Hate it

I hate squeezing in crowded places especially inside the train. Even though there’s higher chance of seeing more babes, I just hate it.

I hate wasting my time when I’m able to jot some stuffs into my notebook, but I don’t have the space. All the strategic places are occupied. I refuse to hold on to any grab so that others can support themselves.

The worst thing is when someone stands so close me and there isn’t space to step back. The train moves like a child in fear, shivering and shaking.

I’ve to fold my arms in case I can’t keep still and then the auntie in front mistakes and doubts my taste. I’ve to twirl my head sideway so that my breathing won’t hit forward. So pathetic.

This day I missed the first shuttle bus again. I knew Raymond should be around and I went up to his office. This guy was far too overboard for his politeness and kindness. Anyway he waited with me for the second bus and he walked out to take a cab.

This evening was just like any other quiet moment until when I boarded the train, I saw to my disgust. This plump guy who looked like a sex maniacs was sitting near to a sweet looking girl in very short FBT shorts, who looked a bit irritated. It took me quite some time to realise they were couple when I noticed his hand was touching her thighs and she did give a few smiles.

Heaven is always unfair – he’s given so much food that he can store so much fats, then he’s blessed with such a sweet girlfriend, and nice beancurd to eat.

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