As usual

Finally it didn’t rain. It had been hot the whole afternoon and I could hardly stare into the sky.

As usual, some friends failed to turn up; some even kept quiet about not going. I felt stupid reaching on time, waiting down there alone, then started calling everyone using my phone. I took out my notebook and strike off names one by one. It wasn’t fun, until I realised I had to wait for only 2 persons.

It should be another big group outing, not when they weren’t enthusiastic anymore. I dropped the idea of going to Palawan beach, to join Mingfa and Weitat at Sunsetbay. And while waiting for Kok Chiang who arrived almost an hour later, I started staring at a girl a distance away. I couldn’t make out if she was pretty, but my furiousness made me bolder than ever, making it a fun game.

The pain on my right shoulder was back. With my fragile back and shaky knee caps, I couldn’t play good games. The jumper’s strap was useless when it couldn’t keep in position without slipping down. At least my gastric pain was much better after taking medication. I felt so useless with my poor body.

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