would benefit me. Well, I could have started a $10,000 photography course that would benefit all the participants and does it mean she has to sign up? Eventually, I’ve learned to lose such “friend”. Hopefully she would not ever try to contact me again even though I have already blocked her.
One scary thing that I have noticed is the evolution of MLM tactics. In the past, they would use freebies to trick people down to listen to their sales talk. Then, they learned to get friends to “accompany them” down for talks/seminars. Eventually, more people are being tricked and aware of their tactics and thus refusing to waste their time for “meet-up”. They start resorting to con businessmen to meet-up to discuss about the businessmen’s products/services but the meet-up is only about their MLM scheme.
Not all MLM schemes are scams but many MLM “players” are scammers. Of course, they would claim they aren’t MLM because of some internal structures. _|_

+095487821 Singapore Phone

I have just received a missed call from this number +095487821. After doing a Google search, I realise many people have received the call from this weird number as well. It’s definitely not safe to pick up the call!

This number called me just now. I picked up but did not say anything. If the caller is sincere to reach you– they should atleast say a word.
yes it’s just called me 4 time and I just dun wanna pick it up, my friends picked up some call and starhub charge him hundred dollar for nth. From sg too. Damn all these nonsense calls
Received call, asking me if I can talk in Chinese. I said no, call got disconnected immediately
I just picked up this called and she mentioned that is some sort of restaurant opens in botanic gardens and letting people to have free food to try out next Friday from 10am-10pm. I go search around i don’t think it does exist! oh [***]! I gonna see my next month bill. (ps: I’m staying in Singapore too)
Received these calls a few times on different days. Didn’t pick up cause my friend say they trying to talk nonsense for 1 min or 2 to get money from the phone line bill. They charge our service provider and starhub m1 singtel charge us. The number is +095487821.

Scammers Steal My Photos – but There’s Only One Me

I have being hypnotised to believe that I am cute or at least photogenic. Maybe I’m popular? After my photo was stolen in Tagged by a scammer Lawrence Tan with the MSN email a couple of months ago, recently I get to know of another scammer who is using my photo in Facebook. The name is Kingston Romeo and the URL is This Kingston is a very open pervert who has been dropping pervertic comments on girls’ profiles as seen in his Facebook profile wall. He has also tried to hook up with my ex student. Lawrence is definitely a smarter scammer as he has bothered to remove my copyright watermark on the photo, unlike Kingston Romeo; although both are probably freak-looking. One disgusting shit about these incidents is that both of them have stolen my ugliest photo but it makes me feel good since even when I’m at my worst, I’m still better looking than them. On the other hand, I have been single for more than two years. If none of the girls, including my big pool of female net friends, is interested in me, what makes the two hilarious-looking scammers think that they can succeed in winning girls over just by using my photo? There is only one me in this world. There are certainly many people in this world who may look identical, but they can never communicate in my style. I hope more friends will appreciate me for putting water benchmark on all my photos.

MLM’s New Trick – Fake Interview

Last Friday, 06 March 2009, I received a call to ask me to go for interview. The person addressed himself as Mark from VE group.

I told him I did not apply for any job and I was not interested. He asked me a couple of times why I was not interested but I only replied him I was not interested. I questioned him how did he get my number and he told me his company had conducted surveys in universities. However, I had just changed my number a few months ago and I did not take part in any survey at anywhere. I requested him to remove my contact from his company’s database but he continued to ask me why I was not interested in the interview. I raised my voice and warned him not to harass me again, or otherwise I would call the police, and he scolded me that I would not be able to find a job next time with my attitude before putting down the phone.

The number of the caller was 65368488 and soon, I received calls from the numbers 64409271 (missed call), 64403706, 64404807, 64409271. I picked up the call and I could only hear noises like a fax machine.

I checked his number out and found out that the company was “Venture ERA Group”. There were quite a few cases of complaint over websites regarding this MLM company was conning people.


My Mum got Cheated Again

The frequent celebration resumes again. There is nothing to be surprised about, but it does provoke irritation no matter how all of us have got used to.

My mum suddenly asked if I did encounter pains on my gums. Then, she proudly announced that she had bought a special tube of toothpaste which was recommended by her friend. I almost thought such a product better than Colgate, Oral-B and Darlie existed until she suddenly told me it could be used to apply on pimples, I knew she was conned again. My blood pressure rose to the mountainous area and when she told me it actually cost her thirty bucks, I felt numbed.

Just a while later, somehow she celebrated her great purchase with my younger brother who went online to search for the product, which I was lazy to do. He also realised the box indicated thirty-nine “yuan” (China’s currency) and the conversion rate was around five or six times lesser than Singapore Dollar.

This time, the trickster is a China lady and my mum is not even close to her, but still, are friends. Three other friends of my mum are also being cheated together.

This world is simply too cruel. Those cons are out there to fool old aunties out of their hard-earned money, and indirectly, robbing my money as well.

Phone Scam

Some types of crimes are repeatedly broadcasted in news or special documentary shows but people still fall to the tricks.

We cannot blame the elderly for not watching television or not remembering the scam. Perhaps, those scammers are resorting to very despicable methods to con the poor people. The power of love sometimes does cause harm.

On Thursday (31 January 2008), my mum suddenly called me during office hour to check me out. After work, I realised someone have called her earlier on and was in a very soft and sorry tone, addressing her as “ah ma” (grandma in Chinese). My mum was usually naïve, but managed to put down the phone immediately.

