Compliment for Canon Staff

More than two years ago, I wrote a compliment letter for a Canon staff but their website was giving problems and thus I didn’t get to submit it.

I called the service hotline at 12 plus just now and was received by a very well-mannered lady with an extremely sweet local voice. I didn’t get her name clearly but it was something like “Lorraine”.
I was actually calling to check if I could get a replacement for “my” camera len’s cover. I was actually doing on behalf of my friend.
When she heard that I had lost my len’s cover, she responded immediately in a natural sympathizing tone. I was very pleased to be received by someone who placed herself in customer’s shoes.
She immediately gave me a solution by re-directing me over to the showroom’s hotline to check for availability of stock.
She, in fact, did not do much during the short conversation; however, her attitude had actually made a big difference.
I think good customer service would make a big difference in my decision to choose the brand when I need a new gadget in future.
Thank you for reading this.

My latest love letter to M1 on its fan page

My home M1 fiber network is currently down.
After the technician instructed me to do this and that over the phone, she said the Huawei router was faulty. However, the Huawei router was OUT OF STOCK.
She suggested that I could switch to my own router while I could connect my home telephone line to the modem instead of the Huawei router. BUT, activating this would take 3-5 days.
When I questioned how long would the new batch of Huawei router be available, the lady told me she didn’t know.
What am I supposed to do now? Just continue to pay the monthly bill for the disconnected connection and such service while waiting for the new router?
1. Is Huawei router so lousy that it has issues frequently, such that many customers’ routers have to be replaced and thus M1 has, sadly, run out of stock?
2. Does running out of stock for the Huawei router means new M1 subscribers cannot sign up currently as well?
3. IF new subscribers are able to get their Huawei routers, does that mean that M1 values only new subscribers while it ignores existing ones since they are already contracted?
If this issue is not resolved ASAP, I would be seeking advices from IDA, CASE and all popular forums that Singaporeans are using. I would also have discussion with my family over the 4 existing M1 mobile phone plans.
I thank you in advance for replying to me.