Of dream, volleyball and dinner at KFC

[Sunday, 20 August, 2006]

After trying to wake up early daily for the whole week to jog before the sun got really hot, I failed. I was trying to squeeze my time throughout the night like before, or sometimes, rather wasting my time at some funny shows.

So this day, I could not wake up again, and I had a dream about rushing home from school to exercise. It was a weird dream of course because my elder brother and I were in the same school campus and it took forever for me to pack up my things to leave on a Friday morning. We actually overslept until around 8 o’clock in the morning when we were supposed to leave before daylight and the primary school classes were coming in already.

It had been quite long since I last had a dream. I used to dream almost daily since young until after I finished all my courses in the army. I was quite worried since I thought dreaming was kind of exerting my brain because somehow it was still working while I needed rest.

At least, I was having quite sufficient sleep this few days but I hoped I could set aside more things for an earlier sleep. There was too much sleep debt to repay since I had been constantly lacking of sleep and sometimes I wondered if that was the cause to my seemed-to-be damaged brain.

I did not want to job under the hot sun but I had to exercise after stopping for a couple of weeks; therefore, I had to go down to BMCC to join Mingfa for causal games. I started chatting with Vivi soon online as usual and did not really bear to leave my house to abandon her. Since it was also a good thing to pass Anqi her shoes to reduce the load of my messy house, I went on.

Before leaving the house, I called Anqi a few times until it got engaged. She finally picked up and I knew she was sleeping as usual at two plus in the afternoon. It was pointless to talk to her to find out what was wrong, which I suspected she had another clubbing and drinking session till daylight.

I took the train as usual, was quite worried about the fare price, but it was a faster way to get there. Kok Chiang reached earliest and was dozing on the floor like a drunkard and I started updating my diary to make full of use of my time. It was actually three o’clock and the training time was two thirty.

I put on my old spectacle and got so giddy soon that I started to sweat intensively under the sun and quitted soon. During the free spike, I could not do well at all for the spectacle kept slipping down my nose somehow.

This time, the Punggol boy Louis went down and he created unlimited fun. Halfway in the game, Anqi finally came but she took the shoes and left soon. We had very long games, forgetting to count the score so many times. It got boring at times and we had a common target to tease – the birthday boy Weilun who played so badly. Jianhao and Weitat joined us after some time.

We played until almost total darkness and later, waited for everyone to wash up before going to KFC for dinner. It was difficult to find a parking slot at the one level carpark and Jianhao’s parking skill was quite good.

Since Meijun had discount coupons, Cynthia and I shared the buddy meal. The queues at the two KFC counters were long and slow. They employed old people who did not give any effort to move faster, taking things at their very own slow pace like as if they were in their nineties – they should be around fifty plus. Those old staffs at MacDonald’s could really do things at least double their speed.

Anyway, the counter with the uncle was a wrong choice for his service really sucked. Overall, I could not figure out how that KFC branch in Bukit Merah Central could survive with such service which I would rate two at most. The cramp place was certainly disgusting as well and customers would most probably go there if they got sick of MacDonald’s.

Anyway, I upsized the drinks to the large cups but after waiting for so long, the fatigue had filled my stomach. Cynthia pushed her fries and coleslaw to me and I had a dreadful dinner, never been so full for long.

I took bus 196 home after that. To my excitement, both the lifts were spoilt and I had to climbed the stairs up to the sixteen storey after the exhausting day.

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