Facebook is a Time-bomb

Facebook has shrunk the world more than what the invention of internet has done.

At first, emails, newsgroups and IRC (internet relay chat) made information sharing fast and easy enough such that human beings were amazed and impressed.

When Facebook comes into action, it starts to attract users to an extent that most internet users own an account and many cannot miss logging into the social networking site at least once a day. Great amount of personal information and whereabouts is being released every moment. Some users even update their statuses before they go to the washroom.

You do not even need to click on anything to view your friends’ latest statuses. Facebook’s Ajax feature helps to insert latest data from the database into the home page. Facebook has helped to link up everyone from every part of the world (probably not so much of China residents though) that has internet access.

Great things do come with negative impacts sometimes. Users join random groups and pages created to raise awareness or vent anger, creating a stir. Many groups are created for good purposes, such as quit smoking and saving the ozone layer, but some are just some wrong assumptions that many users are influenced and thus joined.

“my school cares more about my appearance, than my education”

Many students are unaware of the importance of their appearance and many hope to detach that from their education. They do not see the overall picture. They are expecting more from others and also things to work in their own ways, in this case, they want school to provide education in their own ways too. One day, they would even expect themselves to take over the principal or the ministry’s positions.

The educational systems in the entire the world are facing a great challenge.


Paypal – Singaporean Users can not create Donation Buttons

Dear Kai Lun Chan,

Hello, my name is Sherry. I will be happy to assist you with your question regarding your PayPal account.

I understand that you have some difficulties to create donation buttons on your website.

Upon checking your PayPal account, I find that the PayPal account you created is a Singaporean one. Due to the local financial control, Singaporean Users can not create Donation Buttons currently.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

If you need any other further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

PayPal, an eBay Company


http://smokeforwhat.com is up!

The time has finally arrived. http://smokeforwhat.com is finally ready after more than two years.

Do visit it and give me feedbacks. If you own a blog, link to it please! Join the fan page at
http://www.facebook.com/pages/httpsmokeforwhatcom/291358859248 and invite your friends, regardless of smokers or non-smokers, to join.

I have done my part to help the society, have you?

Three Things

I have failed to sing a song for you, I have failed to write the ending of the story. There are too many things I have failed to do, which are some of the greatest regrets of my life.

Now that I can only sit back and watch, I never want to find out more after hearing stories about the cruel facts of life; I can no longer withstand any hurt. All I wish is that you can accomplish the three things I want you to do ever since knowing you:

– Stay happy.
– Love yourself.
– Live a meaningful life.

Does a person who always laughs and smiles considered a happy person? How many guys have really loved you before? Is going wild all day long meaningful?

Maybe one day you will realize why guys like to play pool with girls and why guys would pay for the midnight cab fare just to meet up with girls. Maybe, you do not mind at all.


Never Do Windows Updates for Microsoft Office 2007 Again

Updating Microsoft Office 2007 seemed to cause a big bug in the Word application. It nearly boiled up my blood throughout the morning since after midnight.

Every time I wanted to open up a document for amendment, it started to hang. It was so urgent that I had to finally remove the MS Word 2007 application and install MS Word 2003 instead. The removal of the application took so long that I dozed off in between.

It was a draining day.

I would never do windows update for MS Office 2007 again.


MLM’s New Trick – Fake Interview

Last Friday, 06 March 2009, I received a call to ask me to go for interview. The person addressed himself as Mark from VE group.

I told him I did not apply for any job and I was not interested. He asked me a couple of times why I was not interested but I only replied him I was not interested. I questioned him how did he get my number and he told me his company had conducted surveys in universities. However, I had just changed my number a few months ago and I did not take part in any survey at anywhere. I requested him to remove my contact from his company’s database but he continued to ask me why I was not interested in the interview. I raised my voice and warned him not to harass me again, or otherwise I would call the police, and he scolded me that I would not be able to find a job next time with my attitude before putting down the phone.

The number of the caller was 65368488 and soon, I received calls from the numbers 64409271 (missed call), 64403706, 64404807, 64409271. I picked up the call and I could only hear noises like a fax machine.

I checked his number out and found out that the company was “Venture ERA Group”. There were quite a few cases of complaint over websites regarding this MLM company was conning people.


