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I do TFCD photoshoot for friends when I’m available. I’m consistently looking for talented female models to further build up my portfolio. I’m also looking for TFCD make-up/hair artists, dress designers and wardrobe sponsors.
What is TFCD photoshoot? TFCD (Time for CD, also known as TFP or Time for Print) means that both the photographer and model (makeup/hair artist as well) would exchange their time (without money involved) to help building up their portfolios for photography and modelling respectively.
For people who wishes to become a model or work for events in future, you will definitely require a portfolio. It can cost a lot for “professionals” to take photos for you. Some modelling agencies will make you sign up for “photoshoot packages” to scam you for money, while other photographers may even take advantages of you while “adjusting” your posture.
Photoshoot is not restricted to only professional models and model-wannabe. Anyone who wishes to keep some good memorial of themselves while they are young can do it as well. It is also for people who want to upload better looking photos into their Facebook profiles or simply spread the love.
“You don’t need to be pretty to appear in photos; you just need to appear pretty in the photos.” – we will work on this together.
There are different angles that can flatter a person’s looks and the photographer has to find them. When elements such as hairstyle, makeup, outfit, expression and posture are properly done, an ordinary person can look fantastic in still pictures with the help of the photographer.

I Do Face Limitations

I’m more hardworking than the tortoise who won the rabbit during the race. I can shoot right after burning midnight oil for my work and I can carry my heavy and bulky gears while traveling by feet just to find good location during the shoot. However, I do have limitation for now – at least I cannot turn a dinosaur into mermaid.
My house is too small to set up a mini studio and I have budget for my gears as well. I will also need an experienced professional make-up and hair artist and wardrobe sponsor if I wish to create miracle. Most of all, my photography skill is not in the master standard. Everyday, there are too many things I have to learn.
I have been shooting with my kind friends, both online and offline, and most of them are really simple and shy girls who rarely wear makeup. They, similar to me, prefer drawing attention through inner beauty. It may be weird to you, especially to my makeup artist friend, but most of my female friends are not among those office ladies in Orchard Road who dress to kill. I personally prefer girls without makeup but I have to admit it is necessary for photoshoot. Without proper makeup, the burden is fully placed on me and I need excessive time to photoshop.
I’m very busy with my tuition agency work. Every photoshoot takes a lot of time to plan and shoot. Selecting and touching up photos requires more time than most people expect, which means the post processing work is many times longer than the actual shooting. I always try not to disappoint my friends as they wish to have many photos, and it ends up dragging the delivery time and quality of touching up. I also have to reject new models who approach me because I’m overloaded as I do not wish to over-promise anyone.

TFCD portrait photoshoot with me

I’m open to all portraiture themes that my equipments can support. In fact, I would love to try all genres at least once in my life. At this point of time, I’m looking forward mostly to conceptual, fashion or artistic sexy shoot. If you have any special outfit, I would love you a lot.
If you are an easygoing and open-minded person who is interested to work with me, do contact me and let me know the type of photoshoot you are looking at (you have to have the outfit!). Do approach me via Facebook or phone. I would need you to provide me with existing photos of yourself to get me prepared before the photo shoot.

What will you get for TFCD shoot with me?

Around two edited photos per set (outfit) that are vetted by professional commercial makeup artist.
Photos with the same expression, poses, hairstyle or outfit are often redundant.
“You do not need many photos to show that you are good; it’s the quality that matters” – experienced photographers and models will understand this.

Terms and Conditions for TFCD Photoshoot

I learn things through the hard way and the terms and conditions listed below are created after experiencing real problems through my experience. They are included to improve the result and avoid any future dispute with anyone because I hope to maintain friendship with everyone I have worked with. I would rather under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver. Since every work represents the photographer, I have my own reputation to uphold.
By doing photoshoot with me, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
Before shooting:
1.1. Let me know of any concern, including terms stated here.
1.2. Show me the outfits for the shoot via the internet or Whatsapp, preferably with you wearing them.
1.3. Show me some work that you like but please do not have any expectation.
1.4. You have to sleep early the night before.
1.5. If no makeup artist is involved, you have to put on at least basic makeup by yourself.
During shooting:
2.1. You have to trust my professionalism and skill, including the concept/theme.
2.2. My assistant or makeup artist, if available, may tag along.
2.3. You can bring along a female friend but she has to be useful enough to assist you at least in tidying up your hair and secure my equipment, such as light stand with umbrella attached, from the wind.
2.4. You can call for “cut” to take a break but not to change scenes.
2.5. You can suggest (but not demand) any spot to be shot.
2.6. You are expected to walk as we find good spots.
2.7. You are expected to sit, squat, kneel or lie down – do not complain about getting dirty.
After shooting:
3.1. Photos will be vetted through by my makeup artist, Tricia Lee, even if she is not involved in the shoot.
3.2. It may take up to a month or longer to process the photos, depending on both Tricia and my work commitment, especially if no professional makeup artist is involved or if you don’t have good complexion.
3.3. Only the edited photos with copyright embedded will be given to you, via online download.
3.4. We will target around 2 photos per set (outfit), but I will definitely work on more if they are good and not much editing is needed.
3.5. You do not edit any photo in any way.
3.6. I reserve all rights to the photos and will put up the photos online, such as this website, as my portfolio.
3.7. In cases that your makeup, especially eyebrow, is not up to Tricia’s standard and beyond my limited Photoshop skill to touch up, I will try to give you a few “behind-the-scene” photos for your personal keeping instead.
Do ask me personally if you wish to know the reasons behind these terms. By looking at the list, you may have felt the hardship I have been through, but do not worry because I’m still very easygoing, understanding and accommodating. People who have worked with me have advised me to be stricter and more demanding. I have always placed the safety of my models in top priority and even turned down their creative suggestions that may put them in danger. I do not insist them to do anything they feel uncomfortable.

