Registered for Driving Basic Theory

It was not my idea to be committed anymore for there was more things for me to focus on, or rather, I could have spent more time resting instead. I ended up joining Jingkun for lunch at 1pm instead of the rest at 12pm. I did not take breakfast because my mum woke up late.

Jingkun and I made our way to Bukit Timah food centre. It was a good place for there seemed to be quite a handful of babes around. I wanted to take western food but one of the stalls was not selling it for maybe they wanted to try switching to fried hokkien mee or whatever. I took a long queue for a plate of chicken rice, but it tasted quite okay.

After lunch, Jingkun sent me down to BBDC. It was his idea and finally I registered for an account so that I could book my basic theory. I felt ashamed for having him to push me to do it.

I had a busy afternoon walking around, being requested for helps and also to confirm some issues with my boss. Bernard sent Weiming, Mdm Seet and I to Dover MRT station and I reached Plaza Singapura quite early. I took my dinner at Long John Silver’s alone since none of my group members was early, before making my disappointing way to the crowded and small Daiso outlet.

Next, I proceeded straight to The Cathay’s Starbucks where Jeremy joined me soon after. I was badly distracted by the hot girls walking past and sitting nearby.

Due to the commitments, I took my medicine only once for the day, totally forgotten about it except in the late afternoon.


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