Spread the Love – August 2015

Gilbert signed me into the Fitness First gym at Clementi. He insisted in giving me a treat for lunch after that. After the second trip, we had lunch together again and I snatched over the bill. He ended up buying a gift for me. Gilbert was such a kind friend who would rather give than to take from his friends.
My voluntary group finally gathered for a project. This time, we went to Windsor Convalescent, which was a private old folks’ home that was sandwiched between the government funded and “high class” private ones in term of finance aid. Everyone of my team was a hero for that day! Yongsheng’s presence was crucial as he took the lead in playing games with the residents when we were quite lost. Yonghao also took the trouble to give a lot of us a lift. The rest of the heroes include Huiting, Shengyang, Baoyu, Nancy, Julia, Jiayu, Stephanie, Shuh, Yongfeng, Huiting’s friends and Yonghao’s friends.
I did my second voluntary work for the month by helping Huiting with her Bishan Home event. As the main photographer of the event, I was able to observe the entire event clearly. Most of the nurses of the home were foreigners but I could see from their enthusiasm and closeness with the residents that they were working with their hearts. I appreciated their effort.
I finally renewed my mobile phone plan’s contract and got myself a new phone. Since I had already planned to get Sony Xperia Z3 instead of the newer model, Xperia Z3+, I had already bought the tempered glass screen protector from eBay weeks before that. It happened that the protector arrived on the very next day. With the minor setback from sticking the screen protector onto my previous phone, Samsung Note 2, I decided to get my elder brother to help me this time. He spent quite some time working on it and produced a good job.
Shuh and I arranged to spend a day at the National Library to do work. We tried to rope Titus in since I knew he was a regular there. He joined us in the afternoon and took care of our belonging when we went for late lunch. In the evening, he took us for dinner and gave us advice.

Best Christmas Without Celebration

Ten years ago, my festival celebration usually routed around with my volleyball team. We met up and celebrated via karaoke sessions or dinner. Sometimes, we even stayed overnight at public places like Merlion Park. It seemed that we could no longer return to the fun times when everyone started to have more commitments. I had strayed further away from them since the location of volleyball game shifted. I stayed furthest among them who were all in the west side. Moreover, they knew my interest quite well that I was not into most of the common entertainments – movie, pool, KTV and mahjong etc. The worst thing was that I was not even into appreciation of food. For the past few Christmas, I had been home alone, either spending my time working or being a little kind to myself by playing some games. My younger brother had many good friends while my elder brother stick closely with his girlfriend. My mum had some activities sometimes, otherwise, she would sleep at home. Christmas 2011’s night was a peaceful night for me like usual. I began rewarding myself by uploading some outdated photos into Facebook. I had a surprise when a net friend messaged me in Facebook regarding embedding copyright text on my photos. We began chatting and she suggested calling me through Skype. I was entirely melted by her sweet voice. The thing I enjoyed most was her appreciation for me. In fact, she sounded too nice to be true and I had perhaps met many weird people online to believe that I was lucky. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the one hour of Skype chat. “I wondered if that voice was real; no doubt it was the greatest present ever. The clock ticked as the countdown ended without me knowing for the best Christmas. There was no celebration, except for a wishing – a simple wishing that weighed more than anything and could melt anyone.”

Year 2010 – The Year of Isolation

I stayed at Clementi ITE for three months to help my boss. Eventually, I left the place after spending more than a week to work on a farewell website. Soon, I received my degree certificate from University of Wollongong. I also went back to ITE to help Hirman for the orientation camp of the second time of the year.

I had my second last volleyball game of the year before quitting my job. Somehow, I was greatly disappointed over certain things. Thereafter, I rarely got to see my buddies.

I concentrated on my quit smoking website. After officially releasing the website, I was very glad with myself that I had made some contribution to the world and I thought I could die without any regrets after that.

Tze Khit moved his gym over to Tanjong Pagar. I was very happy to see a good friend whose career took off well. I spent a lot of time hanging out with him and updating his website for him. Those sessions were very stressful because he and his partner were giving me instructions by my side and there was no table to work on. Furthermore, I felt very uncomfortable charging a friend for my services. I got to meet many interesting friends at his gym. I went back to Clementi ITE for volleyball with Tze Khit for once, which was the final time I got to touch volleyball for the year.

