Shout With Pride

[Tuesday, 16 January, 2007]

It was a late struggling again and Kelly almost woke me up at 11am – I woke up just before her call.

The afternoon was not an easy day with phone calls. It was supposed to be good news since a few days after the advertisements were out, people still continued to make enquiries. However, this time there was an agent asking for the Bishan flat and I told him about the little commission. He started to accuse me that I was lying to him so as to chase him away; he had no brain since if I wanted to only go for direct buyer, I would have said no in the beginning.

I was heated up that I raised my voice level to be compatible with his. I told him he could always check out with my company and then his tone got better; but I had no intention to work with him anymore. It was just like what Kelly had said – we would always work with pride. I answered a few of his questions without the usual enthusiasm.

After putting down the phone with a few minutes of countdown, another guy with almost same voice called me. I was suspecting it was the same jerk as the previous caller. He asked me if I was under Francis and later, told me he would ask his client before approaching me again.

Therefore after, my mood was not good. However, I agreed with viewing of flat with another agent at Ang Mo Kio even though there was no booking of other appointments on the same day.

I managed to talk to Cui Weir but she insisted on her low budget rental; it was far away from the current increase market price. Suddenly I lost hope of getting an ideal house for her.

It was in the evening, I called Gilbert and it was just nice that he was doing overtime work and that he was leaving the office soon. We made our way together to Ang Mo Kio. I was very early for the appointment. The neighbour’s door was locked and the little girl seemed to be practising English. The car below was making lots of noise and I supposed the owner was playing with the remote car lock. I was quite worried for it might affect the viewers’ decision with the noise.

Balkis came on time with three Malay guys. It was a fast viewing which was similar to other parties. I quickly closed everything and walked home by myself again. I kept a lookout near the community centre and found the MacDonald’s told by Gilbert below a flat.

When I was at the T-junction near Esso petrol station, I saw a babe but she seemed to stay nearby and I was too fast on my pace to admire the good scenery.

It was already ten plus by the time I got home and yet there were chores from others waiting for me in MSN.

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