Xbox 360 Kinect

[Friday, 26 November, 2010]

I worked insanely on my tuition Singapore website again and went to sleep at 8am. There were still so many things to be amended.

I woke up near 5pm and had fried rice. Then, I continued on my work.

Tze Khit started asking me down to the gym, telling me Andrew was there already. I explained to him that I still owed them work and thus I felt more stressed when seeing them.

I went down eventually an hour later to take a break. I met them while they were crossing the road. Since Bobby was left alone in the gym, I decided not to join them at Icon for dinner so that I could at least accompany Bobby. I started working out soon while chatting with Bobby.

It was a very exciting night for they started to install the new Xbox 360 Kinect and we started to have fun. Since I had my workout a while before that, I was totally wrecked soon. Andrew, however, proceeded with a few more games.


Bitch, Bitches

[Wednesday, 24 November, 2010]

I finished up a page about Stress Management for Smart Tuition and went to sleep as early as right after 2am.

I woke up before 6am because of Lucky moving around. I was very scared that he wanted to pee or even do his big business that I opened the door a few times for him. In the end, I switched off the air-conditioner and went back to sleep with the door opened so that he could go outside any time.

I woke up after 9am eventually caused by the renovation noise of the unit above. The disgusting bitch decided to join in the fun of the HDB home improvement after all my surrounding units had completed ours.

The renovation was actually planned well enough that the work would start for one unit on three storeys (vertical) each time for two weeks. In the mid of the two weeks, the next three units (horizontal) beside them would proceed. Upon completion of the first three units, the next three units below would have their turns.

I did not expect the terrible noise and air pollution would come back a month after everything was cleared up. I started cursing her when I recalled how much time I had spent cleaning the kitchen’s windows and frames right after our renovation, because the dust and dirt had their best hideout in between the windows and frames; unless I could remove the entire windows from the frame to clean them, nothing much could be done to clean them.

I was extremely disgusted and disappointed at the management of the project for allowing such incident to happen. The noise and dust had badly affected my family and I. I had to change my plan to go to the gym earlier to do work and train up before the meeting in the late evening. I had to stay at home to bear with the noise with all the windows closed, because I could not leave Lucky inside the kitchen anymore like usual when everyone was out. My younger brother went down to the third storey to escape from the shit soon since he had to study for his exams.

I was very fed up and the nasty network connection worsened my mood. I replaced the old router my elder brother took from his girlfriend with our original tiny one, and the connection was much faster and I needed not refresh the pages multiple times in order to get some images loaded.

In the early afternoon, nobody was at home except me. Lucky surprised me by going into the bedroom alone and slept on my bed. I went in a few times to check on him and he followed me out like normal but he went in again. I was not sure why he was so “emo”. He was never like this even if my elder brother was not home and I suspected it was due to the drilling noises caused by the bitch. Anyway, during my house’s renovation, I stayed inside the bedroom almost the entire day with Lucky, and I suspected it was partly due to this experience that he thought he should stay inside.

In the mid afternoon, my mum returned home with a neighbour who stayed next block. My house was the “show flat” again and I was quite sick of it. Moreover, this auntie asked me to carry Lucky when I was trying hard to rush my work. I got so disgusted for I could not do my work anymore.

In the evening, I tried my luck in Facebook to look for people to go to the movie with me for the next day. Luck was not with me but it was a really good try for I did not expect to get a response that I did not have for many years. Eventually I had to leave my house for the meeting at the gym. I tried to do my work-out but I only got to complete one station before the meeting started.

We were stuck at the same issue until Andrew thought of an alternative. Since it was not foolproof, I still could not see a confirmed success.


Working Out After Long Slack

[Thursday, 18 November, 2010]

I began the day working on the tuition agency website and blog as usual. I tried sleeping at 5am but I gave up two hours later to continue with my work. I created RSS using other open source codes and finally dozed off after 10am.

I woke up at 3pm and started to handle Tze Khit’s eNets stuffs but I failed again. I took quite some time to reply Josephine an email before continuing with my work.

I went to the gym at 9pm together with my younger brother and Lucky. Since the guys were going out for dinner, I stayed over to work out to look after the gym. My younger brother took Lucky home after they returned while I continued with my training.

I stayed behind to try to render some assistance to them while they were putting up posters around the new gym. I was quite touched when Bobby asked me about Smart Tuition to show his concern when he was already exhausted.

After leaving the gym, Tze Khit passed me three hundred bucks for the work I had done for the websites and posters.


Lucky Chewed on My Spectacle

[Thursday, 14 October, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging on other blogs even though I knew I was lagging behind on my personal blog. I had a chat with Yaozhong before sunrise. I took some cereal and slept after 6am.