As I was jobless, my bank account started draining especially when I continued to give my mum money every month without fail. My Sony Ericsson phone G705 died on me and I started using an old Nokia 3120. I began losing touch with my friends as the old phone could not read the entire SIM card’s memory. Since it was totally not user-friendly, I gave up sending greeting SMS to my friends during festivals. I was not broke but it made no sense to hurt my piggybank more when I was still jobless and thus I waited on for my phone plan to be over.

There was no progress in my relationship. I met two very nice girls but they were too busy to go out with me. They eventually got attached.

Towards the end of the year, I began working on a tuition agency website called Smart Tuition. It was after several bashing from friends that I should not be working on non-profitable websites when I was jobless. Mike saw some light in my working direction and began coaching me. We almost missed our first outing as I could not find his contact inside my temporary phone while he was holding onto my old number.

Story of My First Smart Phone

I must admit that I have a very good tolerance towards certain things.
Being a broke guy who was out of job for more than half a year, I started using a very old Nokia phone after my Sony Ericsson phone G905 died on me ridiculously. A side note: I would never trust their products and service centre again.
It was hell for me during those few months when communication almost broke down between friends and I due to the fact that the phone was too old to support 3G sim cards. Half of my contacts list could not be read. I was unable to sort out who were “not in my contact list”.
When I was catching up with Mike after more than a year, I realised I could not find his contact in my phone. It happened that he was holding my old number and that was one of the worst cases that almost drove me insane.
I had to skip my habit of forwarding greeting messages to my friends during festival seasons because sending sms to multiple contacts was a great challenge. In fact, I was trained to hate replying to sms.
After tolerating the life of “living in the mountain” for at least a quarter year, I finally bought my first smart phone, HTC Incredible S. It had helped me to become more productive, such that I was able to do simple web updating when travelling and also, update myself with current affairs in news websites.
However, there was one great problem that had reduced productivity greatly – the original plastic protection from HTC with some notes at the centre of the screen. The phone model was too new that mobile phone shops did not sell its screen protector and casing. I had to resolve to keep the plastic in place to avoid scratching my new baby’s face. I often had to move the text on screen up or down in order not to be blocked by the plastic.
It was pathetic weeks of tolerance with the plastic starting to wrinkle day by day. Even though it did not hurt me as much as using the old Nokia phone, every friend found it hilarious.
I had lost track of the time I waited for my elder brother’s online purchase of the protection gears to arrive. The casing reached last week while the screen protector came this Monday.
I was finally able to utilize my new phone fully.

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Harry Potter Movie with my Mentor

[Thursday, 25 November, 2010]

I was working on my Singapore tuition agency website as usual before I went to sleep at 4am. I woke up at 10am and started working on Tze Khit’s eNets payment. After taking a nap, I went to Vivocity to meet up with Mike.

After reaching the place at 3pm sharp, I tried to contact Mike to check if he had arrived. I had another shock of my life against caused by my phone again for his number was no longer inside my contact list. I had never expected anything like that to happen for I had always been keeping my contacts inside my SIM card. After my phone died on me and I started using the old Nokia 3120, I had the same shock quite often.

There was nothing much I could do. I thought he would contact me once he reached. I went to the Starbucks and waited a while until there was empty space, I quickly tried to log into the internet using my laptop. I also called my younger brother to try to get him to insert his SIM card into my dead phone, which the numeric buttons were still working. However, Mike messaged me through MSN and we agreed that internet made wonders. He reached soon and explained that he had sent me an SMS followed by a call, which another guy picked up instead. He was using my old number probably.

We had a very long conversation there. He went through my tuition agency website and gave me feedbacks. He showed me his plans and I was very stunned by his ideas. We went to Carl’s Junior for dinner before he collapsed from famine. Then, we went to the Harry Potter movie. It was a bad start for my stomach was torturing me and I did not expect myself to last through the movie.

Harry Potter was reasonably a good movie, however, it reminded me of “Lighting Thief”, which the characters were looking for items one by one. It was just like a RPG game.

It was quite pathetic for me as I rarely went for movies and yet, I went with guys instead of girls almost every time. Nevertheless, I benefited a lot from the trip for it was much clearer to get answers from Mike face to face rather than using MSN.

After reaching home, I started working hard to “gain back” the time that I had lost. I had a very hard time trying to work on a software and web utility that Mike passed to me. My brain was almost bursting when my brothers were discussing over holiday trip and they repeatedly bugged me that killed my mood for any trip entirely.


Last Day of Renovation for my Flat

[Tuesday, 26 October, 2010]

I began my day continuing to work with Tze Khit at the gym for his banner. I was glad that everything was completed soon we left after I transferred the files into his thumbdrive.

