She Messaged Me – A Chat with Her Finally

[Friday, 11 May, 2007]

Mingen sent me home together with Mingfa after 1am. I was having a bad backache. In less than six hours’ time, I took my bath twice for the stupid travelling, which caused so much sweat. Finally I was able to take my cold dinner – the noodle cooked by my mum a day ago.

I continued with my work until 4am that I could not take the tiredness any longer. I waked up after 1am and continued to work. I was disappointed that I did not go out with Kaven as I could not get up in time.

During the late afternoon, I had a chat with Jinyang until Kachua called me to meet me out for dinner. I told him ten minutes later but I went down immediately after giving Mingfa a call, which took me only around five minutes. Kachua was late for fifteen minutes even though he could even see me from his office, which was of a short distance from the post office. We went to the market and he took the duck rice. I ordered a cup of lemon juice without getting any food since I did not have any appetite.

I continued to work after reaching home. As Mingfa did not reply by 9pm, I realised it was getting late and I confirmed the meeting time for the next day at 7.30am.

It was a normal day until I received a rare message in MSN from a special someone. I always thought it would only appear in dreams. It was not perfect for she seemed to be busy soon but that was already more than enough.

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