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When I can't speak, I write my mind down.
Pieces of poetry surface to the Earth,
stacking up the piles of my sorrows.
Memories fade, but they don't vanish.

My first contact with poem was when I was in primary 2. A relief teacher, Miss Chen, taught my brother some simple "Tang Shi", who then captivated my interest. In the beginning of secondary two, my Chinese teacher, Miss Ho, made the class write poems. My first poem was written for my crush, which was meant for Valentine's Day present. I got into the habit of writing short poems ever since.

I got into contact with English poems during secondary school days but I was much more intact with Chinese language. During my Junior College life with Mrs Rajar Segar as my English teacher, I was shown a poem "I Got Her Smile Today...". It posed a huge impact on me. I was inspired by my first girlfriend as I was showered in happiness and thus my first few poems were full of hopes; the rest tasted bitter.
Skai Chan, also known as Kai Lun, is an affectionate person who enjoys phototaking, designing and writing. He believes actions speak louder than words. Through his creative work, he is able to express himself freely. Hence, he spends more than half of his life indulgding in web building where the endless web exposure judges him.