Poppye after Volleyball

It is a big turn off to play volleyball with people who show “black face” for no reason right at the beginning of the game. But we have to accept the fact that not everyone knows how to control emotion. The next time when you decide to roar or show your discontentment, consider whether if it is pointless and if it will give negative effect instead, because we are all grow-ups.

All the way to Changi Airport to have Poppye is really interesting but somehow it strikes me for the fact that Wilson and Weitat always have to drive so far and also waste their petrol fee. It is a mixture of whelming with togetherness and guilt. If I were the one who owns the car, I might not want to drive so far away unless I’m not tired and is rich enough to afford the petrol fee.

When you do not know when is the right time to talk and whether your friends are in the mood to talk, it is best to remain silent. But silence can be a torment during long journeys. We all want to be with the correct crowd but the sacrificing ones always have to give in.

We grow up to have our own sets of thinking. What is required is the ability to compromise; but too much is bad because people tend to take you for granted.

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