Back at home, I tried Bobby’s photo CDs but they were old and thus quite problematic. Two CDs failed and the final set of three discs for the software required me to insert specific CD in order to retrieve some of the photo galleries. Anyway, the photos were quite small and thus they could not solve all my problems.

I finally got to shower at my house’s bathroom. Since the workers were too slow, they delayed some of the touch-up work, such as installing the heater back. They were too lazy to clear up the mess as they did not want to do double job on the second last day of renovation work. After taking the cold bathe, I continued working on my website and slept after 7am.

I woke up at around noon. The Starhub team from the CRM department rang me up. The lady knew about the conversation I had with her colleague the day before and she insisted that they could only offer me a hundred dollar renewal voucher for my mobile phone line. I was quite pissed off for my entire family were using Starhub line and we were also their hub club member who used their SCV and Maxonline services.

My elder brother went downstairs to get medicine and thus I had to entertain Lucky who kept disturbing me from my sleep. In the last afternoon, he went down for his leg treatment.

Soon, the renovation ended and I started cleaning and packing up my house together with my mum. I washed the toilet and bathroom’s wall thoroughly and was disappointed that the workers left tiny paint stains around. So much for the cheap bill under the HDB upgrade programme, we accepted the condition since we knew the foreign talents were lowly paid as well and it would only boil up their blood to create extra problems for us.

My younger brother joined us after he got home while my elder brother fixed up the new bathroom corner rack form IKEA. We were very impressed with our new furniture, including the mirror. My dinner was packet vegetarian mee hoon and it lessened the pressure on my weak stomach after the days of torment.

The endless work after my dinner was the cleaning up of the kitchen’s windows. The frames remained dusty no matter how many times I wiped them.

At around 11pm, I eased my cleaning work and went on to my website while catching the Taiwanese show on channel 8.


First Day of Renovation

[Friday, 15 October, 2010]

I was on Facebook to get ready my marketing work before I tried to sleep at 5.30am. Soon, my elder brother opened the door for Lucky to come in as he was leaving for reservist. I could not doze off until the workers came over to start the renovation.

It was the first day of my eleven days terror even though the thundering sounds had been terrorizing my family since weeks ago when it was our neighbour’s turn. As the workers wanted to break the tiles inside the bathroom and toilet, and it would create lots of dust, they set up walls along a passage such that the bedrooms’ doors would be blocked. My younger brother set off much earlier for school and thus I was the only one left to take care of Lucky since my mum was not totally ready. Fearing the amount of dust that would damage Lucky’s health, I brought him to the gym.

I continued updating Tze Khit’s website at the gym. He bought lunch for me since I could not join him for I had to take care of Lucky. I dozed off for seconds occasionally as I was too tired and yet had to keep an eye on Lucky in case he ran around to bark at gym’s users or even pee around.

Bobby came into the gym early and thus I was more entertained. In the mid afternoon, my elder brother came over to join me and Lucky as he came home earlier from the camp. Tze Khit had two pretty trainees. Later, Andrew came over and he agreed to join Letian and I in the business idea he had given.

After reaching home in the late afternoon, I dozed off and was woke up by my mum. She passed me her mobile phone for a survey regarding MediaCorp’s television channels. That lady started to piss me off with the endless questions I thought were dumb. My brain was almost numb at the moment but I felt holy for being nice.

Lucky came over and nipped me non-stop. Suddenly, my mum told me it was near 10pm and Lucky was still not fed. I was stunned and jumped up of the mattress, and went over to question my elder brother who was playing game. I quickly started preparing his food.

After Lucky finished his late dinner, the three of us took Lucky to Maxwell Food Centre where we had our late dinner as well. It was creepy to eat with tiny cockroaches crawling around. After so many years, I was surprised that nobody had reported the disgusting pest infestation to NEA or any organisation to clear it up.


Warming up the Engine Slowly

[Monday, 6 September, 2010]

Even though I did not sleep the previous night, I failed to doze off at 2am and finally got up at 3+am. I realised some numbers were missing from my SIM card. Luckily I could dig up Wanling’s number by inserting the SIM card into the spoilt phone since the number keypads were still working. Then I dropped her a message to cheer her up for her first night shift. I started playing game and went to bed after 5am.

I woke up at 2pm. I spent quite some time digging up my old quotations from Facebook to gather them. I spent some time to work on Tze Khit’s website for the online payment and finally, glued my eyes to the television.