Room for Rent at Jurong East

[Wednesday, 18 April, 2007]

It was another relaxing night again. I had some games of Condition Zero with my elder brother and then caught the soccer match between Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday United, which the champion scored two goals against nil. I went to bed at 5am.

I was waked up by phone calls again and when I finally got up, I was very disappointed to see the shares price dropping badly. I was not sure how much longer I could hold anymore.

I gave a call to Grace, Kaven’s banker, but she sounded like I should not be calling her in place of Kaven to get the address of the law firm. I knew my responsible as an agent but she seemed so unprofessional. In the end, she told me she would get the lawyer to call Kaven instead and I was glad to put down the phone. I was quite furious of her attitude but later on when I told Kaven about it, he said the lawyer had called him the day before but he did not tell me.

Afterwards, Grace from ERA called me regarding the Lorong Ah Soo flat. She said Kelly had agreed to meet her client at 11am on Saturday but Kelly was not free to go and I would go instead. Since Grace told me that was just a friendly reminder, I was expecting Kelly to call me about it but she did not. I began to feel disappointed.

Joshua called me in regards of rental of flats for his friend but when I asked Jianhao about a Choa Chu Kang one, he told me the owners had rented it out, which made me feel so insecure about the entire listing; it would reflect so badly on me if some tenants were to want to view a room but ended up it was already rented out. However, he told me there was a new listing at Jurong East, next to Wilson’s house.

Feeling so disappointed with my project and the rental thing, I had a few games of Condition Zero to relax myself. At night was all boring works.

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