Missing Old Friends

I was messaging the ex GESSians (Gan Eng Seng School students) in my Friendster friends list to join the Friendster group (url inactive and removed) and was amazed to realise I had so many ex schoolmates in my list; some had rarely talked to me in the past. Anyway, it was so tiring to message them one by one and I could have messaged the wrong person but I should ignore this shame.
Apart from this, I was discussing with Mingfa over our career as property agents and the plans ahead. Before I went to sleep, I had a chat with Marlboro and somehow, an ex schoolmate Eugene Ang came into my mind again. This great friend of mine during PJC had disappeared from my life for so long and I doubted his number in my phone was the most updated one.
I tried to sleep at 2.30am but it turned out disastrous again; it took me more than an hour to doze off eventually.
In the morning as early as 9am, I received SMSes from the agency to wake me up again, followed by a dream in which I was attending my elder brother’s birthday at Kim Tian Road. My auntie’s flat was upgraded to more than seventy storeys and I was inside the lift with Mingfa and other people, whereas none of us knew how to operate the weird. We had great ride inside the fast moving machine which brought us up and down, and the feeling was very real.
In the end, I took the stairs down instead when we were nearer storey. Then, I got to see many people leaving the place as the party was over. There were many ex secondary classmates of my brothers and I was so sad to have missed the chance to interact with them.
By the time I woke up, it was near 1pm and I knew I had missed the plan to test my legs in a morning jog.

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