Ziying’s Advanced Birthday Dinner

[Thursday, 16 September, 2010]
I went to sleep at 2.30am after my mum scolded Lucky for peeing on the floor outside the room when I was inside the toilet. It was not long before he woke up and started peeing on the newspaper I placed in front of my wardrobe. I thought it was okay to leave it there but he woke up again and started scratching the newspaper. I was not sure how long he took to doze off but I had a hard time doing that.
I woke up after 12pm and went back to sleep and finally got up at 3pm. I spent quite some time clearing up spams in Facebook and also trying to save the Facebook pages from the team’s nonsense.
My younger brother returned home earlier to take care of Lucky’s dinner since my elder brother and I had to leave the house for appointments.
I was shocked after alighting from the crowded train from the green line at Jurong East for the platforms were packed. The next train towards north was, however, far from the station. It took about six minutes for me to suffer in sweat before I resigned to fate that Singapore was overpopulated and the SMRT was totally not efficient enough. I waited for the next train and I started to figure out people who usually stood right in front of the doors were not totally at fault because many passengers could not board the train.
I was late for ten minutes. Jason and Cher Fong were sitting at the entrance of Mayim and Benson arrived soon. Later, I realised the actual table booking time was postponed for half an hour. I was told that the dinner would not be expensive but it did not seem so. Jason had bought a compact yet solid camera while Benson brought his DSLR along, and thus I did not take out my pathetic camera. It was a great dinner with all the friends around. The final bill was thirty-eight bucks each.
Benson, Jason and I waited for Lynn to settle some stuffs with her friend outside KFC before we went to the train station. Jason and Lynn took the same train as me.

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