Home Alone Two

[Friday, 05 January, 2007]

Alone in the early morning, I took cornflake for supper. I had a hard time blogging and at the same time, having some MSN chats. Ou Xiang and I were discussing about the planet’s health. I slept after 4am.

I was waked up by calls after 9am and I was actually all prepared for it. Kelly had advertised for the Lorong Ah Soo flat and since she placed my number at the front, everyone started calling me instead of Mingfa.

There were calls after calls but since I had not been to the actual flat before, there were problems answering the questions. There were some communications with Mingfa and Kelly and I began to get more confident with all the doubts being clarified.

Almost all the agents wanted to wait for the valuation to be out first before considering whether to accompany their clients down. Some of them were agents who eyed for higher money and that was why they rather wanted their buyers to lose the chance of getting an ideal home.

When Kelly received the valuation in late afternoon, I called all the agents to inform them and but none of them would want to schedule an appointment. When I called Angel, she was so friendly that we became friends and chatted for very long before adding each other into MSN.

Dinner was another bowl noodle.

Later at night, I only managed to arrange another appointment with an agent called Eddie who failed to pronounce his name properly and I heard it like Zinc for so many times. Anyway, he was preaching JTC and then he told me he would get back to me. Later, he said he would try to get 2% commission from his buyer and both Kelly and I found him fishy.

The first setback for the night was the editing of photos being terminated halfway with blue screen. The physical memory of the system seemed to run out after opening too many applications and all my half edited photos were gone.

My younger brother was back from camp at quite late hour and thus ended my home alone experience.

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