Spread the Love – January 2016

For Jun’s photoshoot, Cherie and Ahpa helped me out as assistants. Although my lighting equipment did fall during the shoot, I was glad that I had two assistants to prevent more falling.
I had a short meet-up with Guoxin and Kachua and Guoxin treated me to the drinks again.
One of my previous corporate clients, Misys, returned to me for their event shoot. I appreciated them for liking my work that they approached me again. I managed to get an even more fabulous event portfolio even though I didn’t have time to upload them.
I had a swim with Gilbert and Wanling at YMCA. Besides chauffeuring us over to YMCA, he drove over to pick Shuh up to have dinner together. I felt bad for he had to pay for the petrol and it was tiring to drive.
At the end of the gathering with my group of volunteer friends, Ahpa passed me a singlet that she bought during her holidays. It was to reciprocate for the MacDonald’s treat that I gave her the night before the shoot with Jun. I even thought that supper was a miserable treat for her help.

Swim at Jurong West instead of Jurong East

[Monday, 13 December, 2010]

I continued with the SEO for my tuition agency site, followed by blogging and went to bed at 6am.

I woke up after 7am and went off to meet Gilbert and Wanling at Chinese Garden MRT station. Since Gilbert was late, we left first and I was craving for the KFC twister breakfast, which could be located at the Jurong East Swimming Complex. However, the KFC started at 11am and we were too early for it. Wanling and I went to the hawker centre instead and suddenly Gilbert told me he had used his phone to go online and realised the pool did not open on Monday. I quickly called Wanling to return to the table to discuss before she got her food. George called me to keep me even busier as he was enquiring about the old MTRC cards that I was handling before I left ITE. Anyway, both Wanling and I took our breakfast there and Gilbert arrived soon.

We decided to go to Jurong West Swimming Complex instead. We took the train to Pioneer MRT station and walked over. I was all excited at first since it was the first time I had been there. Gilbert was amazed over the construction of it since the entire pool was built on above the ground rather than digging into it. However, the lazy pool’s depth was too shallow. Wanling had the least fun since she had some phobia with water and she had to grab my hands at times. Then, we went up to rent a float. Eventually, we went to the Jacuzzi. It was freezing. Grey clouds marched by but left soon before another platoon of them arrived. Gilbert and I tried the slide once before we left the pool.

We went to Jurong Point for lunch. We dined the Lai Lai restaurant, which Wanling had tried before. I did not like the curry sauce and that I could not finish my food for my bloated stomach and probably because I was too lack of sleep.

We went to walk around and I was stoning all along for I was totally exhausted. Wanling took the same route as me towards east for she was meeting her friend at Novena. I wanted to send her over but she was too nice that she asked me to go home straight, knowing that I was tired.

After reaching home at around 6pm, I dozed off almost immediately for hours.


Birthday Celebration of the Three Besties

[Sunday, 28 November, 2010]

I started work on the home tutor Singapore page to list the tutors using Ajax. It was a stressful morning. Seeing that Lucky was bored and nobody seemed to have taken him down for a walk, I took him down alone after 3am. He refused to dump his waste downstairs but luckily the poo ended up on target at home. Clearing the newspapers was much easier than clearing the poo on the floor directly. I blogged and went to sleep near 9am.

I woke up at noon and started packing up. I went to Mount Faber Safra to join Peh and Gilbert for our post-birthday celebration. My stomach was causing problems. Anyway, Gilbert made a Doraemon cake by himself. After celebrating by the pool, just outside the gym, we started swimming. Gilbert and I were too lazy that we only went for four laps before we started chatting at the Jacuzzi.

We went to Lock Road for dinner. It was Indonesian food and the sauce for the chicken was quite nice. However, we wasted a plate of mango salad.

After Peh sent me home in his new car, I continued working on my tuition agency site.


Swim at Sengkang and Foot Massage at People’s Park Centre

[Saturday, 9 October, 2010]

Other than working on my new website, I started blogging for my personal and other blogs to keep them updated. I slept at 5am. It was an unusual day for I slept on top of the double decker bed, swapping places with my younger brother. However, as I climbed up, Lucky woke up and made a din for he wanted to join me.

I woke up at 8am. When I was checking my email, I realised my Facebook account was live again. I was the first to arrive at Sengkang. Peh had just woke up while Gilbert was a few stations away. I even had the time to walk around and hesitate to have my KFC twister because I was worried that I might throw out inside the pool later. I went to the toilet before going to the control station to meet up with Gilbert. We went to Breadtalk and we set off to Farmway after I had my hotdog bun.

While we were purchasing the tickets to the swimming pools, Peh arrived just in time. I felt uneasy with the old swimming trunk for the rubber was loose already. We used the digital lockers before going down to the main pool. We stopped after each lap and completed only ten laps. Then we went to play the slides. It was very enjoyable and I was quite reluctant to leave but Peh was having something on.

