Uneasy volleyball

Playing volleyball in the same team with old men who couldn’t dig, set, spike and didn’t even know the three-touch system was far too a terrible nightmare, until they started to nag around and underestimate your skill and professional in the game, you ought to point a gun at their heads to shut them up.

I didn’t expect we could come up with two teams, more unexpectedly; some of them could play well. I was seeded into the first team where the experts were in, but since Kian wee and Kenneth were in the second team, I accompanied them.

It was a meaningless game though I wanted so badly to play with Kian Wee. The floor was so slippery and I couldn’t even stand firmly to dig the ball well. However, I didn’t even have many chances to get to touch the ball; needless to say, I didn’t get to spike even once.

I was pulled over by Clement to his team in the next game. By then, I had already suffered from a blister on my left thumb and my energy had been exhausted by the resistance of the sliding. My momentum was lost and there wasn’t even slight mood for serious volleyball.

When the match started, I was astonished to witness how each of them played, so superbly, especially for Clement with his unbeatable spiking and leadership. I didn’t get many chances to touch the ball as well; however, we still managed to win quite easily.

After which, I was asked to play for the first team again, which was a wrong choice. It was a terrible game and then one of the elderly players remembered me and forbid me from playing in the semi-final, which they won the first set and ridiculously lost the other two. They were so close to victory and if only I was inside, it would be a piece of cake to deal with so many amateurs.

Though I had my place in the formation team, by courtesy of Clement who helped me in regardless of my nope display of skill (rusted one), I still felt it was a lousy day for I couldn’t do the team proud.

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