How many days do you need?

Took a big round of walk around my neighbourhood but couldn’t grab a cab, in the end had to walk all the way. Just about to give up, a cab stopped right in front for someone else.

Waited for 1.5 hours, doctor said dry eyes was too minor case for A&E department. The irritation started more than a week ago and how would I know it wasn’t serious? Would I have time to visit the arrogant MO when I even had to do OT almost daily in camp?

Waited for 1.5 hours, another doctor said x-ray might not show problems to my backache. He asked me how many days of MC I needed. The more the merrier! But I said it was up to him. He stated 2 days, which was after midnight. 1 more day to a 5-days long weekends.

Took my prescription, and to my terror, the same old panadol kind of pills appeared again, which was for the backache. What’s the difference between them and the MO from Tekong? They gave MC but not the cure.

2 days, just enjoy.

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