We went to Compass Point for lunch. Dining at Yoshinoya was one of the worst terrors I had but I decided to go with the flow without telling them I did not like the restaurant. Peh had to leave right after the meal and I followed Gilbert to Ion to get his new Topshop member card. After walking around for a while, we went home.

I dozed off in the afternoon soon after reaching home. In the evening, my younger brother decided to bring my mum for massage as she was complaining about her shoulders after the long eyes check-up. We went to People’s Park Centre and my younger brother and I had foot massage while waiting for my mum. It was a good experience for the send time I had ever had foot massage. The massager held back whenever he saw that I was in extreme pain. The only flaw was that the two massagers kept talking and often paused.

We had dinner at the hawker centre nearby. Since I had five pieces of “shui guo” before leaving house, we shared two plates of noodle. The shops that we wanted to visit were all closed. During the journey home, my elder brother called and we met up at Duxton Plain Park with Lucky. My younger brother went home to get the waveboard and scooter, while the rest of us crossed over to the 7-11 store below Icon to get slurpee.


Flu again after Swim

[Tuesday, 28 September, 2010]

I began the day engrossed in my Chinese show, which I caught at Tudou. I went to sleep at 6am with Lucky. He shared my mattress for the first time. I woke up eventually after 2pm.

My younger brother gave a last minute notice for a swim and luckily my stomach was in a better condition that despite having my meal a couple of hours before the swim, I did not feel as bad as in the past. After the swim, flu caught me again.

My brothers and I went down to walk the dog again. We spent most of the time at storey two, right opposite my mum’s workplace, where my younger brother played with his waveboard. I was busy sneezing.


Swim with Both my Brothers

[Tuesday, 7 September, 2010]

I accelerated on my work. After having a game of Command and Conquer with my elder brother, I continued with the website until 6am.

I woke up at 2pm and lazed around for a while in front of the laptop to check my emails and watch funny videos in Facebook. My younger brother called me and asked me out for a swim. I quickly emptied the noodle on the table into my stomach and started packing up with my elder brother.

The very lonely old man who always smoked at the bus-stop in front of Amara hotel was sitting there again. He threw sweet wrapper on the ground and I really felt that he was a pest. My younger brother boarded the same bus at Harbourfront Centre and we went to Mount Faber Safra together. This time, the ticket machine was working but the entry gantry refused to open. We unlocked the gate ourselves and passed the two tickets to the lifeguard by the pool.

I took a rest after ten laps like the previous time. After the twentieth lap, I went to the Jacuzzi with my elder brother and my younger brother joined us soon. We stayed there to chat for quite long time. At 6pm, we went for shower. I caught a cold like the previous week but it was not as bad.

We waited for our mum at Harbourfront bus interchange and took our dinner at Seah Lm food centre. We bought food from a Muslim chicken rice stall with long queue but it was a regret to try the food for it tasted quite awful.

After dinner, we went to Vivocity’s Daiso where my mum bought her candy. Then, we went to the pet shop. There was a golden retriever moving about freely just behind the gate at the most inner section where the dogs were kept. My elder brother tried to touch it and the male staff stopped him with a very rude tone and words. The lady besides the unfriendly male staff explained to us that the dog was not vaccinated and could be infected easily. Even though it was a good explanation, we could not understand why the male staff would behave like as if we were going to play with his dick.

My elder brother told us that this guy had showed attitude earlier on. It would probably be a different case if he was attending to foreigners and it clearly displayed the very bad customer service and hypocrisy of Singaporeans. If I were his boss, I would have him sacked because even if the customers were smart enough not to purchase dogs at the overpriced shop, at least they might get the dogs’ food or accessories over there in future.

After reaching home, my brothers and I started playing game together. We played two games but restarted once for each.


I Fell Sick with a Bad Flu

[Tuesday, 31 August, 2010]

I tried to sleep as early as before 5am and I woke up before 9am. I did not go back to sleep for I remembered my younger brother told me that he could go for a swim before his school. My mum bought breakfast for us from the coffee shop at the second level on its last day of business.

I went to the toilet twice before setting off. The noodle seemed to be a curse. Then, we took bus 145 to Mount Faber Safra and the ticket selling machine failed on us again. I hesitated for a while before visiting the toilet again. I joined my brother in the swim soon but my left shoulder caused me enough pain to slow down but I eventually got used to it. After taking down ten laps using my zip-zap swimming style to avoid the crowd, I stopped for my stomach to digest properly for a while before my chest was choked. It certainly described how bad the problem with my stomach had become. Anyway, I swam another ten laps before the problem relapsed and that summed up my day.

We went up to the second storey to look around after taking our bath, into the E-Mart and then bowling alley. Then, my brother set off to school while I went home alone with my wet nose. I regretted badly not bringing along tissue paper.

The running nose worsened soon and I started sneezing as well. I tried to rest but could not doze off. I posted question in Facebook to discuss about how to solve the problem to smoking in public housing and a smoker posted an idiotic comment to piss me off.

