Volleyball Session Turned Nothing

It had been more than a week since there was no volleyball and a sudden message from Mingfa to update about Monday’s game gave excitements even though I was still down with cough and flu, and the blisters on my fingers were giving pain.

I was caught in the late afternoon by Roy and his gang who wanted me to open up a lab for them to do project right after Weitat left. Since they told me it would take only an hour, I agreed. I brought my paper work down and accompanied them.

An hour passed by and I did not bring my laptop down to at least continue with my website design since I thought it would be over soon. They were too hardworking and did not give up even after the office was closed. If I knew it would be so long, I would not have minded bringing the laptop home.

I did tell myself many times not to get involved in other people’s business since I needed the time to concentrate on my own work. There was no time to waste anymore and I would not want to let my dreams fade away like others…

The boredom almost killed me.

Four hours later since five PM, we finally packed up. I went down to the hall to bide my team-mates goodbye before leaving since I did not want to get changed into my volleyball gears for just less than an hour.

The fortunate thing was that Roy stayed at Redhill and I got companion for more than half of the journey home.

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