Paying respect to Yongming’s grandfather

[Friday, 25 August, 2006]

It was another disappointment when I could not get people down to Yongming’s grandfather’s wake. Out of the class of over ten people, I contacted those who I was closer to but in the end only Wen Chang could make it. The weird thing was that Yongming had only told me about it and he did not even inform Lynn. I betted if he had told the rest personally, they would make more efforts to go.

We met up at around 1815h and poor him had reached there much earlier right after work. I also sacrificed my time with Vivi when I could have accompanied her longer. The worst thing was that I was unable to send her home as I had to rush over to meet up with Ah Chang.

I met Xiao Hua at Lot 1’s door but we did not get to chat for long since Ah Chang soon arrived. Then, Ah Chang and I proceeded on to find Yongming.

I was just ready for the little buffet dinner. There were satays but I supposed they would those heated up in oven ones. Yongming’s friend was there and we sat together in the same table. I could not get used to the three of them speaking in English.

The embarrassing part was when we handed the condolence money to Yongming, since Ah Chang was shortage of four bucks and I had to pay for Lynn and Benson’s first, I had to squeeze out two one-dollar coins to fit the forty bucks. Since I had messaged the rest about the condolence money on the same invitation message and they did not tell me about paying, I took it that they were not interested to pay.

We left as his ritual started after setting up a few tables for him.

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