Appeasing my dowager

[Thursday, 24 August, 2006]

I managed to see her for the third time this week. I was quite stunned that she suddenly asked me to send her home after school and so I gave her some prompts in case I would need to bring my book along to study.

I did not know she would be so upset until I met her at Redhill MRT. She refused to open her mouth. I had ways to pressure her to talk and until she told me she might burst out anytime, I left her in peace because she would not want to do it in front of so many people.

Nevertheless, she could not control herself soon and started pouring her problems, about people who did not appreciate, teacher who insulted her and lastly, a ghastly bitch who was always in a world of her own. She sounded very agitated, imitating all the words of impoliteness from the ruffians.

I reserved my silence in order not to rouse her; besides, I could do nothing except to offer a conscious slap on their unworldly faces.

After we alighted from the bus taken at Harbourfront, she stunned me by asking me to comfort her. I was at a loss of speech suddenly but tried to cheer her up instead. Then, I offered her ice-cream and she childishly accepted.

So, we went to the provision shop and she wanted to get the most expensive one as if I had provoked her. She said she would get two instead if she could not find one that was expensive enough. Then, she wanted me to bring her to the place where I studied while waiting to fetch her from her tuition. After finishing the ice-cream, she wanted to get a can of coke and we went back to the shop and she got a can of 100 Plus instead. After that, we crossed the road and she shared with me her favourite snack – Ke Ke; it was a chocolate placed inside a semi-colour shaped soft biscuit. In the end, she wanted to get drink something again and we went to the provision shop nearest her house to get one. I finally succeeded in appeasing my dowager.

She had been behaving very childishly for the past few days or weeks and she knew it so well that every time she would thank me for putting up with her. She looked sweet however when she was throwing tantrum. Hopefully her friends would do it once in a couple of months so that I could have such chance to pamper her; I definitely was not expecting a regular one because I was not rich and I did not want her to become a spoilt brat.

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