Character-building over Academic

It is difficult to control a batch of kids who simply cannot take in words. No matter how soft and how friendly you treat them, they probably just enjoy what they are already doing.

After a year of observation, I have concluded that how they behave depends a lot on the form teacher. Is the teacher showing good example to the kids? Is the teacher able to maintain the discipline?

Situation nowadays has turned so bad in some educational institutions those teachers who simply only hold high qualifications are junks as compared to disciplined teachers who do not possess big papers.

Has the society realised that the character development of kids nowadays is more important than anything else?


Kids are being over well-pampered by parents nowadays that many show no respect to the teachers. There is no way to handle the kids when no disciplinary action can be taken when the parents are shielding their kids with AK47. Sadly, there are other cases such as kids having broken families, which have caused them to give up on themselves.

It has come to a point that fewer dedicated people are moving into the educational field but more money-minded youngsters are seeing the high salaries government is paying them. The kids are too difficult to handle, such that the good people are giving up, leaving a big empty space to fill in, which is why the useless ones are tempted. These people cannot handle the kids well enough that they turn worse, and start to influence others to an extent that they are beyond control.

Kids who are brought up in an educational system such that academic is supreme to anything else are growing up to pass on the same logic to others, especially if they choose their career path as teachers. Of course, the society that requires certifications has a share to place the poison to the system.

The long draining process over the years has killed the dreams of dedicated teachers.

Out of the big group of workers who situate themselves in the educational system, I can easily spot jerks. It becomes so obvious when the teacher brings his kids to another institution and start asking the lecturer if they can play poker cards inside the classroom, that we know he is such a bastard.


My Mum got Cheated Again

The frequent celebration resumes again. There is nothing to be surprised about, but it does provoke irritation no matter how all of us have got used to.

My mum suddenly asked if I did encounter pains on my gums. Then, she proudly announced that she had bought a special tube of toothpaste which was recommended by her friend. I almost thought such a product better than Colgate, Oral-B and Darlie existed until she suddenly told me it could be used to apply on pimples, I knew she was conned again. My blood pressure rose to the mountainous area and when she told me it actually cost her thirty bucks, I felt numbed.

Just a while later, somehow she celebrated her great purchase with my younger brother who went online to search for the product, which I was lazy to do. He also realised the box indicated thirty-nine “yuan” (China’s currency) and the conversion rate was around five or six times lesser than Singapore Dollar.

This time, the trickster is a China lady and my mum is not even close to her, but still, are friends. Three other friends of my mum are also being cheated together.

This world is simply too cruel. Those cons are out there to fool old aunties out of their hard-earned money, and indirectly, robbing my money as well.

Switched from HTML to PHP

It took me quite long to finally switch my entire website from HTML to PHP due to the programming method.

All the while I was using IFRAME and probably nobody could notice it if he was using Internet Explorer; Firefox lovers had serious problems viewing the website. Occasionally I had also been amending the website’s coding to synchronise with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and thus, if you had been observing the site carefully, you most likely would have found some small improvements in Firefox’s view for certain features.

Since the scripting method I had been using depended too much on the frame, it was a very tedious progress to switch.

What are actually done?
– Entire site is changed from HTML to PHP
– All coding is amended to suit both Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0
– Internal site structure is improved for easier future update
– Menus and submenus are shifted and improved
– Scripting and presentation for various pages are improved

Shifting to PHP also means that I would be shifting from Blogger to WordPress in near-to-come. Next progress is to edit and update the contents. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, please highlight if there is any error.

Environmental-Unfriendly for Environmental-Friendly

Yesterday when I was returning home after getting my lunch from Amara hotel, I met an uncle who looked like “ah beng” at the lift lobby. He disgusted me badly when he started spitting on the floor, though, by the side.

This type of uncivilised action was common but it was still very pissing, especially when the place was quite nicely done. I started flexing a little.

Inside the lift, I noticed he was holding something and a closer look at the items stunned me. He was the distributor for the recycle plastic bags.

Basically, this green life program allows all families to donate away unwanted but recyclable items like newspapers or clothes. Those second-hand goods collectors (garang guni) are not allowed to purchase anything kept inside recycle plastic bags, or otherwise, they would be fined.

The problem is that this program is supposed to be a very meaningful and thanksgiving one, and yet, the organisation has employed someone who is so environmental-unfriendly to do the job. What kind of image are they trying to give?