Back to Stagmont Camp Finally

[Thursday, 17 May, 2007]

I was rushing my work and only got to sleep at around 3am. I waked up at 9.30am, lazed around and finally left my house after 11am. I thought I had to queue long at the Cheezy Junior pastries shop but in fact it was not opened yet. Since I saw people inside, I approached them but they told me I had to wait for another ten minutes. Ten minutes later, they were not ready to open the shop yet but one of the guys decided to serve me first while not every flavour was available yet.

I left for the MRT station happily with the two big boxes of pastries. It was a long journey to Choa Chu Kang and there was only an ice candy boarding the train at Bukit Batok. I had to transit to bus and afterwards, walk the slope up to exchange the camp pass at the Stagmont camp guard house. I was disturbed by two aunties who were working in the camp and the guards did not stop me for any checking.

Quek and Ivan were already at the Spec Mess. Then, I gave a call to Kengster to ask him and Rehan down. Ben was already clearing leave while Louis seemed to be absent as usual. We had a chat there with Antonia and others. Later on, Mike and Mr Kelvin came over. As everyone left for work, I went up to visit Shep. She was happy to see me and she even announced her gladness for my Christmas wishing to her. As usual, she claimed that she thought I would hate her like others but I did not. Apart from the doubts she had in me when we first started working together and the pressure she had always been giving, she had done nothing intentionally to hurt me. Miss Lee had long forgotten about me but at least Rajoo seemed to remember me.

I was so glad that it was a Thursday and thus the E-Mart was opened. I went to the E-Mart to visit Auntie Nancy. She looked young like before and was still so polite and helpful. I saw Captain Edward but he could not remember my name. I passed him my namecard shamefully, and told him to just keep my number since I might not be doing property anymore. At the same time, it began to rain.

I rushed over to the medical centre under my small umbrella. My pant was soaked through and the x-ray folder was wet. There was confusion for my docket could not be found but at least they knew that my appointment was scheduled correctly. I got to see the medical officer. He was a nice and quiet guy. I appreciated him a lot for he tried to solve my problem for me, unlike the previous MOs, who were all assholes and had no integrity in their work. He told me if I wanted to persist, he would schedule an appointment with the medical board and sit by my side but my chance of winning the case was low. His plan for me was to downgrade me temporary again but I had to go back to the camp every half or one year to repeat the progress, which was meanwhile the best solution. It was indeed a dark world inside the army. They would only wait for me to break my back before they would downgrade me permanently.

I waited very long at the medical centre to receive my status slip. Their computer was such a hassle. After waiting for half to an hour, I went to find Mike. I stayed inside his office to hear him crap with his colleagues before we set off together, taking a bus to the MRT and then taking the train to Outram. He treated me dinner at a chicken rice shop near CK. After that, we went to Chinatown Point and he treated me coffee at the Coffee Bean. We continued to talk about websites and the future, and I received lots of guidance from him. He was able to motivate me again but it would never last unless he could start his company soon. I started to feel giddy at the end of the talk and my throat had already begun to feel itchy.

I walked him to the Outram Park MRT before walking home by myself. Back at home, it was all about work.

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