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Web Design - Website

Design Concept: Simplicity
Design Consideration: Readability, Loading Time
Languages: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax
Other Skill: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Other Consideration: Cross-browsers support (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome)
Coding Tools: Notepad++, Notepad
Designing Tools: Adobe PhotoShop, Infraview


SmokeForWhat website's printscreen
Live site: http://smokeforwhat.com

A quit smoking interactive website targeting teenagers built with large researched database of information to assist smokers to prepare, quit and overcome craving from smoking.

It was designed using Adobe PhotoShop and coded using Notepadd++ in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL and Ajax. The features include Newsletter subscription, Recommend us, Smoking Calculator, Contact us, Poll etc.

The site had reached more than 1,700 Facebook fans within the first 3 months of tracking implementation.

Life is so Beautiful

Life is so Beautiful website's printscreen
Live site: http://www.lifeissobeautiful.com

An inspiring website to promote beautiful life.

Designed using Adobe PhotoShop, the coding of the HTML was implemented on Blogger's platform using their latest technology of "Layout" (instead of Template).

The site had reached more than 2,200 Facebook fans within the first month of tracking implementation.

Smoke Slayer

Smoke Slayer website's printscreen
Live site: http://smokeforwhat.com/smokeslayer

Flash shooting game to promote "quit smoking" with controls similar to the popular “Counter-strike” game, which was an evolution of the usual shooting game.

The simple layout of the website was implemented using Notepad++. Skill applied include HTML, PHP and CSS. The game was done using Flash with ActionScript.

Ideal Home - Property

Ideal Home property website's printscreen
Live site: http://property.sillydumb.com

Showcase of property transaction and provide useful helps for Singaporeans. Designed using Adobe PhotoShop and coded using Notepad++, with HTML, PHP and CSS.

Goodbye ITE

Goodbye ITE website's printscreen
Live site: http://sillydumb.com/iteclementi

A farewell speech website of a lecturer for his ex-colleagues.

Staff Movement Portal

Staff Movement Portal website's printscreen
Human resource management software hosted in the intranet of College West - ITE Clementi.

Designed using Adobe PhotoShop.

iTalent 2010

iTalent 2010 website - About Italent iTalent 2010 website - How to Participate iTalent 2010 website - Rules and Regulations iTalent 2010 website - Photo gallery
Talent competition college-wide for the 3 ITE mega campuses.

Designed using Photoshop. Implemented using Notepad++, with HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS.

Skai Student Portal

Skai Student Portal - Main page Skai Student Portal - Admin Edit Skai Student Portal - View Project List Skai Student Portal - Edit Profile
Students’ projects topic updating system.

Implemented with HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS.

Dear President

Dear President Multiplayer Online Election Game
The website for my group's multiplayer game for my degree's Final Year Project.

Implemented with HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS, using Adobe Photoshop and NotePad++.
Skai Chan, also known as Kai Lun, is an affectionate person who enjoys phototaking, designing and writing. He believes actions speak louder than words. Through his creative work, he is able to express himself freely. Hence, he spends more than half of his life indulgding in web building where the endless web exposure judges him.