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I started programming (mIRC scripting) in year 1997. Slowly, I moved on to web programming. Since my learning process was more through self-taught, I was more comfortable with the basic skill, which I managed to optimize them to accomplish almost every feature I had in mind - with the aid of some researches. My studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic boosted my skill and confidence in both design and programming greatly. The struggle through my part-time degree course in University of Wollongong armed me with a better understanding of database design.

After learning different programming languages and designing tools, eventually my interest for web development exceeds others. Through websites, my creativeness can be explored by many internet users through the surface and concepts of website my style.

My concept for both designing and programming is through simplicity. The experience in information gathering and analysis, structure and interface designing, programming and search engine optimization (SEO) have somehow equipped me with skill and understanding towards each stage of web development.

Skai Chan, also known as Kai Lun, is an affectionate person who enjoys phototaking, designing and writing. He believes actions speak louder than words. Through his creative work, he is able to express himself freely. Hence, he spends more than half of his life indulgding in web building where the endless web exposure judges him.