Photos Updated

[Thursday, 15 February, 2007]

I worked through the early morning again and this time, with a little packing of my wardrobe. Messages from the office waked me up at around 11am. By then, I was never interested in the projects anymore. Afterwards, Amy called me and arranged to collect the keys from me, which was just nice that I needed not go all the way down to office.

Life was dull and boring. With sleepiness, I could hardly do anything and when my brother and his girlfriend returned, I knew there was little chance for packing. Justus came over to bomb me with more work and I had to abandon my web design. I knew his motive for I had known him since he was a baby and other than seeking companion to do his work, he was looking for games at my house.

After working on a picture of a flat, I only used a tiny portion of it as background image; that was really so not-cool.

In the evening, Amy finally called me up and I missed some parts of the show to go down and wait for her arrival. Next, I installed the driver for the Sony Ericsson’s k800i into my brother’s computer. His harddisk was wiped out again and that was why I had no chance to upload the photos from my phone into the computers.

At night was updating of my older blog entries with the photos.

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