I planned to set off early to for photography before meeting up my ex-colleagues but my weak body refused me. In the end, the bus 75 played trick on me and the bad traffic jam worsened the situation. I alighted a bus-stop earlier and finally reached Rail Mall half an hour late. My gang, consisting of Hirman, Christine, Joei and Eunice had finished their dinner and left a potato for me. I was surprisingly bloated after taking it. Since I was sick, they ordered a bowl of pumpkin soup for me. It was never a boring outing with Hirman around.

As they were calculating the bill of nearly $140, they excluded me for I took very little stuffs and that I was jobless. I felt like taking free lodging. Hirman dropped me at Keppel Road before he sent Joei for her next appointment at East Coast. I felt the urge to get my civilian driving license and car so that I could do friends favours as well.

After reaching home, my younger brother made a cup of tea for me upon knowing that I was having a bad flu.


Chang Point Boardwalk and Wild Wild Wet

[Wednesday, 7 April, 2010]

Gilbert and I finally went out again on Wednesday morning. The main destination was Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East but he planned to go to Changi Point Boardwalk before that since Wild Wild Wet’s operation hours started in the afternoon.

I met him up at Cityhall MRT where he hopped onto the train to go to Tampiness MRT together. After which, we took bus 29 to Changi. The walk was quite nice except that some parts of it was not completed yet, especially the Kellong Walk. I had some problems using my old Olympus D-750 camera after abandoning it for some time. The torching sun almost burned me.

After the walk, which we ended at the Changi Ferry Terminal, we went to the hawker centre to have nasi lemak. We gave the most popular stall a miss since the queue was long. After which, we took bus 29 to a bus-stop near Tampiness Junior College, crossed over to transit to bus 3. We alighted at the bus-stop opposite Downtown East and quickly went to the MacDonald’s to find Gilbert’s friend, Rachel.

Soon, we proceeded to Wild Wild Wet with the two free tickets Gilbert was holding while Rachel had a discount voucher. It was a fun afternoon but I realised I had a bad sunburn after that.

Reaching home, I started checking my email and it took me a couple of hours to reply to those regarding my farewell message. I finished a blog entry before going down to the prata shop to join Kachua for supper.


College West BNS Farewell BBQ

[Saturday, 27 February, 2010]
Saturday morning, I woke up late. It was not long before I started dozing off again and a dream terrorized me. My elder brother brought many drunk friends home to house them in the middle of the night and I was furious. I woke up with my chest feeling uncomfortable.
I went to see the Chinese physician at around 2.30pm. I was amazed when she told me the details of my tongue was more visible and thus she could see that my stomach’s issue was recovering. She warned me not to take too much of the plum product even though it could help my stomach a lot, because it was too salty.
I went to Zaki’s place at Parc Emily, reaching there at 3.40pm. Nobody else had reached. Zaki vacuumed his place before we went down to set up the barbecue stuffs. I went for a swim with Elvin later but he was not ready for a long swim. I finished seventeen laps inside the very well maintained pool, and had to stop in the next lap due to the heavy meal I took before that.
Joy’s son, Jerome, was my delight of the night. Magdalene managed to heat up his enthusiasm. Weitat could have kidnapped him if only he was confident enough to carry little kids.
I went for a last dip into the pool, completing another two laps with Zaki before ending the party. Carrying the leftover stuffs up to the studio apartment strained myself more. The remaining of them had a few rounds of Wii game. The night ended earlier than I had expected. I was exhausted. I stay behind a little longer than the rest with Zaki and Siti. After that, Zaki sent me home on his way to his friend’s house.
My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend wanted to go for supper and I accompanied them without my mum since she had already taken some food. I had my usual two plain roti prata and 100plus to hydrate myself.

My Elder Brother’s Chalet

It was one of the chalets that I slept early. My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend were the only four persons inside the double storey chalet. My younger brother went up to sleep first and followed by the couple. I stayed at the ground floor to surf net using my younger brother’s laptop, network powered by the iPhone. It was still noisy after 1am and there was a sudden birthday song. I dozed off after 2am.

In the morning, the four of us went to the shopping mall to shop for some food at the NTUC. Then, we went to the food court for brunch. My younger brother and I took a set meal of eggs, bread and tea, and we also bought a plate of carrot cake to share.

Since we were entitled four tickets to the Escape Theme Park and I made my virgin trip there. We tried both the Go Kart courses before going into the haunted house. We decided to go back later in the day for other games.

My younger brother and I dipped into the pool under the hot sun. The stamp for re-entering the Escape Theme Park was washed off by the water soon. Even though we tried to stay under the small shaded area, I felt the pain of sunburnt by the end of the day.

My mum arrived with my elder brother’s friends, with the fried mee hoon and curry. In the evening, my younger brother asked my mum and I out to the seaside for a walk and I regretted not bringing the camera along. We went back in around half an hour’s time and camped at storey two, where my younger brother and I had a game of Command and Conquer again.

The guests were impressed with the frame made by my brother to place the cupcakes. The cupcakes were quite disappointing in terms of the size, the holder and taste.

Since I did not know most of the guests, it was quite boring until I started playing with a baby together with my mum and younger brother.