Spread the Love – September 2013

The heroes for September 2013 were my younger brother and sister-in-law.

My younger brother, Kaiwei, took my mum out of Singapore for holidays. Even though he was spoiling her seriously (yes, I’m serious that she’s behaving like a kid at times and it’s not funny at all), it was very brave of him to bring her to China alone. The culture of China’s native Chinese was far different from Singapore Chinese’s, although people from different parts of China do vary. I would not say European countries would be safer compared to China, but all the negative stories about China had really scared me – passengers-by ignoring injured person, fake food, milk powder with harmful ingredient… etc. After all, my younger brother and I would appreciate people who are more soft-spoken.

Although it was an eye-opening experience for him and my mum, it was definitely tiring to avoid being scammed almost at every part of Hai Nan Dao. The island was so commercialized that most people were out to cheat you for extra bucks. Nevertheless, the amount of money being conned might not be a lot. For example, the staff of a tourist attraction would ask tourists to take some “holy” water from a fountain like as if it was free and it ended up that they had to pay for it. Some shops would use some prize winning tactics that when you pass by, you would happen to be the lucky winner – my younger brother dared not try on them to see the actual result though. Overall, it is a place where anyone who does not know Chinese mandarin would definitely be conned.

Would you visit such a place that most things are cheaper than Singapore but you have to keep worrying about being conned? No, I don’t fancy that because holidays are meant to be enjoying yourself without worries.

While my mum was away with my younger brother, my sister-in-law, Ivy Leow, did the laundry work. There were a couple of times when my elder brother was not coming home for dinner because of delivery work or soccer game, my sister-in-law bought food for me after she knocked off from work.

Jeremy was still Missing

It could be a long weekend for Friday was a holiday, but I had FYP meeting on Sunday. It was never like a year before that I could really go out with friends.

We were stuck outside of The Cathay Starbucks for inside was packed. The place was cool with the fans on top of the ceiling, better than what we had always expected. The only problem was the lack of power supply.

Jeremy continued to stay missing in action but we did not blame him since he had done a fair amount of work since beginning. We felt weird and worried for him instead. We did not expect anyone to give up after so many months of hard work.

We moved into the air-conditioned place after some time when Stephen’s laptop was going to dry up, but having to split into two tables.

In the late afternoon when we were almost done up at around 5pm, I gave Irwin a call. Instead of meeting at Vivocity, he had arranged a meet up with Eugene at Bugis at around 7.30pm. I was not feeling well and thus, decided to stay at home instead.


Family Going Overseas Again

My whole family is going to Batam for holidays tomorrow and returning on Monday. It was going to be a quiet and lonely weekend for me. The house would definitely be much cleaner since I would usually do at least a little tidying up.

I don’t know why they persist to go at such time where H1N1 is mesmerising the entire world and that my younger brother had spent a fortune at Europe. All their pockets were already squeezed dry.

We have different thinking and I’m more of a silly loner.


Monday was a Holiday

I had a long sleep on Monday and woke up in the afternoon, which I had not been doing for very long. It was Hari Raya and thus there was no work.

The weather was freezing for the entire day and I had to put on my shirt. My mum fried noodle but the onion ruined the taste. I had a chat with Irwin and realised he had already reached Australia.

The thought of work resuming the next day was a big turn off.

I was not used to having holidays and I kept thinking that it was a Sunday and expecting to watch some documentary programs after midnight.

Long Weekend – Deepavali

I spent the long weekend better than previous weeks; more things were done although the efficiency level was still too low. I did not even know about the Deepavali’s holiday until Daniel told me on last Friday morning.

I managed to update two blogs:
Chinese Dramas
Hey! Are You Joking?

My upcoming directory site had moved to another era with the confirmation of the design and layout, such that I could go ahead with the remaining coding without fears of amendments.

I added four Chinese songs to my collection:
吴英仔 – 双手的温柔
(Wu Ying Zai – Shuang Shou De Wen Rou)
吴宗宪 – 留心
(Jacky Wu Zong Xian – Liu Xin)
李玖哲 – 想太多
(Li Jiu Zhe – Xiang Tai Duo)
薛之谦 – 黄色枫叶
(Xue Zhi Qian – Huang Se Feng Ye)

The meet-up with Irwin, including golfing, was great except for the fact that my flu and cough had not recovered.

I also managed to spend some time trying out the add-ons for Mozilla Firefox to enhance my surfing experience.

If only the weekend was longer…

Last Weekend of Holidays

The weekends were spent mainly on doing my website. I woke up early on Saturday morning since I slept early at around midnight, but it was not long before I started to feel sleepy again. I had a sleeping marathon before getting into real work.

My body was exhausted and that was probably the reason why I felt so tired throughout the day. The aching all over my body refused to subside after the long rest.

I spent the last comfort night continuing with my work and disrupted my plan of sleeping early again.

I went to sleep when daylight broke out and only got up in the early afternoon. Without sufficient rest and together with the warm weather, work progress was slow.

Nevertheless, the little result I had for the two days was good enough for the progress.

I probably had over-exerted my left hand badly during the previous golf session. The condition was really bad.

Watching Drama during Holidays

I spent more than half of my holidays watching the Chinese drama – Han Wu Da Di (汉武大帝) – instead of doing my website. The few days of release from official work were initially planned for only personal work purpose.

I got to understand the biggest difference between watching drama many episodes at one go and a couple of episodes per week – the latter was harder for a clear picture of everything.

Previously when the drama was introduced on channel 8, there were times when I missed out the first few minutes of an episode, or even the entire episode. At times, I almost forgot the flow of the drama since the previous episode and I could not understand many things.

So far, Yaozhong is my only friend who enjoys watching the drama as well. I guess most people would find me a boring person for being so engrossed in such drama shows, but one day, someone would eventually find me unique.

Anyway, even though my initial plan for the holidays has been substituted, I suppose holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

One Week’s Break

The holidays have finally started. One week’s break is never enough, but still, better than nothing.

I foresee there will not be much work done though; I’m always slow when there is too much “free” time.

Even though there are many works awaiting for completion, at least, I have the freedom to plan my own time for this week.

Hope I can get to meet up with friends.