Luckily, just a moment before she received the call, our neighbour had received a strange call from an unknown person, telling her that her son was in trouble, and someone was crying in the background. My neighbour was old but alert. She told the person she had no child and that person scolded her in Cantonese vulgarity before putting down the phone. After which, this neighbour quickly called my mum to inform her of the scam.

This group of shameless and stupid scammers were trying too hard to play this “trial and error” trick, and probably was targeting the entire neighbourhood. If the owner of the house was not calm enough, he or she might be fooled and would probably have to fork out large sum of savings to “redeem” his or her child from “loan shark” or for “medical bill”.

Anyway, the funny thing is that my mum has no grandson yet. Nice try, losers!

It would be good if everyone can inform the elderly at home about such scams. If possible, pretend to fall for the trick and call the police immediately after putting down the phone. Let all the bastards be caught.

The Money-Sucker Key-maker

Four persons were sharing a cabinet and there were only two pairs of keys. You could see how inconvenient it was when we had to keep our laptops.

Only until last week, I took the key from Jingkun to duplicate it.

Before I went to work the next morning, I went to the usual shop which sold clocks and watches as well. The uncle was actually my brother’s ex classmate’s father. He had moved away from my opposite block to a bigger house. He could not remember me and probably assume I was one of the office workers from Shenton Way.

I took out a two-dollar note and prepare to collect change from him. Halfway into making the duplicate key, suddenly he announced the price was three dollars. I got a shock out of my life because that was only a simple and normal key. Because I was in formal wear, he must have treated me as someone from other neighbourhood and thus, trying to take advantage of me.

It was probably too late to argue with him. The shop’s name was “Kai Jo”. I would call it a “black shop”. In fact, if I could have walk a few metres down to another electric appliances shop, which would certainly charge me much cheaper.

The weird thing was that this money-sucker even dared to advertise another shop of his, which was doing wedding preparation, and was located near Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Thanks to him for letting me know, so that I could condemn the shop as well.

Spammers Suck

Spam – a disruptive, esp. commercial message posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail. Nowadays, it works as SMS as well.

I hate spams. Spammers are disgusting, worthless, shameless and low-lying creatures trying to fool people to purchase their unworthy and unwanted services or products.

Here is one spammer of the day:
from FEO: New Launch-SHIT on 16 Nov, FH,Bukit Timah. 1.5% Agent Comm till 18Nov. Reg your interests now. Admission by apointment.Call Eric 96396573

This uncle must have failed English because he cannot even spell “appointment” properly. He could have used “appt” instead if he wanted to use short form and that was obviously a typo error.

So, nowadays spammers are really scamming that they use other number to spam you and even dare to put the “” sign in front, thinking that it is not considered as spam with that. Hell you I don’t even know you.

Suddenly I realise it would be fun when the spammers get spammed and thinking if they should report to the police, saying they have been spamming people and that is why they get spammed.

To conclude, I sincerely pray hard that the spammers will not receive prank calls in the early mornings. I just realise I’m such a nice person.

Naïve Scam Email

Letter from hospital !!!
This is Anne from Trinidad &Tobago. I am writing from the hospital in Cote d’Ivoire, therefore this mail is very urgent.

I was told by the doctor that I was poisoned and has got my liver damaged and can only live for some months. I inherited some money ($16.500 Million) from my late father and I cannot think of anybody trying to kill me apart from my step mother in order to inherit the money, she is a citizen of Cote D’ivoire.

I want you to contact my house maid with these informations below:
Miss Barbara Aloko
Address: blahblah) Email / blahblah

She will give you the documents proofing the existence of the money. Please contact Barbara with any valid (driving license or id card) and your telephone numbers to assure her that you shall never cheat or betray when you have access to this fund.

I have instructed her to sell all my valuable items and use the money to change all the documents to your name to enable the bank transfer this money to you without any problem. I have appointed a lawyer which she knows that will assist you to change the documents of the money in your name as sole beneficiary to enable the bank transfer the money to you.

This is the favour I need when you have gotten the money:

(1) Give 15% of the money to my house maid Barbara Aloko as she has been there for me throughout my illness and I have promised to support her in life. I want you to take her along with you to your country to continue her education and establish her as your daughter/ family member because she is an orphan.

(2) Give 25% of the money to Charity Organisations and Churches on my name so that my soul may rest in peace.

(3) Use 10% of the balance money to fly my body to bury in my home country based on the fact that i was poisoned by my step mother so i do not want my step mother to be the one to bury me.

(4) Request the lawyer’s international passport. And Let Barbara sends you her photos and ID CARD as she has no passport to be sure of whom you are dealing with. Barbara is so little (age 17years) therefore guide her


This should be a code between you and Barbara Aloko in this transaction “Hospital” any mail message without this code “Hospital” is not from Barbara or me as I don’t know what will happen to me in the next few hours. Please, make sure that you forward your national identity card or driving license to Barbara when contacting her to enable her give you all necessary information that you may need

Barbara will send you my personal documents when you reach for her. And if I don’t hear from you within two days, I will look for another person. May God bless you and use you to accomplish my wish.
Pray for me always.

Anne Nanda Bates.
Thank you Holy Father.


A despicable company's scam

A lady called me with this number 68360835 and told me I’d won prizes in their lucky draw, all shit including a $150 cash. She told me to collect it somewhere in Orchard. Suddenly she asked me for my occupation and when I told him I was still in national service (with a pathetic pay), she started to “confirm” my name and then she “realised” she had made a wrong call.

Desperate despicable companies always use this method to lure people down to their places for more purchases or investments. This is so disgusting!