My Mum’s Birthday

[Wednesday, 25 April, 2007]

It seemed that my sleeping time was kind of fixed at 5am. Lijie waked me up to tell me of a tenant who was interested in renting a room but since the Jurong East’s house owners were not back yet, I did not give them a call until I confirmed it. Later on, my mum waked me up as usual just to check if I was home when she knew I slept very late and she had always interrupted me from my sleep. Somehow, Ruoci appeared in my dream.

I waked up at 2pm eventually and started working. “shares price” had fallen a lot and it was very discouraging. There was an SMS for co-broke of Redhill flat but since it was shared between Jianhao and me, I replied no and apologised. I finally made an arrangement for viewing at Redhill for the next day.

I had dinner with my mum, elder brother and his girlfriend at the coffee shop downstairs. I just realised the place was bought over by S11 also. It was pouring very heavily and we changed a few tables. We had a few simple dishes and my guess for the price was the worst of all. This time, my brother and I split the bill. We went to the NTUC fair price to get some food before going home.

I talked to my brother and came to a term that we should contribute the money for the massaging chair with my younger brother since it would be wasteful to spend money on other stuffs; it was not fair for him to fork out so much when he was the youngest.

I resumed my work. Jenrine informed me of the good news that she was accepted by NTU.

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