I was pissed off with the neighbour staying right above my flat for I had observed slamming of the bedroom door daily as early as 6am since long ago and finally confirmed it. It was definitely done deliberately for the banging noise was very loud. It happened almost every time when I stayed up till after 6am. When Lucky first came, the sudden sharp and loud noise would wake him up to start barking. I was not sure if the lonely bitch was the culprit or she could have rented a room, but there was a high chance that she was the sick fellow.

I woke up before noon and was pissed off with Lucky for chewing on my spectacle. One of the ends was torn and only the sharp metal was left. I threw him out of my bedroom and ignored him when he was crying in the living room alone.

I woke up again at 3pm and went to the gym after having my lunch. The main purpose of the early trip was to help Tze Khit with his website again. Bobby bought chay kuay teow for me in the evening. I did my workout after that and Letian came over to discuss with me over the business plan suggested by Andrew. Bobby was sharp and realistic and warned us about the little benefit we could get. I had my own doubts too because Letian was simply too similar to me and we were too soft to be good sales-persons.

I tried to show my brothers my spectacle at the house’s door and it broke immediately when I tried to remove it from my ears.

I rested for a while before going down to walk Lucky with my elder brother.


Dinner with Gym Kakis

[Friday, 8 October, 2010]

I did my website until after 3am. Lucky refused to sleep again and I had to stop him from going towards my mum. The last time I checked the clock was at 4.30am.

I woke up at 2pm and Lucky was waiting at the bedroom’s door. I did not sense anything wrong until I went to the toilet to see that the entrance was blocked with a piece of hard board. After my mum returned, she told me Lucky was terrorizing my house again and thus she kept Lucky inside the toilet. Then, we realised Lucky had somehow made his way out.

My younger brother had done testing for my website and found a spelling error and a bug. I spent quite some time going through the web form but could not see anything wrong.

I went to the gym in the evening. Junze, Letian and Andrew were around. Andrew had a business idea for us and we found it interesting. I went home to fetch my wallet since they were going to Maxwell Food Centre for dinner together and that my mum did not buy dinner.


Awful Rice for Dinner

[Wednesday, 22 September, 2010]

I went to bed at around 4am and woke up at 10am. My brothers and I had breakfast at the coffee shop “103” with Lucky. After reaching home, I dozed off and eventually woke up at 2pm.

After working with the website, I went to the gym at around 6pm. It was pretty difficult to keep up with even going there once a week. Hong Liang came over to my place and thus I left with him since he was on the way.

This time, Le Tian and Andrew were around. Andrew’s cheerfulness about his bodybuilding result did not die off and he spread the fun over the gym. His announcement of a new business put me down for I knew I was too far behind.

I had a very bad dinner for my mum did not start the rice cooker in the afternoon and thus the rice was badly soaked. It tasted really awful but it was a lesson about food for me. It reminded me of the rice taken during the ITE Clementi’s first orientation camp during January.

I spent the night working on the website.


First Jog with Lucky

[Wednesday, 15 September, 2010]

I went to bed at 2.30am and woke up at 2pm eventually since Lucky kept me occupied like the previous nights before I could doze off.

I finally went to the gym after hesitating whether to bring Lucky along. After missing it for around two weeks, I was lucky to meet Andrew, Junze and Le Tian. I did my workout with my hurting left shoulder. After that, I stayed behind to chat with the three guys, and Bobby was too busy that he could only hop by a few times to join in.

I reached home near 8pm, which was almost an hour late from my targeted time. At around 10pm, my brothers and I went down for a jog with Lucky and we were surprised that his stamina was far less than we had expected. We had fun playing catching and hide-and-seek with him at the third storey from car park to playground.


A Bit of Programming

[Thursday, 26 August, 2010]

I started off with my Quit Smoking Readiness Quiz for SmokeForWhat finally after having it in mind for weeks. It was more interesting than my usual work since programming was involved to give me a break from merely typing like the previous articles. Nevertheless, the usual keywords and facts researches, together with typing and formatting of the contents were required as well.

I had a couple of games with my elder brother before I continued my work till near 6am.

I spent my entire day working on the new page apart from the time I spent in the gym in the evening exercising and chatting with the bosses.


Weird Day, Weird Friend

[Friday, 20 August, 2010]

Jade messaged me in MSN and I reminded her to remind me to sleep early, and thus I went to sleep after 3am right after she went offline.

I woke up before 9am and continued to lie around the bed. My mum made half boiled eggs, bread and milo for my breakfast. I went to the gym at 11am and that was one of the earliest times I went. I felt bad for not going down for the past four days when I was too engrossed with my work even though I did not make much progress. I was completely ruled by my sleepiness and almost blackout in the gym. After the workout I struggled on the chin-up bar for twenty pulls.