Why does it take long time for the final photos to be done?

1. I’m not a master yet and there may be error on my part during the shoot.
2. I have budget on my equipments and cannot do things like tethering to laptop on the spot to check for problems, which will also place extra burden on the weight.
3. I may need time to try out different styles of touching up photos or creating different feel.
4. I’m a detailed person who tries to produce work that not only shallow people will admire.
5. I do not like to force myself to produce half satisfying work just to deliver them early.
6. I work longer hours than most people. Being flexible with my time for photoshoot does not mean that I’m free. Work will always be prioritized over TFCD photo shoot because I’m very poor.
7. My partner-in-crime, Tricia Lee, is a very busy and devoted lady. She has to take good care of her three kids, help me with my tuition agency, while taking up some high-paying freelance make-up jobs. At times, she may be too busy to discuss over the internet with me.
8. Most of the time, my models do not have professional aid in both makeup and hair. “Panda” eyes, scars, stretch marks, dark armpits and mosquito bites are great burden as well. Therefore, it takes extremely long time and great effort to touch up the photos.
9. Selecting photos is very a very time-consuming and tedious process, which is not as simple as you think.
10. I always try to give my model as many photos as possible and this explains the amount of extra time taken.
I’m working to speed the process up by being more selective of my models, getting help from TFCD makeup artists and limiting the number of final photos.

What do I usually edit?

Below are the things that I usually work on, especially when I do not have a super professional team to work with.
1. Strands of hair falling at wrong places
2. Not-so-nice Complexion
3. Scars and bruises
4. Panda eyes
5. Holy moles
6. Dark armpits
7. Composition (Cropping)
8. Lighting and colour (white balance)
I’m in for discussion if the model does not want any body part to be edited, such as freckles. Just wink at me and we can pillow fight over it.
I understand that there are some photographers who do not edit anything at all and thus can produce the final work fast. Every photographer has his own style but I’m the more detailed type who do not like to rush and provide work that I’m not satisfied with. Every girl does like to look pretty on photos right?


1. It is very common for female models to wear push-up or nude bras during the shoot.
2. For underwear, do wear something similar colour to the bottom wear. Safety pants are welcome too, depending on the outfit.
3. I’m absolutely noisy with lots of craps usually; apart from that, I’m shy in instructing my models to pose.
4. I’m not a master of portrait photography yet – what you see in my portfolio is likely what you will get – we have to learn together. I may also try out different shooting styles.
5. I do sexy theme but it has to be artistic/tasteful and not like porn.
6. You do not have to have large quantity of photos to show that you are good, it is the quality that counts.
7. I do not meet up for discussion before any TFCD shoot because I’m not looking for a date.
8. I’m not a makeup artist nor a girl. Although a professional makeup artist has been guiding me, there may be errors with your makeup that I cannot judge on the spot until looking at the photos on a bigger screen (laptop).


1. I’m doing outdoor photoshoot in the public, unless you can provide an indoor location for the shoot.
2. I will not touch you during the photoshoot – I rather give up the posture if you do not get it. You can verify with the models who have worked with me before.
3. I will not choose ugly photos to upload to spoil my own reputation.
4. My makeup artist, Tricia Lee, is an experienced professional commercial makeup artist who will help me to look out for flaws in the photos.
5. I do not showcase the final work to the public before you have looked through.

Please come with positive attitude and show effort

Trust me and my other very experienced photographer friends – without good attitude you will not survive in the modelling world and other industry. No professional photographer would want to work with models who give problems or show bad attitude.
Patience has an expiry date.
As a model, you do not instruct your photographer to take shots for you at any angle because obviously this is very disrespectful. You may otherwise pass a camera to your ah ma to take photos for you. You do not rush your photographer for photos if you are not paying for the work.
Want some dramas?
Photographer: What outfits do you have?
“Model”: Obviously all those outfits I like most have been posted into my (social media) profile.
Photographer: Is this top (found in the profile) okay?
“Model”: No, it’s not nice.
Photographer: Let’s shoot at this place near your house.
“Model”: No, it definitely has many mosquitoes.
Photographer: How about that place (public transport available)?
“Model”: SO FAR? I don’t know how to go.
Photographer: So, let’s finalized with this 3 outfits (wear 1, carry 2).
“Model”: Huh? I don’t carry big bag to go out one!
There was also once when a dancer approached me. I wanted the photoshoot to be more interactive and lively (My model Jade’s bikini photo shoot was done this way), and I suggested her to dance during the shoot. However, she replied firmly that she would just pose. A simple reply could tell a lot on the person’s character. I knew I was too soft to handle a model like her and thus had to give up the project no matter how hot she was.

TFCD Photoshoot Themes

I’m open to all portraiture themes that my equipments can support. In fact, I would love to try all genres at least once in my life. If you have any special outfit, I would love you a lot.
I’m looking at themes such as:
– Retro
– Hot girl jogging in the park
– Nerd
– Cosplay
– Army/combat girl
– Countryside girl (cowboy hat, boots)
– Baking/cooking chef
– Crime scene
– Spy girl
– Tattooed girl
– Fairy or angel
– Cheerleading
– Dancing
– Mermaid
– Vampire
– Home lifestyle
– Outdoor lifestyle
– Pregnancy
– Sports (eg. basketball, volleyball)
– International/Traditional costume (eg. kimono, qi bao)
– Fine arts

Are you a makeup/hair artist?

I’m looking for makeup artists to collaborate! I have been shooting with models who do no makeup and this has greatly affected the quality of the products. Hence, if you are a makeup artist and is looking to build up your portfolio, we can work together to benefit everyone.
Do message me your contact number and preferences, together with your portfolio. I will notify you when I have a shooting that you may be interested to work on.

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