Unleash Fitness Gym Opening

I woke up early in the Saturday morning just like a normal weekday. I had curry for the second day before going Clementi Town Secondary School for volleyball. My legs did not follow my brain like usual but I had nice games.

I tried my younger brother’s Sony camera and the pictures were so much than the old Olympus I had been using clearer during dim light situation. I did not play much with the settings though.

After washing up, we went to look for Tze Khit at his gym on this opening day. He was the most successful person among my volleyball clique who strike his career path without his parents’ assistance.

We spent quite some time sitting around the gym while waiting for the rest to arrive. I was dehydrated for my body was too “heaty” and I did not take enough water during and after the volleyball game. The dehydration set my head spinning.

We had dinner at Clementi’s hawker centre. It had been some time since I last took the chicken cutlet, which was cheap and tasty. My mind was unclear and during the conversation, I could not even express myself.


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