The bank salesman came over to settle Tze Khit’s credit card transaction. After that, we left the gym together with his friend. It was drizzling and thus he decided to dine at the new Japanese restaurant along the way, which was just a few metres away. They dragged me in but I did not take anything since I might be meeting Regina with her friend soon. When Regina finally replied me after 1am, I asked her what time she could make it to Vivocity and she replied a single word “soon”. I quickly rushed home and washed up.

I reached the destination at around 2pm and started walking around Daiso. I paid a visit to the pet shop and finally the arcade before I went to the concert area to boot up my laptop where the internet connection was slow. Nothing much could be done.

After 3pm, Regina finally SMSed me that she had reached but her replies were far too weird. I went down to find her at Toastbox and she treated me transparently. Together with her friend, we went to the Burger King in the most awkward atmosphere I had ever encountered, just like best friends turning into strangers out of a sudden. I knew it was a wrong choice to go out but I never knew what was going on.

We found a table at the Burger King immediately. She dragged her friend along to get food without saying anything to me. I lost my appetite. When they returned, she finally spoke up and asked me why I did not go and get my food but I merely shook my head. Her friend began to astonish me with his outspoken character, being creative and blunt, he had endless examples to compare things, and sometimes quite offensive. I was quite amazed with some of his jokes in my lostness and sleepiness. Sitting right opposite them, I felt awkward when Regina was far too quiet and thus I kept my eyes at the next table at the kids.

After eating, Regina started taking her work out. I thought she was going to start doing her revision the entire day there until her friend discouraged her. When he started asking her to choose over going to his or her house, I was quite stunned until he told me they were friends since primary six. His suggestion to catch a movie stunned me once again for I thought he was going to revise with her together after our lunch or meet-up. I finally got a chance to ask him what was wrong with Regina when we were at the toilet, and he assured me that she was quiet for she did not want him to bully her more. So much for his crappy jokes, I thought it was true, but still, she behaved far too weird.

As we walked around the shopping mall, her friend pulled her hair and held them in the most annoying way often. Whenever he put his hand over her shoulder, she snapped the fingers away immediately but she did not look angry at all. I was amazed over her tolerance and their closeness. When he mentioned about how lousy her boyfriend was, I was totally lost for I thought she was just having a weird hard crush on a wrong person but was still in the safe zone. I did not try to correct him since he definitely knew more than me and it seemed that I did not have any reason to talk.

They planned to go to Sengkang and I had no idea what they had in mind but I remembered her crush was staying there. It was totally not a good idea to join them since things were going too weird for me and that I had many work on hand, moreover, I was going to view dog with my younger brother in the evening.

We stopped by the Candy Empire where she hesitated over getting some candies. I had a hard time resisting myself to tell her to grab them all. Her friend solved her problem by asking her to look at her wallet to see what she could afford. The shop was a good babe attraction.

When they were entering the train’s entrance, I bid them goodbye. As they were going down the escalator, he was still pulling her hair and I saluted to her tolerance once again.

After reaching home at around 5pm, my mum packeted dinner for me and I dozed off while waiting for my younger brother to return. He got home around two hours later to tell me and we waited for a while for the seller to send the dogs’ pictures over. As the seller was too demanding over the ugly dogs, we decided not to give up the viewing with our budget.

I started working on Bianhong’s photos. Though my mind was still filled with blankness from the day’s weird encounter, I was able to make good progress with the design work.


Yummy Protein Powder

[Thursday, 12 August, 2010]

I went to bed near 6am again and woke up before 12pm. Lunch was at the market, or rather, Tanjong Pagar food centre with my mum and elder brother as my younger brother was in school.

I had my haircut after 5.30pm. I was telling the auntie to trim my hair a little to keep it neat but she thought I wanted to keep it short like previously. My plan to keep a longer hair before my reservist during November had failed and I had not even taken a photo for memorial.

My elder brother wanted to go for a jog but due to my late haircut and he wanted to steam the fish fillet for dinner, we called it off. I went to the gym instead near 8pm, thinking that I might not be available for the next few days.

Junze was around and I was glad to see Shaohui there as well. This time round, I tried putting weights near my ankles and the first 4.6kg reduced my chin-ups to 15 times, whereas the 6.1kg combined weights further reduced the remaining sets to 12, 8 and 8 times. After the gym session, Bobby told me to try out the protein powder with the cookies and cream flavour and it tasted quite nice. I brought a box home and the 5.1kg weight was torturing to my hand after the gym session.

I was a heavier eater after the workout even though I had filled my stomach with lots of water just before I got home. Later on, my younger brother made a cup of vanilla and honey flavoured tea and he left it long in the living room, such that I thought it was for me and I struggled to finish it up.